The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Sivaprasad Velayudhan


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Journeys… Hmmm…

We have gone thruogh them, all our lives

there are journeys that are hard

but there are few of them which we think could have been kinder to us

THAT ONE I could see was going to be the hardest of them all…
and the most merciless

I wasnt prepared

I wasnt warned

and there i stood…
at the mercy of the merciless tower, with only my family to live for

the farm that i built through years, was now a worthless rubble flying sky high.

it all happened in a few momemts,
the tornado was the first among the few in the season
we had just a minutes time after the warning, which announced that it was an F4

My Wife and daughter had already got to the storm cellar…

I was running away from my home to the cellar, holding my son Jim’s hand, when suddenly I felt him slip away…

Our dog Cleo, which Jim was holding stopped to bark at the tornado and Jim slipped and went down …

when I turned back…
I could see my son looking at me…
his eyes glistened with tears…

His eyes…
I could see fear in them, the worst he has ever known…

those eyes, those tears, that fear…

I had just a few moments, to grab him and get into the cellar, before the tornado would take both of us in its violent swipe

with all odds against me,I took a stride towards my son
at that very instance began my JOURNEY

I was where I started years back
I had to start all over again…


its nice 2 compete with the giants

hoping 2 learn a lot


welcome to the challenge, have fun :thumbsup:



Hey, i´m interested in the production of India! Hehe… Wish you good luck man!


nice 2 have a welcome from artists like u

thanks guys

hope i prove the reputation that my nation has

thanks again for the encouragement

good luck


The Day when it all Began…


hey shiva welcome here…good going n nice concept too…lets fight with all the giants.:thumbsup:. u can do it.all the best…
kiipit upp…


Hi Iamawizard, good luck with this one!


This composition is nothing … just a dark plane in the middle of a white background.
But its not the composition which is “wrong” … i guess it totally shows up your not really existing idea … you didn’t really thought about any story and this is what you make out of it, out of nothing.

I recommend you to sit back and think about what the title suggest you’re aiming for! “We can fly …”
In this picture there is just a plane in the sky - nothing more … but i guess you wanne show something of this “whohooooooooooooooooooooo”-Feeling, if its the first time you cut the line between yourself and earth. But then you have to show “this”. Think about what you need to do this … i.e. you cannot show “the ultimate take off” without showing the ground.

It’s necessary to summarize what you’re about to show the viewer! The main facts will lead you through the picture and answer automatically alot of questions.

Good Luck!


“THE JOURNEY BEGINS…” the title triggered lot of ideas in me but I wanted to capture something more than just a travel or a journey.

A vital moment when one’s life gets totally out of control
the turmoil that human emotions go thru in such moments. The subtle feelings of loss & fear involved in a fight for survival, looked perfect for the title.

When tornados strike, people are ripped off their possessions, their family, their dreams, their confidence…they have to run with all their might to survive
with nowhere to go but everywhere to run.

and there begins their JOURNEY…


This is my new concept…have tried to show something more than just a journey or a voyage…
Any comments on this concept wud he helpful…


managed 2 finish the line art
its very rough sketch

am straight away getting into coloring since theres’nt much time left

joined early but couldnt find time for it untill this week

hope i’ll make it…

C&C are welcome


u guys r rockin

this is my second challenge

thought of starting early this challenge

but got occupied in something else

finally found some time this week

working on the background 2day

started coloring

comments wud b of great help


had some clouds done for the background

testing different colors too.


improved the contrast…
got to go …
have got 2 much 2 complete


hey siva great going man…nice work u have done.:bounce: …go on…n all the best…
good luck:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


some more coloring…
getting into the main characters…


still working on the clothing…


more coloring
working hard 2 complete…


nothings coming to my mind other than painting

so no notes