The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


Theresa - It’s looking good. The faces are coming together and fitting in with the whole piece well. I like the scale of everything, too. One thing I just noticed that needs a little bit of tweaking is the angles of everything in relationship to everything else. I’m pretty certain that I couldn’t explain what I’m talking about with words alone, so I hope you don’t mind a quick drawover:

THe ship and the trees are not really following the same “vertical” as the rest of the piece… or vise versa. The building in teh background is partway inbetween, which gives it the uncomfortable feeling that it’s leaning over… perfectly valid, but it seemed unintentional. The charactes in the front don’t matter so much: Without seeing tehir entire bodies, they could be on almost any angle and still look correct. But look at those furthest-away people, and the building they’re walking to, and the ship. It’s possible that a few small rotations may help the piece sit together a bit better. Hope you don’t mind my pointing it out…! Anyhow, you have anough to work on…

…how is the house-painting going? What are you painting it as? You’re and artist, you’re not doing one of those boring one-color deals, are you? :smiley: Have fun at the wedding!

(and hey, half of my family is from Michigan, too!)



We could be related, Mike! :smiley: My mother’s from Ann Arbor, my brother lives in Lansing, my grandmother in Marquette and plenty more family in Traverse City… I lived in Grayling for a few years when I was a kid…

Thanks for your paintover and for pointing out what was bugging me…I knew something was screwy, but I couldn’t put my finger on it!


awesome work Teresa I just love this work - so totally epic :applause: :bounce: :thumbsup:



Thanks, Gord! I want to fix the things Walrus pointed out and also try and fix up my values a bit, the colors a bit and… more detailing!


hi theresa your picture is looking much better and i think now its on the right way. other than michael said only maybe some places are too dark for this mood but it feels like you already have it in mind and going to work on them. old lady and the ugly man:D looks much better. i think you may need some more face expressions on the right side of the picture if can be done with little pixels maybe two or three people looking back from the middle of the crowd ( like these ones:eek::sad::shrug::hmm::surprised ) , just an idea.


Cool idea. Reminds me of a Enki Bilal comic…

Cheers, Jeroen


i like the style of your painting. it gives a different feeling. if i were you i will add some flying creatures in the air. but because theres a lot of details you need to work on maybe its not a good idea. good luck to you.


Lol! It would be funny to have a picture made mostly out of little CGTalk emoticons…I’ll start on that once I finish this! They could be little mischievous critters…

Yah-roon-cha: Enki Bilal? Wow, I’m very flattered that this reminds you of that- I googled his stuff and obviously he has a far better technique but I like his style and concepts, so I’m very pleased that my work reminds you of it! :thumbsup:

Thepineman: Once I finish (will I ever?) detailing some more, I’ll think about flying things (flying emoticons? :smiley: ) , but first I want to see how this turns out…maybe it’ll be too crowded.

The colors seem a bit off to me. Suggestions, people?


Hey Theresa, I got an cool idea for ya! What about having some of us cgtalkers play a cameo role in your painting? :wink: We send you our pictures and you’ll have cool references for all those people! What do you say? We could have the “Where’s Wally?” moment like Where’s Walrus, you, me and others. :smiley: haha, just kidding if you don’t like the idea.

As Walrus pointed out, the objects in the picture do seem to lean in one direction.
Perhaps the objects at the left can lean a bit to the right and vice versa. It might help to direct the eye towards the ship more.

By the way, there seem to be something black at the background ‘holding’ the ship. Not sure if that was intentional.

You still have more than one month to finish this (which is a loonnngg time), so I am confident you can finish it with flourish!


Great idea, Jerome! I’m well up for that- any references would be fantastic!!

For anyone out there reading this-
POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF and I’ll paint you into the background for my Challenge entry!!


Theresa -

My dad grew up in the Royal Oak / Southfield area. In fact, I was born in Detroit.

Glad my drawover was helpful!

As for the faces, don’t get too cheesy now - only use faces if they feel like they fit in the world you’re creating. Don’t compromise your concept just to be cute! But if you want it, my picture’s on the bottom of the 2nd page of my Wage Slave tutorial (link in purple below.) Feel free to edit out the glasses if your world’s people don’t have glasses, or make the nose bigger, or anything… or seriously, to leave it out if it’s not fitting the piece…

After all, it’s hard enough to paint 300 people, but when you have the pressure of feeling like they’ve got to be accurate portrayals of people you know and you don’t want to offend them… Well, just when I think you can’t make the painting any harder on yourself, you manage to top yourself! :slight_smile: Really, you should just skip it and don’t get distracted from larger issues, imho.

Good luck!



I have to agree with walrus on this one. So I take back what I’ve suggested. It will really be an unnecessary burden for you to get everyone’s likeness done right. So keep focusing on your original vision!


Made a start on the clouds! I’m not sure if the colors suit the picture. I’d like to know your thoughts on this?


Wow, what you’ve done with the clouds has completely changed the tone of the entire piece quite handily. It suddenly went from a somber painting to a hopeful one. I like it, being the cheerful guy that I am. But now … uh oh! … why do all the passengers still look so worried and grim? I love the sky, but it might entail having some expressions that match the new tone. (sorrrrrrry!)

Two other things about the clouds themselves: First, it looks like the boat is literally sitting on a large cloud bank. That might be your intent. But if not, pulling the clouds away from the ship should help. If we’re lookng up at the ship, would we see its entire underside that dark, not just the front. (seeing only part of it dark also makes it looks like it’s resting upon something.)

Lastly, two words: God rays. (done on a seperate layer, of course, so you can see whether you like them or not.)

Oh, and I like the fixes to perspective and leans - looks much more together now!

Anyhow, still coming, and still looking good! :slight_smile:



They’re worried because their passports are forged. :smiley:

Don’t worry, I’ll change it though.

Edit: Just looked at your photo, Mike. Good looking as well as talented, are we? :smiley: :cool:

Double edit: I’m not trying to kiss ***, I promise! Man…is there any other way of saying this? :sad:


This is looking wonderful.
I don’t envy the workload you have set yourself (although it seems that in these competitions theres heavy and heavy when it comes to the amount we must do).

I wouldn’t change the mood/expressions on the faces, who knows what awaits them or what they are leaving behind and besides, that ship looks pretty scary to me :wink:
Ignore that if you weren’t going to change them, it just seemed that way from your last post.

[size=2]I love your painting style btw.



Good luck paperclip!


Hi Theresa

I just noticed the flags on the ship. :-> I love them. Did you put them in on Paddy’s Day?

Maith a Chaileen



wow clippy!

this has become an epic entry…

sorry, been neglecting the challenge entries for too long now, but that is about to change, so I can take a closer look at what you are doing in here…:smiley:


wow, much improvment than last time I was here. the clouds look great so far and so does that cobble stone road looks pretty intense, detail wise! as for the colors, they seem a bit desaturated, and you dont want them going to their doom, per say…why not lighten it up? add some blues, greens (brights), and orange/reds to the clouds? I think itd give it a more lively feel, but great job none the less.

by the way, I saw that Sora picture you posted on someone elses entry :expressionless: I feel very bad for that child.