The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


this is grait! the lihgt is wonderful!


Hey neb, Your work is pretty amazing, and best part is …your work is fast and clean.
the lighting is great.
Good luck



WOW, really fantastic work !
Can you pleeeease post one full resolution (or at least nearly full res.) image when you’ve finished your entry?

btw: do you have any webste where I could adore your work? :smiley:


xeptional cute pixie :slight_smile: keep on goin mate


ik i was playin around with kal the elf girl…u see when it domes to determination she often surpasses tyr so i was fiddlin around with the idea of her standing


whoaaa so many replies…arrgh i really hade doing the collective thank you but i really have to i gorr to get back to work comics is a hard working industry like any other, about crits thank you got some good advices and about everything looking to be of same importance i intend to do a serious experiment of working things out thru color…maybe it will work maybe it won time will tell but its a point well taken, about the pixies sword i have to find the original design and ill show it to clear it out , gtg ppl:love: :love: :love:


I think I like her better sitting, it makes her look a bit more calm, in contrast to Tyr. Beautifull as always in any case.:smiley:


I think I prefer her standing :smiley: They look more together and ready to leave, then when she is sat down.

Awsome work!


i have no idea which i prefer,either way…calisto looks great in this image :smiley: :applause:


I’d like to see her standing in the full image, just to see how it effects the composition.

My gut reaction is that it’ be better, giving more weight to the top left, and a more swooping motion of the eye down and through the center of the piece


I like her standing as well. Who are we talking about?


I think if she sitting , image should title " the jounrney not yet begin " but when she standing , it will be the journey begin!! heheheh just my opinion man!


awesome !
I like it,lcongrats man!:thumbsup:


I like her standing for the same reasons that everyone else has mentioned… But when she’s sitting she has long statuesque legs, and her body is a lot shorter when she’s standing: She’s lost about 10 years in age! But then, she is an elf… but I don’t know the character that well, and you obviously do. So you’ll have to choose some solution that makes he look her proper height and age (even though none of us will know! :slight_smile: )

Looking good!



I don’t know why, but I prefer here sitting/laying down.


Just to make this a lively discussion, I will take a stand for her sitting down…

it sets her farther apart from Tyr, as well literally as from a dramatic point of view. She really makes a different statement about the journey when she remains sitting until the last minute. I think I like that because opposed to Tyr’s total commitment and enthousiasm this adds more depth and contrast to the scene. Makes you ask more questions (doesn’t she trust him? Why not? She seen it all before?) and the more questions the better:).


Hmm I like her standing better than the other one, but thats also because her pose in the first one is a bit half-upright. Maybe you could try one with her lying relaxed on the grass, arms behind her head and stuff. Make her lazy as a contrast to the other character, who is pointing and has a generally more active pose. (on the other hand, it would also turn the attention away from her which is maybe not what you’re aiming for :slight_smile: )


i like the sitting one.:twisted:


Having That Girl On The Left Stand Is A Good Idea

Keep It Up Man


ok so i went for now with the Kal standing but to keep the balance i inserted one of my favorite characters thewellis the orientated, Ae’terra’s greatest(self proclaimed) cartographer and guide for the adventurers…