The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


me like the standing up pose :bounce: gives me the feeling that they really are about to begin the journey…


Very good so far, we can have a nice glance of the final image, Keep it up Stiepan


Funny looking guy, can we get a close-up? :bounce:


Loving it, loving it, loving it!! :smiley:
I dont mind the standing pose, I also liked her a lot when she was sitting. In fact, I think I prefered her when she was sitting, but this one is still as good. The character u added does indeed gives it a good balance!! Keep up! :wink:


I agree, I was just thinking the same thing.:thumbsup:


In the relaxed Version, there was character difference between them noticeable. The Focus was on him, showing the direction where the journey is going and she was more easey going. I Liked that a bit more though.

Similar to this pic Skies of arcadia

But it still rocks for sure :thumbsup:


This just keeps getting better and better, I really dig the composition. I especially like the changes you made regarding the left side of the image, makes it much more dramatic, great going.


wow man!

the worst in this, that this still not the final image!!!

love characters, and lil flying dragonz!


already fabulous and its not yet completed

good going man

wish i had the speed


Nice, so far dude! I would suggest giving the compo some air, but it is up to u, already amazing work!:thumbsup:


Ahhh…the girl is standing…but i must admit compo is great when she was sitting down but like what the guideline says…its story first, tech second.

Im loving this wip nebz…keep it up


Just keep doing, what you do and keep the migthy power of Dragonflame buring in your heart :slight_smile:


personaly i think she is good standing up… either way son… o and about your reply on my thread… I AM NOT A PAINTER USER… photshop all the way son. what gave you that idea?


I love the color in this! I was thinking about it and had to look again. The warms and cools, the saturation; the more I look the more I want to see.


wow!!! great drawing. when finished, It will be beautiful.


Hi Neb,

the whole time I already admire your work for this challenge. I am inspired! I love the colors and the atmosphere. Your picture tells a whole legend. Top!



Outtanding work nebz! man … youre getting better and better so fast :applause:
Composition is better now with her standing imho … and the vibrant colors combined with your lightning skills make this very very cool

man…i dont even want to know how cool your comic will be :smiley:

cheers nebz rock on!



umm, very nice work but might be a bit busy… you know, too much going on, too much things to look at, takes away from the mood.


Comin along well. Keep it comin.


i’m half agreeing here,but i think u got what it takes to make it great,it may be busy but its suprsingly easy to read too.

and this is coming from NOOB! and not ur regular kiss ass nebezial fanboy :smiley: