The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


This is beautiful!
WOW! I really like this one.


Hi Nebezial, there is no way i can read all the posts in your thread, so excuse me if you already talked about what i´m going to ask.

Don´t ya think that lizzard fella with a map in the left corner is a bit to green? He´s kinda hard to be noticed in the pic… I´m not sure wether this is a prolem or a quality, since it wouldn´t be good if he ended up being the center of the atention for the scene, and the red part of his clothes is what makes we realize he is there. But i still had to force my eyes a little to understand him… Just asking if the rest of his clothing shouldn´t be some other color…

I don´t know… I´m just giving you a subject to think about. The picture is wonderfull, and you are definetelly on the right path, as you already know. See ya!


Looks around, looks behind his shoulders, spins around, just like an ignorant nicca*:stuck_out_tongue:

Nicca, U!!! LOL, u an artist right?? u create stuff right? nah just playin’.:smiley:

Keep rockin the house! already 16,000 views and still counting!!!:thumbsup:


awesome picture, congratulations


no critics…just great and awesome work ! :thumbsup:


Hi Stephan,

It’s amazing to see how much you improved.

The right half is just remarkable. Gorgeous.


Looking great, your technique and use of colour is close to perfect. BUT… all those dragons zooming out of the picture… they really do lead the eye away from the main scene. What would be awesome is to have the dragons swooping from the rear around to the right and then back again and “over” the viewer’s head. Hell, it’ll still beat mine whatever you do, but I just think the composition is slightly lacking.


Hi Baron! I highly value you opinion and skills but I think that in this case leading the eye in a precise direction, left to right, outside the picture frame (with the gaze of characters and the movement of dragons) is fine, because it implies the subjects are going somewhere, maybe beyond the current scenario. Maybe it’s the scenario itself that should make the eye loop inside the picture in a subtle way. The swirling idea is very cool though I don’t think it fits the purpose of hinting a journey (or maybe it’s me that don’t visualize it well).



That’s smashing man, very nice work!


Astounding. Great piece!


fantastic as usual neb~like u said~u r just a plain nuts:scream:!


updates! updates! updates! updates! updates! updates!..i want some updates!:twisted:


:cry: ahh!!..very very impressive you make me cry .

I love your work:love:


really impressive. I especially dig the green guys goggles, hehe…


u really know how to build th picture man! Love everything about it, so sorry for nothing to add :confused: later maybe :slight_smile: keep up the great work! Im really admiring ur work.


dammit I don’t have any crits… it’s just perfect! :smiley:


most beautifull work nebs, as usual. love the piece, comp, light characters dynamics, fantastic, i see the early stage of piece with high winning potential. hold da pace mate :slight_smile:


Hey, hey, hey guys, Nebz doesn’t need any ass pats here. We don’t need to fuel his ego, LOL, jk dude! U gonna update soon? ur fans are waiting!:scream::smiley:


Great composition!, more updates pu~leaeese


Looking good bro. Its coming along nicely. Just keep working on your comic book so we can catch up with you, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

no critzs at the moment. I’ll wait till you start zooming in :twisted: