The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


Very cute indeed :slight_smile:

Very minor point though: the swords hangs a bit weird, I mean, the belt is attached below the gravetypoint of the sword, so it would topple over. It should be attached to the top instead of the bottom I think.


Wooooooo! You have the killer tempo, updates are better and better :slight_smile: Where this one will finsh?! In First place :smiley: Keep working, friend! :slight_smile:


Ohh, nice really cute :smiley:
I love it.
Now… go check my challenge thread, I could use your comments :smiley:


Wow wow wow…it looks so great already…the final image will be amazing for sure! Give us some more;)


Your newest WIP is killer, great use of colors and the perspective is very well excecuted. I’m very excited to see how this progresses, keep it comin!


hey Nebezial, great painting… keep it up, I really can’t wait to see your work…:twisted:


U seem to be very popular dude, hehe, Almost 10,000 posts in 1 week, damn dude!!! great updates, no crits as usual!:thumbsup:


i dont know but this is in my winning list.keep rocking neb:thumbsup:


So in brief, is your technique paint + blend?:smiley:


I thought the sketch was a lot more emotional. Perhaps you will add a second character back in at a later time?


this is awesome man, i cant to close my mouth …


Nothing to crit… just if I can have an another chance to have an another life after mine… I just want to be you… with your skills :scream: hahahaha…:beer: :bowdown:


dude…u r dammmm good man…:bowdown:be my teacher plzzzzzzzzzz…i want to see you in the top in this contest… n u will do it…:bowdown::bowdown:


One of my favorites, that´s for sure.
My only crit at this state would be that you shouldn´t go that much into details.
You incline to exaggerate contrasts which first of all is a good thing. But when you combine those worked out images into one you will loose the focus on the whole picture and i think you already have. Right now everything in this picture is important to look at.
Maybe it would be wise to make your mind up what´s most important in that picture, than second and so on. The most important areas then will get all the contrasts and vivid colors, the others…well, who cares about them anyway :smiley:

I especially love the idea behind. Keep up the great work.


today i discovered that i hate you.



OMG! I never seen anyone work that fast… Neo :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway at this point it hopeless to comepeat with you. Dragons r just amazing… and there is so much adventire flow around this pic i dubt anyone can do better in this field.

Still to be in the contest next to this pic - now that something i can do :] And Im gonna :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up :thumbsup:


Before I had even finished putting my idea down onto paper you had already blocked out your composition. Keep up the pace.


I don’t know, it is a nice image and all, I just don’t get the feeling that the pixie is going on a journey, its just sitting there.


My bad!!! Spoke too early, I only saw your latest update, seeing the whole thing makes me feel realy stupid. It looks amazing!! I’ll go somewere and die now


that´s a pixie alright :bounce: really nice one…

and say hello to your burgleralarm :stuck_out_tongue: