The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


I’ve been following this with interest, i agree with mr.stahlberg, the contrast between the planes needs to be altered and the ship maybe brought slighly forwards and a bit bigger maybe. Its difficult to decide what to do but i’m sure you’ll make the right descision, good luck in the closing weeks(one and a half…gulp!):slight_smile:


So, here’s my latest update as per stahlberg. I still need to work on the stairs and the people, but I’m pretty happy with everything else.


It’s looking great Theresa. Stephen’s directions have heped bring it all together.

I’d like to see some people on the stairs to the ship. Yhey will help explain the journey a bit more.

Ta she go haileen



I sure am getting a lot of help on this, Ed, aren’t I? :smiley: That’s what you get for being tenacious!

Here’s an update on the characters- the detail that is. I’m still working on the one on the far left.


The people remind me of the Irish during the potatoe famine. :sad: That must be the ship to America.



Funnily enough, I was discussing my picture with someone else (agamemnwn) and he said the ship idea reminded him of the potato famine (no e in potato btw!). I didn’t even think of that up until then, but when he suggested it, It struck me that it was more or less the mood I was trying to create- emigrants being forced from their land to a future that is uncertain (hence why they were called ‘coffin ships’, not just because so many died on the way, even though they did).

It’s drawing to a conclusion now. I just need to do the stairs, finish off the rest of the people and I can submit it. It’s such a nice feeling being near the end!

Suggestions for a title are very welcome!!


Hey there Theresa, great to have Mr.Stahlberg help you out. I think ‘EdP-Ed’ is green with envy :P. The faces are coming along nicely, but a little more refinement will help! Especially their eyes because eyes can tell stories all on their own! Right now the eyes look like they are painted on the skin itself (same skin tone colour).

Nice backstory you got there! The title? Hmmmmm , i think you already have it. “The Coffin Ship”


The people look just like common folk. Excellent. And they look kind of desperate too.
The eyes have the right expression, just make them stand out a bit.


As I have discussed with you earlier on msn, here’s the paintover I promised. Now you can see what I mean.


Wow Jerome, what a strong paintover! I was trying not to make mine too contrasty, as I didn’t want them to really jump out of the painting too much, otherwise it might ‘stop’ the flow of the eye throughout the painting, but that may not be the case. I do like the way you made the eyes stronger though, I’ll implement that in my painting. Thanks!


You really have the luck of the Irish Theresa. All these super paintovers, wow. Tell Jerome the only reason I’m green is because I’m Irish, I’m not jealous… well not really… well maybe a bit. :banghead:

I like Jerome’s eyes but I think your right about not going too contrasty. Just add a little more life to the eyes and they’re done.



I didn’t want them to really jump out of the painting too much, otherwise it might ‘stop’ the flow of the eye throughout the painting

If you’re doing a painting on people and human suffereing and the impact of something on people, then it’s often best the help humanize those people more to help others relate to them. I may always be painting about different subjects - usually humor - but I am strongly in the camp that it’s the people that matter most in an illustration because that’s what there is for us, as humans, to relate to. So never scrimp on fleshing out the people.

Nice draw-over, Jerome!



I WILL finish it on time, I WILL!

Here you’ll see that I’ve implemented Jerome’s suggestions in the faces and also fixed up the stairs a little.


:slight_smile: Cheerful bunch aren’t they Theresa…

No seriously, this is looking really good and the changes to the stairs, people, love the trees and clouds are working really well.

no crits at this late stage… just hurry up and finish… Great work… :slight_smile:


I’ve missed much of your progress Theresa… but I must acknowledge that your creation is really sensitive and strong… I really appreciate, and now, that you’re near, you must finish it…

Go miss… and best of luck :thumbsup:


It looks like you have made a lot of progress! Your almost there!


Beautiful now!! I really admire you for taking this so far. You can be proud of yourself!:thumbsup:


hey hey

as i promised, the first thing i did today was looking for your challenge update. its really nice but thres some things that are bugging me. i know that you want me to be faithful to you, so i did an overpaint to illustrate it better.

got some crazy ideas cause you got rid of your godrays, i made the ship have spotlights.

and hon, gimme your new email, wanted to send you the .psd file but it got returned.


Me too!

Hey the eyes are better now.
Maybe turn the body of one or two of the forground figures a bit towards the ship.
Now it looks like they’re not planning to climb the stairs like all the others.
You could add a hand on the shoulder of the last woman. Adding a bit of a comforting touch and a reason why they stand so close to eachother.

So, they kicked you out of that godray club, eh?


Big areas look rather desaturated when I look at it on this (another) computer, so I’m going to fix it up a little with that to make it look a little more dynamic in areas.