The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Steven Stahlberg


Really great entry Steven! The little changes you have made since I last saw it nailed it! The depth of field is amazing! I wish you all the best for the final judging! Haha, I know how you feel about getting sick of one’s own entry after so long. I feel the same way too!

P.S. Thank you very much for your kind words on my entry!


thanks allot Steven, i have always been a big admirer of your work but could never really get a hold of full sized images to check out your details i have spent at least an hour just staring at the fine things you did in the close up. now i only wish i had a better computer so i too can use the uber large resolutions, it would be really nice if i can work on a nice large canvas of 12000 x 8000 but alas i am stuck doing this stuff on my dated 2ghz 1gig pentium.
my one day ill win but i doubt it :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations Steven, what an amazing piece!, you have a winner one. The landscape and colours are wonderful, I wish you the best of lucks for the judging.


ahaha…i am stopping my painting and study on this one now…

Amazing landscape coloring in high details… I wish i got this wonderful skycraper in my entry works. ~…

I am digging the pose of the gal. Looks so cool and far better than the prev concept.

Congrat in ur final piece~!, Mr. Stahlberg.

Next step, right click>Save image… for reference…


This pic is really nice remember me the south of provence, a really great atmosphere and a wonderfull envionnement, realy great work


One of my fav. images and probably a finalist. All looks great, specially the color, details and dept. See you later.


Sweet stuff again, Stahlberg, great detail, poses, colors , everything



Really nice work, Steven, you’ve done a great job with it. Congratulations on finishing and ending up with such a nice painting! :slight_smile:



This is what I call perfect… Im happy to see the final image of yours, its so inspiring (i dont believe I said that on the last day of the competition:twisted: )… the lanscape looks good, you;re actually good doing landscape I think…

Congratulation Mr Stahlberg, another great painting to CG world!! :thumbsup:


Congrats on finishing! This is a great image, so bright and appealing, I’d love to go for a walk down that road. Thanks for helping me out with my challenge so much, I sure appreciate it. I hope this entry places- you deserve it! You pretty much had it nailed from the second post though. :applause:

Congrats again and good luck in the judging. :thumbsup:


I think your work´s my favourite one so good luck!:slight_smile: A GREAT landscape:applause: :applause:



I forgot to leave my congrats to you Stahlberg! Your entry is a winner dude! And thanx for helping me with the improvement of my image with some of your suggestions!:thumbsup:


very beautifull image stahlberg…the composition,the colors and the pose of the guy standing are all beatifull…
nice job:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Absolutely fabulous… All of the sketches and the finals image are amazing- you put a lot of weight into even your simpler “sketches”, such a feeling of possibility- and when you see it in the finished piece it just takes the breath away!

I also really love the key sketch- I hope you revisit the idea some day.

Ok, I think I’ll stop now since I found this too late… but just wow!


Lovely stuff Steven, no doubt a winner.

It struck me that we could make a story with a number of pics from this challenge. Here’s the bones of it…
A Soul gets drawn down into the physical worlds (see EdP-Art )
The Soul gets a physical body and is born (see BlackDidThis )
It goes through many tasks and adventures (here’s just a few suggestions MrFreeman

Jerome might even put it to poetry :slight_smile:




yeah some posts ago for a moment i though that you would overwork this one but after that (especially after thinking of your previous works) i became sure of you’re knowing what you’ve been doing.
(hope the sentence is not crap, i’m not sure about the grammar)

anyway i think you’ll win a new award.


Thanks guys! Your wonderful support has made all the work worth it. :smiley: :smiley:

we could make a story with a number of pics from this challenge

Yes, we sure could, that’s a cool idea. I’m sure with the right story we could tie dozens of these challenge entries together. :slight_smile:


Fantastic work. Seems like an aftermath of an earthquake too. The girl in the distance is a new addition too. Well since I last saw this entry. Very lovely usage of colors and it reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh’s works.


hi steven

GREAT piece of work

very inspiring…
nice depth and colors

good 2 be in the community, with artists like you…

regards and good luck for the judging
Sivaprasad Velayudhan


This is my favorite! 5 stars! If i deside, this is the 1st! Have looked at al the major competitors and this is the winner… The depths and the feeling you get from it it very journyfull… VERY VERY VERY NICE!!