The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


You’ve been busy! Your people are looking great. I like the original orientation of the ship mainly because I think that is what I’m used too. The boat flipped the other way once I look at it a while looks good too, but I think the original position works best. If you feel things are looking worse in your image then my suggestion is to not paint on this for a day or two so you can sort of refresh your perspective. I do that for myself sometimes and it seems to help. You’re doing a great job on your image, lots of emotion and drama going on and you have captured that very well.:slight_smile:


i think the old colors are better and i think theres a problem where crowd ends someplaces its not clear if its a person or a stone or a half-man half-stone. other than that its going great


Hi paperclip. I agree with Samanthie about the give a day’s rest if the image is not working for you right now. I just dont agree with her on the new orientation.

I like your previous orientation better coz it immerses me in the crowd, makes me feel like one of them, since my eye starts off first with that old guy in the foreground. Left to right reading in effect there for you. Your new orientation focuses my eyes on the ship first, it’s hard for me to bring the eyes down to the crowd from up there, coz that structure beside it is blocking the path that my eye is suppose to follow to get to the crowd. The trees are doing the same thing. So there’s no way to get from the ship to the crowd in my opinion.

I think the rotation present in your composition is a lil too simple, too circular. It’s just one roundabout in the image, and we’ve seen all of it. It ends too soon. Might be good to break it up a bit.

Colorwise, I’m not sure what mood you’re going for here. But the previous color scheme is calm compared to the greenish saturation you provided your recent post. The green in the image kinda makes me feel like there’s something bad that’s about to happen, like a biohazard bomb is about to go off in the unseen area of your image.

Well, hope I helped somehow ~peace


I’m taking a little while off from working on my entry, I’ll be back though within a week or two, I promise! Lots of stuff going on. I’m going home- my brother’s getting married and we’re having a lot of relatives coming home. Plus my parents want me to help paint the house beforehand. :smiley:

I’m going to keep working on some of my other work though (like this: )


i like where this is going. i feel that it is slightly overworked though. The colours are a bit muddy. The crowd also fades out very fast. There seems to be a separation between the group at the front and the surounding crowds. The surrounding crowds also blend in with the path. Anyway, i’m sure you’ll come back to this and make it work. good luck with it!


I’m so sorry I missed so many things here, Theresa! First of all I want to congratulate you on your brother getting married! Your other painting looks so cool! That could have been your concept for your entry too ;).

Back to the topic: Be careful not to make the crowds blend into the pathway like a textured rug. I think you don’t have to make a continuous line of crowd. Break them up into several groups. I think it will make it looks more interesting overall. The ship is looking better now too! How about adding other ships in the horizon, waiting for their turn at the station ;). The black in the background is too hard and heavy, so try to soften it up with lighter colours. Is that a green slimy pool in the middle? I agree with Samathie about taking some time off and come back later with fresher eyes! One more suggestion… use darker palette for the foreground ad lighter one for the background. Helps with the depth.

Keep pushing on (but take a short break now)
Enjoy painting your house!


It will be a nice break for you so have fun Theresa and congrats to your brother!:slight_smile:


How is the house painting going? You must be a culchie like me, what part of the bog are you from Theresa?

Your Journey…
The fist thing that struck me was the crowd seem to become flagstones in the path to the ship. Your small faces in the crowd are all visable side on when we should be seeing the backs of their heads (thats easier to paint too).
The foreground people are looking good now. That mop of hair on the left, is it one or two heads? Probably needs a bit more definition or separation.
The green grass area looks empty what about putting in a few straglers there. The heads of the crowd at the grass seem too small for the proportion of the trees there. You may be fore shortening too fast. Make the heads bigger.
I’d prefer to see the ship pointed the other way about to head off into the unknown as opposed going in harbour.

Enjoy your rest, your Easter eggs, painting the house, your brother wedding and this picture when you get back.



Hi Ed!
I grew up in mayo (Castlebar) but my mother is from michigan and my father from galway, so I have a mix in there. :smiley: How about yourself? Culchie is right, hahah, I’m always being pulled up on that in Dub. How about these D4ers, eh?

I fully agree with all your crits, by the way. I’m positively weeping as to how much I have left to do, especially when I see how many people are practically finished!! (patience, clippy, patience…) It’s rather embarrassing especially when you see how much time I’ve spent on this. :blush:

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun with the wedding. I painted the laundry room today, a very fetching pale mushroom colour and I’m moving onto the kitchen tomorrow…merrion square green, no less!


Hey Theresa, don’t feel upset. Its going to affect your painting! I have a secret to share: how I find the inspiration is by looking at the things I like the most! You see, my painting is initially inspired by one of my favourite game “Sanitarium”. The base of the concept is very similar to this game, so I took that and made it my own! I love the designs of the game as well. So the fire of inspiration is burning strong inside me! That’s how I am able to keep pushing onwards to finish the painting. Part of me wants to see it done and realise my own personal goal! In a way, this is my tribute to the creators of Sanitarium.

Looks for something you really like in your works and get the inspiration for it. It will work wonders!


Ooooh…good suggestion. I’ll have to have a think about that one. In a way, it seems sort of obvious, but I’ve never done that before, so thanks very much for the push!

enters thinking mode


Hi Theresa

I’ve done a head size graduation onto your picture but when I tried to email your Hotmail account it bounced back. It is probably as well because it could really wreck your head and all the crowds heads too if you follow it.
If you think you want to be upset email me and I’ll get it to you but you have been warned it could wreck your head!



Hey, post it on here! Any crits I can get on this will seriously help. I’m going to make the furthest heads less detailed (can anyone say ‘BLOB’?) so I’ll try not to panic too much when I see it…thanks for the help, by the way!


i can say ‘blob’ if it helps :slight_smile:

the empty place in the middle of the of the picture is not clearly understood if it looks like both sea and valley it would be better if it looks like just one of them (i prefer sea but both can be good).

and i insist on older colors too much green now. its lookin toxic, poisonous or whatever but not good with this scene and the expression of the old ugly guy was somehow better than this one he was ugly but had an expression somehow needed in this picture.

congratulations for your brother, have good time, im sure you’ll be back with something good:wavey:


wow, what a neat idea. the sinister mood is very well worked out and the characters look very paperclippish ^^

I don’t think, it’s getting worse step by step. Pluck up courage and make it the superb entry it’s still going to get. (oh, my English is terrible)




Hi Theresa, I’m not a member yet so I can’t post attachments :sad: If you go to my site you’ll get my email then send me yours and I’ll send you the ‘heads’



I just sent you an email, Ed.

I couldn’t keep away from the entry, even though I’m busy these days. Damn my photoshop addiction! It looks quite different now…I’ll post an update tonight. I changed the perspective, detailed the staircase a lot more, I changed the colors around and…well, you’ll see later.


More details… also, I changed the perspective and a bunch of other things.

I can’t wait to be finished with this thing, it’s taken me way too long! Next challenge, I’m doing something simpler…like a sphere on the floor.


I like the addition of the old lady. The detail to the road is what caught my eye this time…It looks great. Also like what you did with the crowd in the distance. Great job Theresa!:thumbsup: