The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Steven Stahlberg


already rocks :thumbsup:



Hi steven. Glad to see someone like you in this challenge.
You have post great sketches. Concerning the one you’re doing I’ve got a little crit. I don’t find it really understandable. Maybe it’s me but I had to refer to the title and to your notes to understand the concept. At 1st sight, I find it beautiful with great potential but I didn’t see the realtion with the matter and didn’t know if the girl was not at the origin of the color.

good luck with something that wil surely a new great piece of art.:slight_smile:


owww…its realy good…i like it much more than the previus versions…


oh! just discover your thread! my fovourite artist joined! very nice work as alway and concept is unique! I’m sure this thread will become a great learning resource!


That was a cool concept! The best one in your thread! All right!


Hello Steven,

I love the idea but i didn’t understand the story before i read the title. The trouble i had was that i couldn’t see if she is falling into the pool or if she’s been pulled out of the thug’s pool.
My suggestion would be to make the thug-guy look much higher towards the sky and you’ll avoid that he looks like he’s been shocked by some chick falling into his Jakuzzi(which is also a cool idea though, wright:).
Maybe i’m just stupid and don’t see things right away but then again, this might be something to think about.

Anyway, i’m deeply impressed by your color palette and your courage to block all those blues and greens and reds onto canvas…

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

My Journey Begins

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How can i miss this thread!!???

Running out of words to describe the effortless efforts over here…:thumbsup:

I think ‘The Key’ can be developed further.
It can be very deep. :wise:

Also the journey with the highway before him is amazing…do that one also…heheh

Of course im subscribing!!!


Hi there Steven!

Love your Art work, mate!

Keep up the fantastic work!



Wow… just wow… You are another inspiration of mine man, I LOVE this concept and the colours your using it really gives it an excellent feel! Good luck!


I guess this is because of the reference material used for the figure. My favourite by far is this abduction scene. The bulging water is great, the guys’ stare transfixed on the ship rather than his rapidly departing companion is great. The fact that she looks like she’s diving even though she’s out of the water I find funny, but it confuses the issue; and I’d rather see her depicted as if she was really being sucked up by a tractorbeam - you said you were going to get some other ref. material for this… so … good :slight_smile:

If you could somehow marry the sense of distance in your first piece with the concept of the last… hmmm.


As beautiful as the first idea is (I’d like to see it continued, it really is that stunning), it’s quite an obvious choice for “A Journey Begins” - a long stretch of road with the character about to set off to get to the destination.

This abduction one is a much more original and fun idea, looks great already. I hope you continue running with this one.


For some reason, I think that if someone who don’t know the idea of your latest image would look at it, he’d be just “yeh right she’s falling to the water, so what?” (as I was before I read your description). I think you should add something there that says “hey I’m raising to the sky, not falling from there”… Just dunno any ideas what it could be tho. :slight_smile:


I dunno what some of u peoples are babbling about , that pic is clear as a day for
anyone having heard the couple typical UFO stories, and most of us have.
You can’t always make it understandable to everyone, cause there’s always some
people who havent seen or heard of some stuff

the water has risen with the tractor beam, as well as the dude’s necklace and the
bottle, the dude is looking up beyond the girl, astonished, now what could be there, hmm,
and the girl is reaching for her boyfriend/hubby, i think it’s clear :slight_smile:

there could be some glass nearby , say a greenhouse , where the reflection of a UFO
could be seen, to make things clearer, but again, those having never heard of UFOs or
tractor beams might still have difficulties understanding the pic :slight_smile:



Damn! The atmosphere and colors on the second one just amazing!!! :bounce:
The first one’s good too but it seems the woman is diving from the sky to this guy…
and he suprised alot! :wink: I can’t advise you anything cause I’m sure you know exactly how to do it the best way, but I think the pose of a woman should more feeble…
Good luck!


Thanks for all the helpful and motivating replies!

say a greenhouse , where the reflection of a UFO
could be seen

hehe, that’s a creative idea… I was thinking to put another UFO in the background, using their abductor-beam in someone else’s backyard, with another tiny person halfway up… quite far away, so you don’t notice it right away… sort of like the aliens are abducting left and right in the neighbourhood. :slight_smile: That should make it a bit clearer I suppose.


yea and you could put a newspaper page in the air, caught in the tractor beam,
where one could see a big picture of a field with crop circles in it on the front page. :slight_smile:


Wow! What a great idea Steven! I guess the aliens must be masculine becaus they capture the women and not the man:)


I like this concept, the anatomy on the girl and the dynamizm about the concept is so good.And the other good part of is we don’t see the ship or whatever it’s.
I’d like to see the water which driping from girl and a wet body…
that will be so good bro…


Or the water dripping UPWARDS from the girl. :scream:

I love the ideas of the aliens abducting left and right in the neighborhood. Great idea, go with that!

Also seconding panu’s ideas about the crop circle article. :slight_smile:


Wow your models are one of my preferred reference…I can see you are great to draw too…
Good luck really…:thumbsup:
What do you think of my model?
Your critics will be very usefull for me…