The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


Theresa, u don’t have to detail the whole picture out! you can add detail to where u need it at, and that is it. I would suggest getting photo reference (go shoot ur own, that way u can get what exactly u want)!I would just suggest a light source on them clouds, detail on the boat just enough to know that it is a boat, and detail the shit out of the foreground, more contrast there! Just a few tips to get u started, I know that u wanted baron to help though. sorry I whoop his ass and took all of his money. I keep it hood and trill!!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


some concepts for the building…which do you prefer? It’s no. 1 through to six, top to bottom and left to right. My personal favorites so far are nos. 1,2 and 6.


just to offer a clarification, cause the numbering could still be taken two ways…
1 2
3 4
5 6

here’s my preference:

  1. this is my favorite, flows nicely with the comp but it’s still a very coold building.
  2. this one looks pretty intimidating to go through, which can add drama.
  3. cool other worldly building. (reminds me a touch of the Sydney opera house)
  4. is acool building, but it stops the flow of the lines in the compostion.

thanks for posting these options. i think your piece is looking outstanding and i totlly agree that it’s a 100 times better now that we’re standing right in the crowd.



1 2
3 4
5 6

Let me take on a different perspective here for you, so I will look at them on the practical/functional side instead of the design. Perhaps that will give you some extra ideas along the way:

1 & 2: They don’t seem to look like they are made to be proper stations for the skyship, as they don’t have the facilities or have too many unnecessary/impractical shapes/parts/designs. Unless they are used as emergency, and temporary stations where extra parts that don’t belong have been built on them for this evacuation purpose. Think of the White House with its front part stripped down to make way for a very large metallic bridge. Something like that.

3: This looks like a station for the cable cars, so in my opinion, it fits the concept somewhat. There could be cable cars transporting a number of passengers to and fro. This design makes sense.

4: My initial thought about this concept is that it looks like the building on the backs of mumakil from lord of the rings. On the other hand, it also looks like a control tower/base. A sturdy bridge connecting the building to the ship will make it all the more functional.

5: This looks like a ruin from ages past that has outlived all its purposes.

6: What a creepy looking building. The left half looks like a head of H.R.Giger’s Alien, and the other half looks like sydney’s opera house (as mentioned already by anzibon). Again, it needs to have some convincing transportation method to bring those people on board.

My practical head chooses the third concept (the cable car station), because I think the viewers will be able to understand it upon first glance better. This is merely my opinion. I hope I am helpful.


I thind same as u teresa, as they seem to flow with compo much better!:thumbsup:

The others do not seem to do that though!:thumbsup:


No 3 looks like a terminal and seems to work that way with the two bridges. No 6 looks like a monster’s head with lots of teeth, I wouldn’t like to go there.

It’s really begining to come together. Chaileen maith



Wow, quite a few replies and a lot of new ideas to chew on…

anzibon, I liked your comments, especially the one about no. 3 which wasn’t my favorite to begin with.

jeremoo: Thanks for the lengthy assessment!

Unless they are used as emergency, and temporary stations where extra parts that don’t belong have been built on them for this evacuation purpose
This made me realise what I’m doing with this piece- the people and the ship are all traditional, middle-eastern types, except the ship, they got that from the english…or maybe this picture is sort of like a view of the world in a few thousand years, when the designs are so merged that everyone just takes whatever they want…or is that just a cop out on my part? :smiley: I don’t want things to look like they don’t belong there at all, so I’m going to make the building more traditional and resist my impulse for designing something new. I think using an older design, but putting things onto it to make it fit the purpose would be good- like they came up with the idea of flying ships and all that, so their technology has changed, but the designs somehow got left behind. I hope that makes sense.

Bryce: I agree with you. :smiley:

Ed: I wouldn’t want to go there either- funnily enough, the monster’s teeth are actually windows. :sad:



2 works really nicely… simple and works with the comp…


I prefere the shapes of No 1 and also its variation No 2. Brava!


The building on top of the staircase always made me feel disturbingly precarious before- so I gave it a base! Now it’s like a cliff, with a building on top. I imagine it like a sort of old middle eastern castle that’s had bits attached to facilitate its ‘modern day’ tasks.


It does mak the scene to look more suitable. I do have one problem- don’t you think that it’s pretty steep climbing from the building to the ship? I think that people will fall back before they’ll manage to go up the ship…


Srulo made a comment about the bridge being dangerous to cross- so I made it adhere to the health & safety standards of 2006, just in case I get picked up by the government for suggesting people should board flying ships in such an unsafe way…
p.s- ignore the man’s face, it’s awful!


Mountains in the background: yay or nay?


wow, very cool one!! Great colours and style! The scene looks wonderful and painterly. Lookings forward seeing more :slight_smile:
Good luck and keep it up!!


without the mountain it really looks like it sailing on the clouds… so I say nay…

or maybe a more of foggy mountain maybe? but your latest updates are just :bounce: like the people in the right corner that really drags you into the image… and I hope some of them still gonna get some gems too… :slight_smile: good work


I really like this latest update and the changes you made to the building suit the image very well. Great job!


I like the composition and colours , but i think that you should start working on details . By that you will add more visual information about materials and i think it will become better.


Haven’t checked back here in a long time, HUGE progress since I did!
I vote ‘nay’ for the mountains, the lower the horizon line compared to the ship - the more sky visible under the ship, the cooler it looks…

Love the building thingy, and the bridge. But the ship looks like it’s tipping over? :slight_smile:
And what are those beet-root looking things in the middle background, I guess they’re like local vegetation or something? Down-play them a bit, take care so they don’t kind of compete with your main focuses (focii?) for attention.


Good atmosphere you got. I think youre really learning when thinking back to times you posted on cgtalk for first times.

I like that ship and the surroundings near it. Dont concentrate on the humans. Do them when youre finished that ship part. Its clearly the focal point…

bye! :bounce:


I like your composition very much. The atmosphere too. Shouldn’t you insist on a character or two from the crowd more than on others? After all, character definition is a challenge request. I am sure that when it’s finished it will look really great! Good luck!!!