The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


hi theresa :smiley: weeee its going to be fun. good luck with the challenge :smiley:


Hi Theresa, sorry I missed you in irc. Goodluck honey, I’ll be watching.


Hey Theresa!! Best of luck to you! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Best of luck to ya, have some fun with this journey! :thumbsup:


Morning everyone! I went to bed rather late last night, but prayed for a fruitful sleep, so far here’s one idea that I like:

Set in Egypt or Morocco or something like that, it’s going to be a really lush painting of warlocks setting off on a trip on their magic carpets. They’ll really be loading them up, lots of spices, golds, silvers, patterned fabrics and suchlike all on their magic carpets. The magic carpets would have ‘invisble’ genii carrying them, like made out of very thin glass or something. The main warlock would be summoning them all up and you see them arriving on their (heavily loaded!) magic carpets. Below you’d see slaves with camels all loaded up with spices and things like that. The scenery would change from a town with curious people looking out of the windows, to desert ,to some sort of strange mountainous scenery. Ther would be warlocks of all ages, young and old and some would be studying ancient rites to help them on their safe journey. Think ‘Luggage’ from Terry Pratchett combined with aladdin’s cave…

LOTS of references would be used for areas here n there…so…what do you think?


Welcome back teresa! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Therrrry hugs looking forward to seeing some sketches girl! No doubt will be an original and stylish entry as alway (lately your paintings are tending to become fantastically kooky too!) - best of luck to you!


Good Luck Theresa!

Sounds ambitious!! :slight_smile:


Hi Theresa,

I’ll be watching this… have FUN!

Think ‘Luggage’ from Terry Pratchett combined with aladdin’s cave…


Ok - this is going to be great!



I have three months. :twisted:
So happy to see you here, btw!

Elsie: Kooky, eh? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

Mr. Mu: Another terry pratchett fan, eh? I love his stuff…I’m going for a general pratchetty slant on it, with a bit of other stuff in it as well…plus my magic potion :smiley:

Beelow: THIS time I’m gonna try and get an afro in there somewhere…

Michaelmotion: Your thread is definitely one I’m watching…

Bobert: as above! I’m glad you entered this one!

Queenie: Glad to see you in on this thing, it should be good. :slight_smile:

Agamemnwn: Maybe you can use your Marvin in on this thing? Oh, wait, you’re not allowed to use ‘prefab’ stuff…too bad…

Squib: What F5 button left? It wore away a few years ago, lol. Can’t wait to see what’s up with your thread, talk about stalking! You’ll never get rid of the clippy lurking in your background…

Oz: I’m watching you closely also!

Marcoracer: Thanks!

Monsitj: I’m really watching you…I loved your last challenge!

Walrus: Too many times, mike, too many times…but now it’s here and I can start! I can’t wait to see what you come up with either, wage slave was fantastic. :slight_smile:

Artisticvisions: Fun it sure will be…


lmao! :scream: Make sure it does not block out our view… :smiley:


Hey Theresa !

Have a lots of fun and best of luck !

cheers ,



hallo Theresa
do I use a drawing pin and put up the calender with the wheeeks left on :stuck_out_tongue: or shoud I use a staple or paperclip? :smiley:
I´m a bad one in jokes too, I know :rolleyes:
and have loads of fun :bounce: and a bunch of good luck too…


Hello clippy :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great idea already! Looking forward to see what comes out. Good luck and have fun in the challenge!


An interesting twist on the subject Theresa :thumbsup:

Are you going for a serious style (aka photoreal) or maybe something slightly toonish??

Best of luck to you :smiley:


Show us some of your new and improoved skills girl!



Here’s the first concept sketch- a conglomerate of arabian merchants, wiazards and scholars off on their journey to… the center of the earth for the amazing Earth Fair that is only held once every 200 years! There would be lots of rich fabrics and sparkling gems, right now I’m just looking at the overall composition and values…crits are more than welcome!


Here’s my first concept sketch- a conglomerate of arabian merchants, warlocks and scholars all off to the center of the earth for the great Earth Fair which is held every 200 years! It will have lots of rich fabric and sparkling gems…right now I’m concentrating on composition and values. Crits are more than welcome!


Well…as for the style, sort of a blend between photoreal and a comic style. It’s what I do best :smiley:

Strange, I just submitted my first concept sketch, but it’s not showing up here. I wonder why?

makaron: Yes, that was a bad joke! Your punishment is to lie down and let your guinea pigs nibble on you for a few ‘wheeks’…

lmao! :scream: Make sure it does not block out our view… :smiley:

Isn’t the whole point of an afro that it blocks views? :smiley:


Well, my pics don’t seem to be uploading, so while this is being fixed, here’s one:

Here’s a group of mercenaries, warlocks and scholars off to the center of the earth for the Earth Fair, held once every 200 years. There’s plenty of room in this image for tantalising details, which is what I want to do with it! Think richly patterned fabrics, gems…the lot…

For now, I’m just looking at different compositions, values and suchlike. This is concept number one, if I decide to go with this concept, I’ll do a few rough sketches to establish the look of the piece, then start ‘for real’.

Crits very welcome, particularly regarding the values and composition.