The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Stjepan Šejić


beautiful update! Can’t wait to see the next one.




man, this thread is sooooo inspiring. Really gives me a big push for continuing mine!! :slight_smile:
Awsome updates, excellent work and very fast!!! hehe… Keep it up. :thumbsup:


Good progress bro. I’m liking their costume a lot and the dragon looks like you can paint them with ease :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Just watch out for some tangency between the dragons. Other than that, didn’t i tell you to wait for us, hahaha.

peace bro

btw: hows the comic book going?


You are probably tired of hearing this but… awesome…


great job, i really love it. go nebezial.:thumbsup:


Brun(o) Croes thanx man
Ramitxon haha alot of practice
calisto hahah yeah you should know:love:
yoitisi yes thats the way to go man
se7enthcin hehe ill do my best not to dissapoint u
zegritch thanx man…this challenge made me develop more stuff…ill share them all as soon as i can open some room for a breather
calisto hehe thakyee about the shirt i just laid down a placeholder color for now
bandro oo i have big plans with the castle
zegritch haha thanx
Loris_thanx im glad it inspires u if u are in need osf any tips just pm me
Arc80 no worries im still juggling these dragons lol, now about the comics, this one geos is half donr the first issue, of 10 graphic novels…it would have been done but i needed me some promotional comics so i went to make a comoc for an indie arcana , their kade…lets just say will be lookin sweet , i believe sean will be presenting it in 2 weeks in la comic con. after that i have a top cow super cool project and then i publish geos and things change after that, oy do u have msn?
Skurai thanx man
Ring thanx


That image seems so elastic and one of my favorites.


Oh wow, I really like Tyr now, especially in the high-res version. Almost overconfident:). I still have one point of critique, and that is to me the whole thing looks a bit confined. Because of the great mass on the right and the dragons flying really low. To me it would feel even bigger and more impressive if the dragons where somewhat farther off and more ‘abstract’ somehow (like I would imagine migrating whales or elephants would look like).

But this is just a gut feeling and besides I really like the whole thing already! Looking forward to your next update.


very impressive, i hope i have a chance to compeat being my first time, good luck and have fun


very nice picture, I especially like dragons




Yeah, your work is sweet… and this painting is already looking nice
Sretno Stjepane!


Well impressive but is it a real surprise:scream:. To crit a little I find there are too much dragons that makes too much complexity to the picture and not enough space to “breathe”; Maybe you can keep the mass impression with erasing to near ones and make more on background.


absolutely impressive!! love the dragons! :eek:
amazing what u got in so little time! :applause:

i agree with the previous post though! more on the background and less in foreground!


say no more:eek:
i’ll stalking you…


wow,that’s a gorgeous image…well done!
the dragons sweeping down add an epic feeling to it…awesome work!


Just keeps getting better and better Neb :slight_smile:


Holy sh… this is really amazing work you`re showing us here!!!


the willowfolk pixie Ethelya was ordered to be tyrs guard…yeah Ethelya was smal in size but the spirit chanelling powers of the willowfolk were truly legendary and ethelya was more than up to the challenge…anyways just workin on it


soooooo cuteeee!!! kawaii!! wheee cepo!! :love: