The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


snowkiwi i know what you mean , its like in every challenge i get ma a serious boost of improvement…that is why i reccomend everyone to join
BaronImpossible thanx man i understand what u mena, i might make a second version when im done with this one there is plenty of time and then ill see which one looks better
Xillion i hat the same thought, and for that i actually made some dragons goin out of the scene , to make u interested…there is sumthin out there , they see it …i wanna see it too…so get goin allready
derbyQsalano yo DQ u came to visit eh:D
medunecer thanx
sh@ke i know…allthough i think lemog owns the nut franchise lol
melkao buried with work ,ill try and make some updates tnite
SINAD haha you are the last one to talk, ur work is one of my personal favourites
lewiston hehe they are cooll
NinjaASSN thanx man, cant wait to see ur pic develop
Stahlberg whoa…thanx man
the1st_angel…whoa…this aint no angel…this is a choir of angels singin to my ego…hahahha
beelow and theere he comes to wreck the daay…ego goes doown lol , been busy with comics…but illl try to update tnite
skyisnotthelimit i wiil
Arc80 worry not i m whoopin that up like a madman…allmost donre with the planned pages


dang neb! this update is lookin wicked! at this rate you’ll be done in no time. You’ve definitely pushed urself to a new level with this challenge man… props to ya!


my fav 2d for sure, :applause:


very amazing depth you have here, and I love the dragons :slight_smile: great job bro, hope to see this go far!


Um… I think I will drop out of this contest now, since it’s not a contest anymore. Terrific stuff! I can’t believe how far this picture has come from its simple beginning! Keep going!


Woooow! Your picture rocks them all! :buttrock: I love the wonderfull colors and details. Good luck!


wheeee i a m visitor 20000. now show an update :twisted: go nebzy lalalala go!:scream:


Wow! The light is just amazing! May be the idea not absolutely clear to me… But anyway great piece man!


whoaah lots of dragons! great job man gudluck!:thumbsup: :bounce:


I’m a real fan of your work ever since I saw those vampire pieces of yours. Really great stuff. This image is looking really good aswell, but if I may, there’s one thing that jumps on me everytime I see the image. You’ll probably fine tune it later, but imo the girl is standing out a bit too much on the image and that leave the Tyr dude a bit in the shadows. I think both sould be visualy important on the piece. Also, the green dude is a bit too green and easy to mistake with the vegetation behind him.

Apart from those two small points, the rest is really awsome. Love the dragons and the big dragon expression is just priceless too :wink:


c´mon Stjepan, where is the ups??? anxious for them!!

great job dude!


wow this is turning out really beautiful!


Can hear the wings flapping…that is just great.
To smooth the visual flow I would loose the cascade. I would maybe shorten the right tower and elevate the smallest peak to get it in line with: pointing fingter-small peak-tallest peak so the top of the vertical structures would create a nice elongated “u” on the upper part of your picture.
Excellent work.


Wow!! wonderful!! Character and the layout design is very good :thumbsup: !! Great artwork!!!


totally beautiful! great work




Your a genius man!


Wow!!! Yor concept and image are so beautiful!!!Excellent work!!!:thumbsup:



its about time you finish this. no excuses!



i really like your picture. im a fantasy and dragon fan, yeah, castles and all that stuff…
i also like the perpective of that picture, the pose of the dragons, the light and everything else :smiley:


Hey Stjepan, missed your work from the 3D entries…can you follow that? :slight_smile: As i see you’re busy wth this masterpiece. Just gratulations for this one. That smile on the dragons face is awesome :applause: just as all the other things too.