The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


I hope you are busy finishing your pic. In between the few things you have to do getting it finished I like you to consider me for membership of the God Rays club.

The basis of my application is because my pic originates where the God Rays come from. Do I qualify? I’ve also put in this request to Walrus and the previous King, Jerome.

Hope I get your vote.


PS… just finish it!


Did you get any more details out of your friend besides “not worth finishing”?

Believe me, I do insist on harsh critics whenever I introduce a piece of music or a story/manuscript to close friends of mine and I figured out by now who of them is capable of giving details about which parts suck.

Because even worse than a “wow, that sucks because of [point1] [point2] [point3]” is a

“yea, it’s nice… kind of”
crickets chirping

But to say something like “it sucks so bad it isn’t even worth finishing” without giving any hints on why the heck that should be the case is a bit dimwitted, imho.

So, in this special case, I would advise you to reconsider your friend’s guess and trust the hundreds of professionals and enthusiasts who just love your entry…

ecpecting updates…

Mr. Mu


Wow, so many posts and all so encouraging! :blush: :smiley: You guys rock. :buttrock:

I’ll hopefully be able to push out an update within the next day or two, the wedding was yesterday, we have a bunch of people at home now and things are kinda chaotic, but it should calm down before too long!

A bit more about the friend…it’s my brother, he’s a musician/artist type (, in case you’re interested!) and he’s known for being ‘harsh, but fair’. (he’s an anaesthesist, by the way.) We have very different styles and they clash sometimes. He can be very persistent about the type of art he wants me to create, but I’ve been going my own way anyway. :smiley: Basically what he said was that he preferred an earlier version (remember the one with the big blonde standing in the front?) of the painting and I got discouraged thinking about all the detail I’d done (hours!) and he said he didn’t like the detail I did, or the clouds (which I agreed with him on) and he said that the people didn’t fit in and that nothing really gelled in the picture…to a certain extent, I agreed with what he said, not everything though and in the end he just said that if he was me he’d just forget about it and start a new one. (cue existential artisty angst)

However, the clippy is now bent back into shape and ready to go again! I don’t care if anyone else likes my art, I’m doing it for myself, to learn and because I’m passionate about my painting. I couldn’t care any less whether I win anything, but this just made me realise why CGTalk is such a fantastic place- a group of passionate people pushing each other to improve, what could be a better place to learn and make friends?I’m going to keep going until I can call something finished, then go and go some more…it’s actually an obsession. It’s healthy, right…? Becca tells me it is…

Once more, thanks for the words of encouragement, friends. :bounce:

Edit: This may be my longest post ever.



edit: this may be my shortest post ever.


Geez, the name of his record company should have clued you in from the start! :slight_smile:




this must be the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. I remember a close friend complaining to me about the fact that “you never sing like I want you to…” We had a good laugh about that at the time…:scream:

lmao!:scream: We all know that! Great to know you got over it…

Maybe we should not judge this based on the opinion of a person who basically uploaded herself to the internet…, but all in all…
unplugs DSL cable from brain
…sure it’s healthy…

looking forward to your updates


Great news Theresa!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: I’m looking forward to the update.


very well said… and I´m one of the happy ones that really looking forward to see your image done… go Clippy go… :applause:


hey hon :slight_smile:

its great that you decided to finish it :). it would be really great if all three of us finish in the end :slight_smile: because i know that ailsa is working at hers too and i put on work again too.

just finish wether someone else likes it or not. i really know what you have gone through with it, my best friend is like that too. i dont show him my stuff anymore because hes always telling me its shit… he got a rather special opinion about art though, doesnt consider anything as art really.

im really looking forward to your update and hope youre having a good busy time.

many hugs :bounce:


That’s the best thing I’ve read on CGTalk ever! (even if I’m only here a few weeks).

Go for it Theresa if you don’t win a prize you’ll probably be crowned Queen of the God Rays anyway. From what I’ve seen from Jerome and Walrus you’ve no competition :scream: but I’ll make an attempt soon.

Your brother’s record label seems to accuratly describe his artistic sense. :rolleyes:

If you have a chance can you have a look at my ‘Souls’ and give me your opinion.

Lots of Love


Go neihri an bothar leat (sorry about the bad spelling)


That’s really a great progress. It’s going to be a nice scene.



Anyway, this has turned out great despite the lack of any chickens, and the people are really well done. The only thing that bothers me is the ship seems to be resting on the cloud bank, and because the cloud seems far away, so does the ship. Maybe make the overlap a bit more obvious.

Good luck with it (maybe you could include a chicken in the crowd…?)


Wow, I looked away for a while and it’s really progressed!
I haven’t read through all the other replies since I saw the last update, hope this hasn’t been mentioned before: the people seem to be going down a slope, and it seems a bit too steep to be comfortable… with such a crowd it would be unsafe… if you lowered the horizon a little the slope would seem less. (The slope upwards would then seem steeper instead, but that might be ok.) Also, the ship - it’s so tilted, maybe it should be more horizontal if it’s moored, waiting for its passengers to embark?


looking great and already heading towards the finals??? hehe i better peed my snailrrace up a bit, looking great so far and i hope you get the finetuning into the best light. you actually loose a bit the midtonerange, towards the dark, maybe a slight add of atmospherical lightup (gi, fog) helps to ballance it out but hey, hahaha freaking impressive, keep on rockin Theresa!


This is looking real good, angry art baby! Just a tad bit more coloring in the faces up front, probably red or orange would do the trick.


we knew that you were going to make the right choice theresa may the god-rays be with you :scream::D.

the funny thing is a short time after i wrote you, i lived a discouraging situation and i had my own dilemma with continueing on my own journey begins thing but like you im here for the improvement i’ll have the best reward that can be taken ever. but of course i’ll not say no to any more reward from cg:D whatever its nice to see you’re back, looking forward for an update.


So here’s the latest update- the clouds are dark again and I put work into the ship. It is HEAVILY referenced…almost to the point of guilt. I just don’t know anything about ships!
Only sixteen days left…


ha, ya i know youre feeling. ships and I dont go wel ltogether, I trie to paint a ship like that before, sinking, half way in the water and nearly killed myself over it. So i know youre pain pats

but this is looking good, but times almost up =O pressure pressureeee

youll be fine =) looks great!


I like the changes. That ship looks good!


Studying references first and foremost helps alot, doesn’t it, Theresa! Perhaps you have learnt something to help your process. I study references all the time for those subjects not familiar to me. By the way, those god rays need to be brighter at their sources. (see ref I have posted at Mike’s thread)

So going to make yourself the God-Ray Queen, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: