The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Baron you’re the king ! What a fantastic landscape. have fun:bounce:


hellucinating about trees yet ?


is there another word like amazing,great,cool,fascinating,hilarious…etc, the whole work looks so great and the details are more than wonderfull.


(there’s a joke in there somewhere)


Mythmaker - That conjures up an unpleasant image :wink:

rawwad - Thanks, will keep at it

ramy badie - Thanks very much, I’ll try not to disappoint

grobouk - The Baron that dreams of being King :wink: Thanks for your comments

W!L - Trees? I can’t see the wood for them :wink:

FlaminGlow - Cheers :slight_smile:


Bad, wicked, naughty Baron! I shall spank thee!

…one does not straddle yonder fence! :wink:

Hey! - I see the portfolio’s are up now! Hehehe… nice photo! :smiley:

As for the contest - Keep up the drip-feed… it’s coming along nicely!


I see ‘sleep’ written on one of the branches!

Do I win the prize? :smiley:


Nice update, I am in detail heaven! hehe!:thumbsup:


I agree with Bryce! But rendering all that must be like going thru hell! :smiley:


This is one of the most impressive artworks in this contest. I also love your sketches.


Mythmaker - Steady now :wink: I’ll get back to drip-feeding y’all soon, promise

paperclip - I probably put it there subconsciously, as I was nearly asleep when I was doing that bit. I’ll send you a coconut or something. With a ribbon round it.

beelow - I’m glad my detail provokes such a spiritual experience :wink:

Pat Piper - Yep, very similar :wink:

Hexodus - Why thank you :thumbsup:


Wonderful render! I loved the textures and the nice colours.


there is an other crazy detailed image.
looking forward to see detailed figures too…


OMG… Incredible detalis… I’m shocked.
The sketches you’ve start form are great as well ! so fresh and… tasty! (i’m not sure about the right meaning of this word in english but it is how i feel it)


Oooo crazy details!! I adore the trees, all narley (spelling?). Wonderful work. I haven’t had time to work on my entry :frowning: soo much work to be done for my art course, I will try to make time for it this weekend.

Keep it going!! woot!


Crazy detail adding!! I love your palette, atmosphere and feeling you choose for your piece.
Stick ya for sure hee hee


You can send it by african swallow. European swallows don’t have the wing span. :slight_smile:


Hey there Simon, your entry reminds me alot of Pan’s Labyrinth poster!


hey jeremoo, sorry, to warm this up again, frst you come to post in my thread to tell me all i can paint is 1 single girl with 1 single costume and now i see you telling simon that he has no own ideas just cuz you can see an old tree in his piece?

how about if you crit ppls work try to be a bit constructive and post something that is usefull to an artists work? it dont think its the main reasoon in an artforum to tell anyone his work is this and that and not adding any single usefull sugestion.

sorry had to say that and sorry@ simon to hijack your thread. keep up your great work, your piece is original and great and your rendering skills insane. keep it up.


Looks awesome! I love those gnarled trees. Great job so far!:thumbsup: