The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


yo peopleee sorry i have been away for some time and unable to even write some devent replies… it was as good as it was a bad thing i guess the good part is i really got me a ton of freelancing gigs and am knee deep in comics but the bad part was me being unable to go around the forums… but on the bright side my army service is allmost done and it makes me all tingly…mmm the sweet exdtra timeee …mwahahaha welll as you can see im wrapping this one up… but im havin problems cause the more i do this pic the more i wanna do my comic… tis a vicious circle i guess

Stahlberg daaaamn man …it really is true that nothing helps the creative process like a fresh wiew… thanx man i see what u mean:thumbsup:


Looks very majestic! Best of Luck!


Wow! I love the feel of this scene! Really nicely done! The one dragon that is furthest away at the top of the frame blends into the background. He could probably be removed or painted a bit darker.


well a few details here and there and its done




hm well… in my silly and really not important opinion…

it was better the way without the flipping. now it seems less grandiose than before.

and i think you shoudn’t reduce the details on the characters (like the dragon wings and on the woman)

also i would add a little more detail to the tail on the left side of the picture (the one in the foreground)
it’s better when things in the background have less details than in the foreground

but this is only my… not really important opinion ^^

overall it’s an extremely good picture


Looking good! I was starting to worry you wouldn’t finish it - You seemed to go quiet for aaaaaaaaages!

Keep going!.. :bounce:


I´m with Andreas about the flipping. I guess it might look cool to you, since you stared at it for hours and hours, but according to the reading direction (don´t know the proper word) the emphasis is now on the group, not on the departure of the dragons any more.
I agree with him about the details too.

Way to go, you´re almost done.


Cool progress…the image is jist beautiful!:thumbsup:


Don’t know why but it sure looks nice flipped this way. Overall really nice.



:thumbsup: looks better this way and i think the piece is balance enough to carry the fliped one…
i think of this journey involving the group of dragons with the personae…
cant wait to see you finish… hehhe there is like 3 more days left… yeah ample time enough for touch ups and detailing… good luck…


i dunno with flipping, i watch this from early sketches and now, flipped i’m feel a lil strange.


both angles look fine in my opnion, but to be honest…im not too fond of the ddragon blowing fire. It’s just kinda out of no where and distracts me from the ones flying away, but beautiful picture =)


nearly done wooooohoooo


Wow, you are sure close to the end. One thing though- it’s really hard to see what the navigator is holding up as it blends in so much with the dragon behind him. Maybe darken that area a little so you can see the compass better?


Tyr watched the skies with anxiety.ever since the rumors of tiamats awakening reached him he was adamant to finally meet face to face with one of the ancient gods of ravine. and so once again he dragged Kal Tenera, elven girl from the forest of beleran into an adventure. as usual auros went whereever tyr did. also the party was joined by a willowbow ethelya, and the salf proclaimet greatest cartographer of ae terra Thewellis the orientated,and so they waited to see the direction to where they would travel. tyr knew that all the dragons would journey to see the awakened divinity…but he allways wondered why the power odf tiamat had no effect on auros…who knows tyr thought maybe auros wasnt joking when he said he was one of the divine dragons…but the very next second image of auros dead drunk as usual flashed before his eyes…naah . anyways everyone the path is set before us, this journey begins


Great image Stjepan. You will for sure be one of the top 6, if not the first one. I cant stop watching your picture… it would be cool to have a poster of it on the wall. :slight_smile:

Good luck to Master of painting. :wink:


you have finished it on time… great… Good luck with the Judging…nebezial. :thumbsup:
btw i really like the color tones on this work.,


Congrats on finishing- you sure have a beautiful image here! Good luck with the judging- I expect to see you up on that podium next month!


very cool final man, best of luck to you nebez. :slight_smile: