The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Steven Stahlberg


Nice application and use of color.


Hi Stahlberg

The ‘motorway’ is looking more like one now. Until I read the recent comments I thought the whole scene was based in a time a few centuries ago. I think I got that from the characters dress and the flowery landscape.

If you brighten up the road that is in shadow in the foreground it may create a distance from the rocks the guy is standing on and thereby increase the ‘motorway’ look. Adding an old sign or car would help explain the scale too.

It’s a winner anyway :slight_smile:



My personal opinion is, that the road wouldnt need to be broken… dont see any point in that. Although its painted fantastic and without mistakes, there is a second story that pops out now… not so much about the guy who has to walk at that way and that he is in the start of his journey, but more like his discovery of a damage that earthquake or something did to the valley. But thats just my opinion ofcors :slight_smile: Im waiting for ur next steps and wishing u good luck!


cool man! really nice landscape! there’s one point: maybe you should add some serpentines to the raod or make it a little bit more twisted , that makes it looking more distant and more difficult to walk.

but so far: great work, dude!



I have a same opinion with ninjaa55n. the broken road seem to deter from the original meaning of the picture.

just a suggestion instead of having the road breaking all the way from where the protagonist is standing, let it start breaking only halfway around where the first green bush/tree is. while the road where he/she stands leading towards that section remains fine and unbroken.

i think this way it gives the impression that the roads only start breaking as the protagonist nears that city… as though something happened up ahead leading towards the city, and not all the way to where the protagonist is.


Thanks, excellent suggestions! Yes the road should have less cracks and more earth and grass on it, but I have to be careful, because as some say it already looks a bit too narrow and putting the earth and grass only at the edges will make it more so. I did the road in 3d, so I slapped the same texture all along it, then rendered another without the cracks, and I planned to erase some of the cracked parts to reveal the undamaged road, then as a last step add encroaching plants and sand. I also agree about making the road lighter just back of the foreground rocks. And moving that big rock next to the girl.

BTW there is a wrecked car in there somewhere, let’s see if you can find it. :slight_smile:


I found the car all right but by putting my browser’s magnification to 200%. Now that I see it it does help explain the scale you are after. How about putting an old tyre on the foreground?

It’s looking good.



Another update, started to detail the image from the top down, and some other minor changes


Woohoo! You decided on a concept that is similar to the earlier one I liked. The one with the girl about to go on the journey with impressionistic coloring. I really like that it has a painterly look to it.


Talk about the polish!! Everytime I see this I love it more! I just got my copy of the Character Modeling Book! Can’t wait to find some time to dig in but there is no shortage of inspiration or learning in this challenge. Beautiful piece o art Steven! I have my work cut out for me . . .



maybe you should add some serpentines to the raod or make it a little bit more twisted , that makes it looking more distant and more difficult to walk.

It would probably be more interesting visually speaking… but I wanted it to be fairly straight, more ‘inviting’, to better pull the viewer in, to make me want to walk that road myself… :slight_smile:

An old car tire near the foreground, that’s a good idea, I’ll try it, thanks.


Nice details. Like the way nature is taking over the road.
Some lampposts along the road could also give a nice exaggeration of the perspective.
Still have an issue about that rock in front of the character.
Looks better now, but still bothers me


Still have an issue about that rock in front of the character.
Looks better now, but still bothers me

Yes, me too… dammit. :smiley: Not sure what to do about it, I hesitate to just kill it. I’ll try making it smaller first. :slight_smile:


Maybe you could move it up close to the first tree. Or just remove it. It worked quit well in the early version without the stone
When I squint the stone creates a line heading straight fore the characters heart. Maybe that is what bugs me…:slight_smile:


Kill the rock, it wouild never be allowed there on a real road and maybe a few less cracks.



hi steven

figure is standin on a too much seperated place.i hope i can describe what i want to say: it feels as if she is looking at a your picture on ruins of a museum or smthng.
it becouse of too much light and color and shape difference between the front and the othersides of the picture. it was a finished picture last time i saw it now it need too much work on it. but i know that youre doing it so im sure it will be a great piece of art in the end


Great Depth of field! :thumbsup:


A closeup of the top part, where I’m almost done detailing the original low-res version. I think you can tell which one is before and after… :slight_smile:


someone called Mr.Stahlberg the king, and i couldn’t agree more!!!
Sir, you are the best. I love your works.
Thankyou for giving me a chance to feast my eyes on one more.
you will win!!!


Nice going stålis!