The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Steven Stahlberg


beru beuatiful pic i like the atmosphere and the choice of color, very emotional:thumbsup:


:slight_smile: Great work Steven

I really love your latest composition - the light is fantastic - your use of colour really makes you feel the heat of the sun on the traveller. And lovely sense of space

keep up the great work (not that you need to be told this) :slight_smile:


I like your 2 concepts. The last one has great colors and very very big depth. Impressive. But mAybe this type of picture have a little retro style, like an old paint. Personnaly I love it.
The second with ufo is now much better with your new improvements. More understandable. It’s also more original than the last concept but not especially better.
I don’t know. I like the 2 :scream:


I say again. An awesome landscape.Impressive and one of my favourites =)



Fantastic impressionist stylings- very classy.


nice nice nice


‘Long Road’ have the punch first time i saw it…I vote for that fer sure…Great piece.


This concept with the long road is a winner one. An old style painting but with a touch of originality (not just straight copying from a nature) is such a great idea to go with. Im not sure if u should do anything else to this piece (like paperclip said before me). I just cant imagine what else could u bring to a higher level, not to destroy some of great elements u have there. Surprice us :slight_smile:




a long long journey, but i guess lot of people would like to join after looking from that hill…
i’ll be watching the progress.:))


I enjoyed watching your alien concept develop and you did so much with it!:slight_smile: However I think this concept is so promising and definately a journey to begin. It’s lovely already. Best of luck toyou!



I was going to critique a little more, but when I saw it without the black bar on the bottom it really has a harmony. The black title bar at the bottom knocks it off quite a bit.
I would probably only strengthen the road in the distance somehow - to help feel like it is longer. The one on the second page, I still think is the best of the versions. I think it’s because of the shadows and colors, have more of a harmony. The shadow in the foreground compliments the shadow in the middle grounds - on the second page. The colors are just blended with the shadows perfectly there.
But the clouds in the last version gives more atmosphere and space to the air. I would maybe take a little out so that the shadows will come out more in the middle, like on the second page, to compliment the foreground.

By far, this is my favorite story and subject version of all of them.

If you need something more, I would help second your idea about the dark tower in the distance.
Cheers Steven, glad to see work from you.


i agree with paperclip the road is a winner but i love the alienabduction concept too dont give it up


I love your country style. All this colors make me tink about scicilia! And what depht of field : so many adventures sould be played here…


Well, no critics.
I just want to suggest to make some things like birds or small flowers.
Just few elements to give more life.
But like the others I really love the colors the Van Gogh references, the so special touch and the sensibility.
A true piece of Art!
Bravo Steven!! Bravo!


Hey Steven!

I really much like your ideas, but I still cannot decide on which I like most.
I like the mood of “The Abduction”. Romantic night in a pool and suddenly your girlfriend lifts up away… I also like the colors in that.
“The Far Horizon” I think, fits better to the idea of standing before a mighty journey. It has a sophisticated background and a small character in front. You can see, that he has to travel a long way. Ok, we all know that the girl in the pool also has a long way to go, but we simply cannot see that.
Keep up!

Oh wait, again no 3d entry from you? Wow, then the others might still have a chance of winning there :wink:


great progress so far steven. to be honest, i really didn’t like this piece at the start, but now that you’ve added those extra elements it makes so much more sense to me now. looks like she’s got a long journey ahead of her. the shadow of a gate like/door like structure behind her really makes it look like the journey has just begun as opposed to the previous version which looked like she was just taking a rest in the middle of the journey. i’m really starting to like this piece, can’t wait till you add some more story telling elements.


Wow, thats incredible, I already know this is gonna be great. As soon as you add in the smaller details, its going to rock even more. By the way, what brush are you using? I love the texture.


Thank you!
I’ll try to update soon, but first I have to do some small amount of Real Life work again, sorry… :slight_smile:

The brushes are all boring except maybe the textured one, I’m using a default texture to make a brush that leaves marks looking a bit like heavy paint or pastel on very rough canvas. Then I use it at different sizes and shades overlapping transparently, and with a bit of “Unsharp Mask” every now and then, and some cutting, transforming and pasting of pieces, after a certain amount of time it just sort of automatically starts to look very chaotic and messy, which I like, as opposed to smooth, symmetrical and repeating, which I don’t like.


Hi Steven,
Great work as usual.
I really like your ‘long road’ picture, it looks like a Claude Monet painting. The other concepts are maybe more original but this pic has its unique style.
Anyway, keep it up!