The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


Your pic is looking good ! Just one critic for now: i think the 2 front people were better with yellow hair ( your post from yesterday ), i’m not talking about painting, just about colors. I think it gives more relief to the foreground. Perhaps the yellow was a bit too shiny, but perhaps can you choose a color between the yellow and your actual version …


Hey Theresa! The building looks very Sci Fi now in contrast with the medievel/Fantasy setting. I can imagine there must be lots and lots of rooms contained within such as Registration Counters, Departure Halls, Waiting Rooms and the like. The cliff, on the other hand, looks very precarious because the building which it supports must be really heavy especially with the weight of all those thousands and thousands of passengers. But ignore me. This is after all a fantasy/Sci Fi piece where ANYTHING is possible! :slight_smile:

The mountains in the horizon… hmmmmm. I think if you blend it well into the background and layer over it with mist, you might be able to pull it off. To give the building some sense of being in a really high place, add a little puffs of clouds/fog/mist somewhere near the building and the ship.

Oh, the ship looks like its going to topple over and spill the thousands plus passengers into the bottomless canyon! :wink:


I think that you should get rid of that pure blackness left to the stairs. nice work though, can’t wait to see it cleaned up a bit. Seeya :thumbsup:


Hi Theresa, I’m at work now. When I get home tonight, I will try to do some step by step on how to do the detailings for you.


wow what a dramatic looking scene you have there. that will be one of the sight to behold indeed!

the ship i think is leaning a little bit on the left side isnt it? or probably thats the style?


such rich texture and style in your work! love the depth you’ve created here, and the feeling of drama and tension – from the characters in the foreground all the way up the bridge and to the ship in the background. very beautiful work – can’t wait to see the finished product!!


I like how the bridge and the building turned out, especially the far right part which really looks like it’s meant to hook up with the ship.

I agree with makaron and steven about the mountains. With them there, it almost looks as though the clouds may be obscuring more of the mountains and the ship is resting on more mountains, which is not the impression you’re trying to give. Also, the mountains conveniently enclose all of the trees. If you keep the mountains, at least consider growing the trees some for that a couple of them break that line created by the mountains. But in general, if we’re looking up at the ship, a lower horizon line might support that better.

See you…!



I just did a few hours’ work on the foreground characters, when my computer shut down and I lost them all. :banghead:

I only saved an earlier version… argh… computers!


Oh man, that’s really the pits, Theresa! You shoulda have saved every half hour! I saved the file every 15 minutes to 30 minutes everytime I paint. Oh and make backups to your external harddrive if you have one! Nevermind, when you continue it, it’ll be easier because you already know what to do and could improve on that.


So, here it is…redone…I’m not happy at all with them though. :sad:

How do you think they can be improved? They don’t really seem to go well with the overall picture, do they?


I’m so sorry you lost your latest rendition Theresa. I know what that’s like.
The face on the figure of the woman looking back over her shoulder has alot of emotion and I think works well. The two figures on the right I liked before when the man’s face was partially hidden by the girl’s hair. It added a sense of how close and crowded it is. Keep going!:slight_smile:


Oh, WOW!!:surprised

These characters have an almost medieval sense of drama and heaviness which I LOVE. Well done! This adds drama and evokes sympathy just the way I imagined it would, great job! I think if you make them a tiny bit less sketchy they might blend in better. I have no problem as it is, though.

By the way, my friend will lend me her camera next week, then I can photograph the painting that reminded me of your style. I’ll PM you when that happens!


Hi Theresa, I think these characters on FG work perfectly well. They need some adjustments, specially the girl with the blonde hair, but their expressions are great, and the mood they give to the image is nice. Good job!


Stahlberg: You’re right, the mountains do rather take away from the general viewpoint…I’ll fix that up. The vegetation is giant beetroot and I’ll tone them down, maybe just have a few little stalks peeking out of the ground. I put them in to make the background look a little less bare and also to provide depth to the picture.

Falcor: Humans are my favorite part (although you might not know it to look at the pic so far!) I’ll work on the ship after I finish the people in the foreground. I’ve been working pretty consistently on my art for the past year, so I’m finally seeing results. It’s a long road!

Black Hand: I’m currently working on it! :smiley:

Nico: Good point, thanks for bringing it up. I’ll see what I can do with that area, brightening it up would probably help the rest of the picture. Cheers!

Jerome: Thanks for your mini tut :smiley: I really enjoyed reading it… crits you gave me, hm, I think I’ll beef up the cliff some more, but right now there are little buildings built into the side of the cliff, can you see them? Good point about the ship, I’ll fix that!

Elgrozni: There shouldn’t be blackness there- it doesn’t read that way on my computer, it’s a deep purple-blue. Maybe it’s your monitor? (or mine? :argh: )

thepineman: I’ll fix it, never fear!

jevinart: thanks! This whole piece has been such a learning experience for me- I’m usually way too impatient to really sit down and work through all the niggles, so I’ve learned a lot- about colors, composition, hey, everything. I recommend doing challenges if you’re a newbie, it’s such a great way to learn, with people dropping by and helping you out!

mike: I agree with you about the horizon line, but ran into a problem- if the horizon line is too low, it’ll be lower than the bottom line of the cliff. :argh: So right now it’s about as low as it can go. I think I’m gonna have to get rid of the mountains, but I’ll do something interesting with that area.

Samanthie: Great point! I’ll have her cover up part of his face again, so it’ll look more crowded…thanks for the tip.

Maladie: Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing that photo, it’s funny that it reminded you of one of my pieces. I know they’re still rather sketchy, esp. the girl with the bow and the woman with the black hair…but…hopefully later they’ll be better.

Nigio: thanks, but I think they need a lot of revisions. I’m not happy with them…they’re too predictable, especially the man.

I really hope I get this done on time!:hmm: :cool: :wip: :arteest:


This piece is just so awesome, certainly reflects the idea of an epic journey. Great work on the people, this is really turning out great. My only comment is that I rather liked the idea of having a child in the foreground with a happy expression, like all the adults around looking apprehensive and worried and emotional, and the naive and innocent child there too just thinking it’s all an adventure. Just an idea though, good luck with the image, regardless of what you do at this point I know it’ll turn out great :smiley:


[size=2]Argh! I hate when that happens.

Loving the texture and character in this piece! I know you may not like them, but I love the rich emotion drawn into those characters’ faces.

Can’t wait to see the final!


This update took embarassingly long to do- see all the small faces in the background? No? Well, they took ages!


I’m very inspired by the diversity in your characters as they are being developed. Are you planning to add some color from perhaps burning lamps or go with some reflected blues/purples . . . I like the ruddiness and touches of gold, but hope to see some more color as you progress.
That of course is a personal preference . . . what you have going on already rocks *)


WOW… Amazing concept. I really like the atmosphere of the ship. Looks like it’s sailing toward heaven… haha. very very cool


looking great theresa. hehe, and happy eastern of course :slight_smile: