The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


Wow! That is just wonderful!:thumbsup::eek:


well here is the cartographer closeup…flu is killin mae and im addicted to work lol…thats a bad combo


tell me about it i am same at mo… good update. nothing to crit… just stunning… brilliant chracter you got


first of all thanx for the support everyone…it would take ages toi answer all of you so instead ill just do my best to return a favor and give a helping hand Vyse_soa hehehe ur replies allways hit the spot my friend:thumbsup:
Vahn weel my comic basically looks…well like this work here
anyways my head is pounding sop a big thankyou to all and ill visit ur threads:love:


I am amazed at all the beautiful detail you’ve incorporated into your image without making it look fussy. I so so love this painting :slight_smile:


love the had design. marvelous work mate. keep it up.


hmmmm…did they point the finger at people in the times when faries and dragons and other stuff used to dwell (in theory)…what would the judges say :deal: cheeres :applause: jolly good show!!


what res width/height are u working at right now bro?



I must admit that I’m a 135 % jalouse of you for your drawing talent !

However, I find that the drawings however good do not really evoke the feeling of journey.

What about something about a baloon with a completely akward and really too diffucult perspective ? I thought about it myself, but I’m afraid it’s beyond my abilities for the moment …


Haha, I didn’t notice that your thread already had 22 pages … I should have guessed so !

I still think that the scene needs a little more beginning of the journey feeling - perhaps a little more stuff around the main characters ? Some bags, suitcases or other stuff ? If they are going on a journey, they will need to bring some things with them ?


Wow, you’re progressing insanely fast. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job so far.


Oh, hope you’ll get well soon :thumbsup:

Did anyone told you how good you are? :slight_smile:
If they forgot, I’ll tell it again :slight_smile:

Pixie is great :slight_smile:
you made good perspective to the image.

I wondered… is there any way to throw more light at Pixie?
Just to show that she is in the centrum of all that.
Your image is already awesome, maybe just a hint of light or something else… ?

BTW, nice green monster-man-bird… whatever exactly it is :slight_smile:

Take some tea, but please don’t stop working :wink:
See ya


wow fantastic work so far.

your progress is amazing! – and so quick too… wow.

i was just curious what kind of settings and brushes you use (and which program, for that matter) to get such a clean image with just the right amount of tonal and texture variation.

if this has been answered before, a simple link to the post would be greeeaaattt.

thanks a lot and good luck!!!



oh noo i think we got a future winner:eek: !!


I can’t not comment on your work…

Every time I see the dragon on the ground, I almost get goosebumps… He looks so incredible pleased with himself, that I can’t belive someone could actually capture that in a drawing/painting!! I love dragons, and that one is just up my alley!! The new addition, the cartographer, is also very nice! The second I saw him I knew he was some kind of navigator for this journey.

I’m just worried about something that has been mentioned earlier… The picture might get a big crowded… But then again, I don’t think that it is at the moment… And if you look at some of the winners of previous challenges, many of them have a lot of stuff happening at the same time… hint you’ve a winner hint :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see the final image, so I’ll have something to put on my desktop…


I’m never sure whether I want to cry or cheer when I take a look at your thread, Stjepan :p! Looks amazing. The colours and liveliness of the piece are already really outstanding. What can I add but keep up the great work :thumbsup:


Great work so far. It seams that you will be done with your picture next week if you continue like this. :slight_smile:

The colors, idea, characters … everything is top quality work. Good luck.


uooww man, fantastic work!! :eek: certainly you´re one of the favourites!! :bounce:

good luck


I am out of words really - I think it looks fantastic and looking at the dragons expression just totally makes me smile - it’s such a happy sight… happy sigh


@dyren : nebz is working with ps and here are some cool tutorials where he gives insight into some of his working methods and techniques in ps >>>link <<<