The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Steven Stahlberg


Good progress!

  But I don’t think you should work in more details than this. 

The trick here is not loosing the wonderful Impressionistic feeling of this painting, I think.
Less is more here! Unless you are going fore more realistic finish, that is


Really nice update Stahlberg, keep it up!:thumbsup: I am curious to how u are still going to handle the foreground, what do u plan on doing with the character? are u still going to keep the characters and the rocks, plans on changing the position, or are u going to keep it as is, where u want the feeling of tranquility, peaceful view?


good job !i really like this work


Here’s the next update, still working on adding details where there was nothing but blurred blobby noise, eek it’s taking a long time… I see what you guys mean by keeping the original painterly feeling, but my initial vision was for a really Huge view, so I need a bit of detail. I still plan to keep the foreground as it was on the latest update. It’s supposed to show an elevated highway crossing the first, which has fallen down into rubble, on which the character is standing.
a closeup, to show it better (the perspective is off on the terraces, I’ll try to fix it tomorrow):


amazing :applause:
and your clouds floored me everytime :scream:


even the part you posted last is a wonderful piece of art and looks like a done painting.


Just an idea, since you have seemed concerned with the amount of storytelling in the image:

While the overshodowing of the character seem to signify something from which the journey might begin, it might as well just signify a big tree by the road, leaving the character in the middle of the journey.
If you could somehow portray the character to have just made his way to the big road, this might sell better the point that he is at the beginning of his (actual) journey…


You know when I saw your earlier wips I thought you were nearly finished but as you add the detail it just gets better.

Just one little thing that bugs me, the reflection on the water in the terraces doesn’t seem to reflect the colours in the sky above it.

Looking forward to seeing more.



i hope u finish the abduction one too, while both these concepts are cool,
i like that one alot and would hate to see it left unfinished



Wow, Steven, things are looking great, especially those clouds. I had no idea you were updating your thread - why are you hosting the images yourself rather than submitting them for the contest’s WIP entries? Is it because you can host larger-res images?

Anyhow, looking really nice. Good luck with it!



fantastic, you are a real draghtsman. your use of colour is excellent,
loving this piece,


beelow, I was still planning to keep the character and the rocks basically as they are.

yoff, I’ll try to make the shadowed ‘break’ in the foreground more separate from the highway, so it can be interpreted more like the ‘start’ of something.

EdP-Art, I agree the water color seems off, yet I sampled colors from the sky… the problem is probably that my sky color is off - too saturated compared to reality. I’ll leave that be though, and make the water a bit darker/grayer.

The Abduction, yeah, I will finish it some day, but I can’t have 2 entries so I’ll do this first. :slight_smile:

Walrus, I’m not sure what’s the difference to you if I update it by formal entry, or if I update by hosting it myself? It’s harder to spot the second type when it happens?
In this case, with such a detailed entry, I feel really limited by the size limit, it means I have to keep saving my updates as quite low quality jpegs. 50 or 60% sometimes. I just wanted to show some closeups, I’ll post a proper update later today. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


Steven - Yes, I guess the only difference is that it makes it a little harder to spot when you’ve made an update, but I didn’t mean any offense by my question, I was just curious. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your updates…!



Nice work! The sense of depth is quite convincing, and fun to look at. I wonder though if the character in the foreground might seem a bit stiff… although, I’m one to talk :slight_smile:

Unbelievable color work though, my hat’s off to you.


Adding more details, from top to bottom


I didn’t mean any offense by my question,

It’s cool, neither did I take it that way, I was just really wondering, exactly what the difference would be, from your end. :slight_smile: (Because for me, it’s different, I’m subscribed and I get notified about all new posts)


It’s coming toether nicely. The detailing really brings the concept together. Now that the rock is gone and the car is in the centre of the road the ‘motorway’ is more obvious.

Lovely work. :slight_smile:



Excellent. I love the purple palm tree. I would just say that the foreground is not really clear to my mind. Maybe more contrast even you wanna play with two different tones with your background.


Man…i was driving up north and you know the landscape along the highway looks pretty much like this…(except the road is not dead straight…) and i was constantly reminded of this piece.

I love your play of color and saturation and values to make this a good one. Simple execution…yet bloody effective.

Good luck man! (you need none actually…:thumbsup:)


Ah, see, there’s my problem, I never subscribe to anything for fear that my mailbox will fill up with update alerts from so many people’s works that I want to follow. So I do it all “manually” by being over-obsessive about checking the forums :smiley:

Anyhow, I love the details coming into play in the midground to add scale, like the car and the tire. Wouldn’t mind seeing another car-frame or two, maybe one over on the right that goes with the tire, covered in flora. But certainly not necessary, and that might even overdo it.

Good luck with the last details! :slight_smile: