The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Another 90 minutes, another square inch completed.


Dutchman - Thanks, glad you like the colours, they’re not to everyone’s taste

paperclip - Isn’t that a doh!-nut? OK, I’ll shut up now

kevinhyshen - Thanks :slight_smile:

britt - And thanks again

sh@ke - OK, OK, but don’t expect any big changes :wink:

Geci - Thanks for the encouragement


Hi Simon…I have one crit…the detail on the tree is too much…come on, tone it down, give us all a chance!

hahaa…have fun…and keep it up! It looks great!


Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on another wonderful square inch!

I know others don’t like the ‘monochrome’ color scheme, but I love it. It reminds me of something out of sleepy hallow or something and is totally in keeping with the story and atmosphere. I would really like to know what the woman is up to though.

Any tips on painting rocks for me? :smiley:

Edit: I see I’m not the first to reply. Also, I see now that the woman is waving goodbye to a guy I didn’t see before. Is he new?



Insane detailing on this! Dont know how you do it. :buttrock:


omg thats detail how it should be :smiley: even if its the horror for you its very nice to see what you can pull off there. I couldnt do that hehe…waay to impatient. Thats why i admire your patience and skill …very nice work and i agree with pclip, the colorscheme is spot on :thumbsup::applause::bowdown:


This starting to turn out really nice dude, keep at it!:beer:


Outstanding stuff baron!.. I hope you will do a couple more, like for the last challenge, 'cause I like a few of the other thumbnails a lot better than this one… I thought number 3 and 8, as well as the dragon from the final set of thumbnails were the most promising…(even though I’ve seen quite a lot of dragons already)!


I really like the atmosphere, mate… wonder if you can push that (don’t mind me saying that) ‘Tim Burton feel’ a bit more with the characters…
rock on!


What an awesome amount of detail. You have an amazing work man. The colors are simply fantastic, and the mood of the image is brilliant. I have seen your first thumbnails and they are great too, a fantastic sense of colour. I wish i have your ability to sketch in colour values directly. I’ll keep an eye on your thread


That’s pretty scary! Nice details. Maybe you could make the man more visible because from far away you can’t really notice that he is part of the picture. However it could look different when all the details are in there.


Very nice ! :smiley: it seems like we face the sam problem :)) ! painting leaves ! horrifing endeed.
keep it this way !
Good luck ! I’ll keep an eye on ya !:scream:


all those details! I hope I’ll see all the pic worked that way… just dont be carried away with details too much, leave some rough undetailed places in the distance as well :slight_smile: keep up the great work man! I really admire ur work!


If you’re looking for surprises, this isn’t the thread to find them. More tree detail… :slight_smile:


You know what would be fun to look at? A GIF of all your updates, see the trees become detailed, bit by bit!


Awww, no surprises…:sad:

NE ways nice update!:smiley:


Sorry about the late reply, my brain fell out yesterday and it took me ages to get it back in.

Pat Piper - Ha, yeah might get bored any time soon :wink:

paperclip - Thanks for the encouragement. Nope, the guy’s not new, maybe I went round the outline a couple of times just to remind me he’s there. Painting rocks? You know, I’ve no idea how I paint rocks, I just scribble, honestly. I’ll think about it and let you know.

Jose-Pardo - Thanks for the comment

Vahn - Thanks, appreciated :slight_smile:

beelow - Will do, cheers

yAdam - Maybe I will, if I get time, good suggestion

lewiston - It’s embarrassing to admit, but I don’t really know who Tim Burton is. I’ll find out, though :slight_smile:

Ramitxon - Thanks for the encouragement

ymonkato - Thanks. Yes, I’ll sort out the guy towards the end

-KiD- - Thanks, glad there’s someone else out there who hates leaves

NinjaASSN - Don’t worry, if I carried on at this level of detail I’d go mad. Here’s looking forwards to a blobby background :slight_smile:

paperclip (again :slight_smile: ) - I thought of that. Decided it would be a bit big, though

beelow - :slight_smile:


Stop it!.. I’m runnin out of saliva! :drool:


Really great progress! I love details and style as always. Keep great working, mate :bounce:


I have been a fan of your work for a long time, and I am sure this will be nothing short of awesome. The texturing work is impeccable, and I just love the way you arrange your colors in general. Even though the colors in this one are muted, they give a powerful message. Great work :slight_smile: