The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


I love the cartographer :smiley:
He’s just as cool as Tyr, and “no nose” Nebezial :smiley:

(Check my challenge, I could use some more crits!)


Wow !! very impressive skecth

i love your color and tone in there a lot!!!:thumbsup:


whoa!! great stuff, nebz!! it looks really really great!! im so happy you added more characters!! cheers! the colours are beautifull!yind yoya!:love:


Awesome! really cool to see your progress, and thanks for the tutorial contibutions, saw them today, cool tips!

good luck!:wink:


I like the personalities of the chericters. This is crazy good.


Great work man, as always! Keep it up it will be another masterpiece! :thumbsup:


Great idea great concepts great all, good luck men :smiley:


bloody hell, this is one of the coolest characters I’ve seen so far.


Well stivn,you sure know your stuff.
Im just about this close :applause: to getinto 2d aswell man.

keep bringing inspiration arround,and Lindach, :wavey:

seeya guys.


Hey Neb,

Just wanted to say amazing work. :thumbsup:
Your really inspire me to be a better artist. :wise:

I do have a question for you…

How did you learn to draw your characters the way you do? School, books, self taught?
If there is any books out there to help with this topic, I would appreciate any suggestions.

Also when your drawing your characters do you think about the anatomy from medical point of view (such as, “Oh I better get this latissumus dorsi right”) or man his back muscles dont look right? I dont know whether to know the muscles by heart or not?

Suggestions for an aspiring artist would be helpful.

Thanks a bunch and cant wait for more source material for your tutorials.


Wow, this is really coming together! These astonishing characters are definitely going places. Will you be adding a mode of transportation for them?


Hey, The Cartographer looks very cool, like a mix between a monkey and a dragon. Nice face expression! :slight_smile:

I like the whole idea too. I will be watching this, cheers :slight_smile:


fantastic job so far neb~i’ll just sit back and enjoy the journey.:thumbsup:


dude, Your characters all looks so great and alive,how can I describe…amazing speed
and great enviroment controling, beautiful colour especialy the lighting is crazy
haha I am sure you dun have to do line art, because you just no need
Love your comic…waiting to see more from you :slight_smile:


i think i found a new GOD to worship man. this stuff is amazing.
do you sell little statues of yourself to pray to?? :slight_smile:

lookin good man. keep it up.


u rock:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: canna wait for more!!:wip: :cool: :buttrock:


Wonderfull! Man that looks really beautiful, a true masterpiece… :bowdown:


impressive progress you’ve made,

& thanks for the other tutorial threads you’ve made :)…ther’s some very good info in them
quietly hoping you’ll fire up camtaisa & record some of this amazing work



Great work as usual… the coloring improoved, I know you can still kick more tail…:deal::buttrock:


:smiley: Now I noticed … the cartographer looks as if he’s showing the land his finger, it might be viewed this was from the distance :smiley: Good work, though, keep it going!