The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Steven Stahlberg


This first pic was by far my favourite, glad you’ve reverted. I’ve never used a textured brush but from the results you can get I’m tempted to try.


Hi Steven ! I like this last image -it’s warm mood and the way You’ve painted it reminds me Van Gogh’s paintings. Ther’s also one thing that I find…confusing? I’ve never seen that kind of road, is it really necessary to split these road with a barrier?

Maybe I simply read it wrong… it’s not a road but a track of something/someone that has been passing these lands some time ago - maybe a stone-giant on a scooter like in one old movie -Neverending Story :))

Nevertheless - great work, as always :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Hey, that’s a cool idea… :smiley: but what I originally was thinking is, this is a couple hundred years after the end of a civilisation that used highways similar to the ones we use, with a center divider. No more fast vehicles though, only animal carts… or people walk. :slight_smile:


excellent brushs!
want to see more surprise point in your pic!
btw:I like the idea of the floating woman in your last sketch!


Hi Steven,

just wanted to say that this is a really great and emotional piece. the brushstrokes and textures are just awesome, feels a bit impressionistic to me, which fits the emotions and lightning of this piece really perfect. the only thing is that the background where the bluish colourscheme begins looks a bit more realistic than the forground. i mean like a little less impressionistic, dont know how to properly say it…

anyway, dont overwork it please, keep all that nice textures and brushstrokes :slight_smile:


How about combining the different concepts
A woman being abducted by aliens as she’s just been bit by a vampire. And everything is happening on the long road. Now that could lead to many interesting and different journeys.:wink:

Seriously the last long road is the best one in my opinion. It has a wonderful calm poetic mood.



Hi, Steven, I see you have returned to your first concept, this is the one I like the most, it’s a fantastic image, serene with wonderful colours. And of course it is the version in which it is shown more clearly the long journey ahead, this one is a winner. I can’t wait to see it finished.


This is coming along nicely. The epic feel is still there. It definately is one of the longest journeys i’ve seen thus far. and the texture is great. Very impressionistic.


A beautiful piece of work, Steven. Even at this stage it looks finished, with every paint stroke looking confident and purposeful! In the far distance I can spot the city and assume that that’s where she is heading towards.

All the best!


It seems like a Monet art. :slight_smile: Good work!


Yes, the “Far Horizon” image is still my favorite, :smiley: for me it has a greater impact and feeling than your other ideas.

With the other images the stories behind them are obvious, but with the “Far Horizon” there is opportunity to speculate about the story, who is this person? where are they going? why are they alone? And what thats really big thing thats over shadowing her.


This definitely isn’t Kansas Toto . . . so you did not get wisked away by ‘aliens’ or drowned in the hot tub of ecstacy *)

I had hoped, as it seems the majority , that you had this waiting somewhere in the tall grass like an Easter Egg and would share it again with the world. Exquisite work of color and stroke!

You are an inspiration!!


Magnificent painting! :thumbsup:
Very beautifully! These are kinds of Malaysia?
I want to Malaysia! :scream:


Excellent work, at once is felt a hand of the master… :bowdown:
On color scale it is very very magnificent :thumbsup:
I very much like your work " Fairy And Snake " there where you
Work and in 2D and 3D.
In general it is very magnificent that is CGTALK!:thumbsup:
Yours faithfully Alexander


Sorry for lack of updates, somewhat busy now, finally here’s one…


Veldig vakkert Hr. Stålberg! Makes more sense with that divider in the middle of the road now that on can make out that it is an old motorway.Really nice contrast to that picturesque landscape. Like an huge scar running trough there.

But somehow that big rock underneath the characters elbow is quite disturbing to me. It is sort of invading her space ore something (I feel).

Still looks like a winner!:thumbsup:


Somehow the road seems a bit too narrow to be a motorway? Also, I agree with Try about the rock…

Apart from that …wauuu…nice update…


good update and I know what it’s like trying to squeeze time in on these challenges - but they are very addictive.

I thought the same about the motorway being too narrow, but when you look up close it seems more believable.

Maybe if you had something more on the motorway to act as a scale reference…such as an old sign (big overhead signs on gantry, but bent and rusty) or car hidden in the undergrowth.

But hey…looking great…looking forward to the next installment!! :slight_smile:


hey, Steven. Great Athmosphere. Nice environment you designed. I especially like the broken Highway… (which could be more renaturated though). The cloud looks plain…


Beautiful colors Steven, good luck! (agree about the rock…)