The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Steven Stahlberg


What i think you should do is extend the right side of the image just a touch and in the background (as you said) put in more abductions… But, have one of the abductions being a girl hanging the clothes on the line and she’s holding onto the line (so it will have an upward bend where the beam is situated) and also have the clothes in the line of the beam upturned as if they are getting sucked up!

When I look at this I just automatically sense the romance of a honeymoon in Hawaii (??)… So I think to capture that feeling more so you must make it seem like a quiet abduction that is not a spectical to the whole community… If you get what I mean!

Good luck!

P.S. (Keep the image simple as I like it the way it is right now!)


and she’s holding onto the line

ROFL I love it! Thanks! :smiley:

I also like Squibbit’s idea of a blowing newspaper, it’s the sort of small subtle thing you can add as a kind of ‘easter egg’ if the resolution is only high enough… and paperclip, yes there should definitely be some more waterdrops, and they should be falling upwards. :slight_smile:

centurionit, I can’t see anything to crit, that can be ‘critted’ in text only… I might be able to comment some minor things by overpainting with red lines in Photoshop, but I don’t have time today, I’m leaving for Denmark soon… and I’m not sure if I have PS and a Wacom when I arrive there. But the good news is, her anatomy is so good! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, your judgment make me feel proud of my model, thank’s a lot…
I hope you will follow my work and that you’ll tell me somethings about it…
Tomorrow I’ll go in Italy for one week…home sweet home…Bye…and…
Good Journey :thumbsup:


Reminds me alot to ‘One last time’ :thumbsup:


Dropped by to wish you all the best with your entry. Looking to learn something useful from you. This concept looks ripe for some comedic details. Like a book titled “Something is out there” or “Adventure in outer space” lying beside the pool for example.


[left]Hello, very cool ideia! kind of simple in composition but very effective! and since you make gorgeous women, i would say, go for it! i can only say, that i would prefer to see this in a bigger pool, so you could play a little more with the enviornment. anyway great!


picture with the road seems more epic however one with the girl is more extraordinary both look great.


I feel the strongest about the landscape with the girl crouching. Maybe if you added a sign, saying, “leaving…” to hint towards her journey, as she is taking one last look/rest before she leaves.

while the abduction one seems fun, i really think the landscape works best for this contest – and all else aside, i feel more attracted to it than the rest.

looking forward to watching this thread.


Very creative idea. I can’t wait to see the effects you have started in the water - the hot tub lights combined with the alien beam should work weel for something really ‘out of this world’.


very promissing concept and knowing ur excelent techniques Im waiting for this marvelous piece to be developed :slight_smile: no crits at this stage so keep up the great work!


Nice work steven. I enjoy your piece, the kings fairy catcher, by the way.

The latest WIP you’ve got going is very interesting. It certainly looks like this guy is in for quite a journey.

I’m looking forward to your progress.


Hi Steven, great work here, as ever! The landscape was really beautiful, reminiscent of something you’d have seen from the impressionists with its gorgeous use of colour. But I have to say, I love the jacuzzi idea, so original and impressive, even at the sketch stage. With regards to the theme of the challenge though, is there any way you are going to incorporate the ‘epic’ feel? I loved the idea of other ships in the background beaming random people up. Perhaps you could take the idea of the newspaper sheet and have something along the lines of “man abducted by aliens returns after XX years” ? That way there’s no doubt it’s an epic journey she’s about to embark upon. Love the colours thus far, and I think once the pose of the girl is referenced, it will be just kick ass.


Very intresting concept. I love the composition, and especially the good varience in colours

Looks awesome so far
I’ll definatley folow this one




Great work. Awesome.

Thanks for voting my fairytale in Polish challenge “Beauty & Beast”

Greetings mighty.


Nothing better than regular updating, eh, Steven? Please?



it looks better with colors, the thing is that even if i think hard enough about the story behind the pic i cant come up with what “the journey” realy is. imo the picture has to convey that without me thinking much about it. so basically “the journey” behind the picture should be told differently. (i am talking about the alien abduction one).

anyways cheers, keep it up.


:thumbsup: This is so your style! Really great work I look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:


nice work! i like the suggestions mentioned as well… also … what a jerk, he should be hanging onto her! makes me mad >_<"""" she’s reaching out to him and he’s just sitting there like a stupid…


Thanks, guys, appreciate the crits and advice, I’ll definitely do my very best to take it all into account…

As for updating - sorry, I’ve been in Copenhagen teaching for 2 weeks, no access to a really good and big Wacom… on my way home right now, I promise I’ll update as soon as I get back on track in my own little cubbyhole. :slight_smile:


Cool Stahlberg is returning back to us hehe! Welcome back dude!:thumbsup: