The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


hahah thanx for the replies people

budji thanx
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thierry2005 thanx man
A I R yo damaa…so when are ur updates comin
papalatistudios im self taught basically al it really takes is some persistance and alot of work at first lie anyone else i sucked…i wasnt that big on talent but i was persistent. in school the informations i tried to obtain were really sparse but on the other hand i had some friends to compete with…one of them being the very active AIR here… basically 3 of us worked our butts of to advance and it took us places
when i draw my characters i think about the logical approach to their anathomy…in the endd names arent all that important but how it all looks in the end. u really want to know the muscles, i really suggest dynamic series of burne hogarth…thet guy really understands the essence of human figure…trust me great help there
dash2k4 no mode of transportation
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sh@ke. noo u gunna get ur butt in gear and work on urs
Michael Chang haha thanx man i love ur comic too!
Cr@sH…is the sound of me falling of the chair laughing:D

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Stefan_Morrell i will make a video
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good luck,Nebezial:bounce:


I like this one, really great characters.

One thing with the composition maybe. Couple of the dragons fly off camera, which leads the eye off camera as well. Think if you dropped those two, the image would read much better. Also i think one of the dragons maybe fly abit too close to the ground. I’m expecting it to hit the ground with its wings by accident. Apart from that, really cool stuff.

Don’t know if this has been mentioned already. its a long thread :), and I didnt manage to read through all of it.


Hi buddy.

What’s new? :slight_smile:

No , seriously, you roxx still more each time I see your work.
i entered to.
Nice to follow you again :wink:


wow! Amazing wooot! This is coming along wonderfully. I adore the colours!!


Thanks for replying Neb,

Yeah I went ahead and ordered a few of those Hogarth books,

Dynamic Figures
Dynamic Anatomy
Dynamic Hands

If you want to be a character designer you definitley have to understand anatomy. I realize now that it is more important to understand the way the muscles interact and flow rather than know every single muscle by heart.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


dude, you are one turbo charged artist… :bounce::bounce:

loves everything in this masterpiece, esp the amount of details you put into it and still manages to layout the composition so nicely.

keep it up and looking forward for the rest of the progress. :thumbsup:

looks for the subcription button


isn’t it finishet yet??? these colors really seduce me…Good luck then!!Waiting for the rest…


Incredible stuff. I can tell this challenge is inspiring everyone to do their absolute best work. Can’t wait to see more.


No need to comment about your work,you 'sycho.

But,where are the updates man,what,dont tell me the cofee fever got’n you.

Stivn,you ass…:slight_smile:


stunning work. The composition is very effective. Draws the eye off the right of the frame. I can see your comic skills coming into practice here. and the characters are fab. Full of personality and original in design. This is definately one of my favourites.


wow nice details, and work…good luck:thumbsup:


Great, there you go again showing off with some damn good designs and technique…
I’m just going to watch this evolve and get more and more amazed by this every day.
Best of luck to you mister talent!! :thumbsup:


played around with some mood layers…finally got a breather lol


U’ve got to be the most crappiest artist ever, LOL!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


yaay i m back…anyways havent had alot of time these days got buried with comic business but i just got some time…
t_artwichai thanx man
otre i know what u mean but i did those on purpose to add the dose of spontaneous freedoma also dragons are skilled flyers…atleast in aeterra
Neozoom holy cow the french beast is beck have fun vincent
enialadam thankyee
papalatistudios great man, yeah the anatomy makes the basicc of every living thing study it carefully
zelau its far from finished
aaron111 thets the fun part of challenges
A I R thou shall not insult cofee…infidel
domclubb thanx man
melkao thanx
Pixelcounter not talent mate…just aloot of hard work


I like the sky… impressive wheater… :bounce:

like the rest of the image too :wink:


Screw you man :smiley:
That’s all I have to say to you for know… :wink:


yup…this is a nice mood…it looks like the storm is coming…:love:


Beautiful work, man. Keep it up.