The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


that start on the characters looks great :slight_smile:
so now I wanna see more people… go paperclip, go :bounce:


Some more rough details for the characters in the background…the dots will become gems. :smiley:
I’ll put a camel in there and other such stuff. I’m hoping I’ll get this finished by the deadline!

Edit: The eyes of the character on the far left will definitely change. They’re creeping me out…


More people in the background, more detail…crits would be really helpful, especially regarding the lighting and arrangement of people.


Hey Paperclip,

these people-sketches have a cool atmosphere already! I think the three biggest shapes in the foreground (the man on the right and the old guy/child on the left) form a good triangle. Maybe you could have them stand out more from the rest to enhance this effect.

Also, for the contrast and ‘story-depth’ (if you somehow understand this mangled English) I would like it if a couple of people in the foreground (not necesarily these people), in contrast to the waiting ones in the background, were definably doing something. Like, sniggering, shouting, carrying, worrying, etc etc. Then the rest of the people would form a nice quiet background for that. Again this is just my opinion that is largely shaped by my background as a storyteller.

Keep going, you’re getting back to a good pace! Let me know if this helps:).


Ik houd van uw idee van het maken van het verhaal in het beeld belangrijker. Om het even welke suggesties u me kon geven om de verhaalhoek te duwen zouden werkelijk prachtig zijn! p.s- is nuttig niet babelfish? (except the grammar) :smiley:


Conas a tha tu Theresa

I still don’t see the boat. I like the lighting, it has a biblical feel to it, salvation form on high. The group looks well except what’s the guy on the right doing? Maybe it just needs more detail.

tog go bog e.


ta se sochaideartha…hehe…seriously though, he’s going to be gesturing for people to come towards them (like the viewer) or maybe that will break the picture plane, not sure yet!

a leitheid de thuras fada! :smiley: Hang in there.



I writing the way dutch babelfish quality has made me impression:). Cool, do you agree though? And do you have ideas yet for what the people are doing? Like your dutch and your style!


you gonna do gems… hurray… :slight_smile: and those people really adds to the image… me like


I just checked the calendar and there’s only something like 7 weeks left. :argh:

I want to ‘finish’ with a full week or two to go, so I can keep going back for little corrections…better make a move, right? :smiley:


Dag clippy darling. ik wist niet dat je nederlands praat.
But anyway this piece is looking good.


Here’s another update- the faces seem too small and not well detailed enough- this will be rectified in the final image. Today I worked on the background somewhat and added more people on the stairs.


7 weeks left?? faints

This is wonderful!!! I love the composition, great work!


Nice work so far, theresa! Doing a nice job now it is time to start to define those shapes more!:cool:


Excellent drawing, I like the image with so many people and also the dark colors that you used.
Keep going man!


great job man, sorry i havent commented on here before, but this is a really beautiful color pallete so far =) im loving the right corner of the pic the most, bravo !


Hi Theresa!
Cool! I really like the composition of the illustration, and the fact that the angle is facing upward to the sky is great. The ship floating in the air, along with how the stairway sort of spirals toward it gives a very nice surreal feeling. Love the idea of the trees extending toward the sky, helps to give an idea of how high the sky is, and also makes the audiences eyes flow upward.

Fantastic work! Keep it up!


Hey Clippie, at boring work so I have time to ponder a little on your image:).

I love, love the composition and the colours now. Really well balanced. The only thing that keeps catching my eye, is the little house on the bridge. I know you used somebody elses overpaint as an inspiration for it, but that causes it to look less ‘clippie-like’ to me. It’s as though it’s a different, more orderly and almost metallic-looking style. To me it needs a little work to fall into the same atmosphere as the rest.

The people add a vastness and an epic feeling to the whole thing that I really like as well. Also, I think it’s wise you made them quite neutral. The environment they’re in is really telling the story, and their plainness adds a beautiful, subtle suggestion of them being merely cattle being shoved around in a bigger picture they know nothing about. To me this also evokes a sence of doom, in story-telling we call this dramatic irony, where the reader is already aware of something the character hasn’t yet found out. It’s as if something terrible and unavoidable, like the sinking of Titanic, is awaiting them.

In this little scenario I’m sketching here:), it would also be a nice thought to consider having some main characters. Like Titanic is really touching (at least, if you like that movie) because you identify with the characters, some strong characters could enhance the scene’s drama even more. These could be some people in the foreground that somehow look sympathetic or familiar. I know you can do sympathetic:)! I would like to see if you could pull that off, I think you can and it would add even more to this piece.

Last but not least, yesterday I was in a lounge-cafe in the city of Utrecht, and I saw a big painting of a weird couple. It reminded me very much of your tourist-series in style. If you like, and I can borrow a camera, I could post a picture of it (if they allow me:)). Would you like that? (Ofcourse means you can make money with it!!)


Well i cant write pages, and long stories, but a line that tells everything:

This concept is huge! AWESOMe! I love it really really much! well chosen composition ~~

So this was it! Keep it up, this is one of my fav here :love:


Looking Like A F’n God!!! Omfg This Has Come Along!!!

Watch The Perspective Of The Crowd But Im Sure Youll Got It :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! This Is Sweet )