The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Lovely in the latest WIP to see the detail emerge from the bark-y roughness of the… well the rough :slight_smile:

Looking forward to peeking in as this progresses (whether you end up submitting anything or not :wink:

I think your thumbnails (and they were one of the first things I saw when I joined this site, back at the beginning of ‘Spectacular’) are so exciting, because of the beautiful sense of light, and also the fact that it all looks so effortless. While I can’t help following the (sometimes boggy) path of ever-increasing detail (ITS’ WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT DAMMIT!) - the thumbs are just so fresh.

wuv u.




Wow, Baron. So glad I found your thread. That tree! I Love the misty woods, and the story reads great, and, and, and… just brilliant so far!


Really nice detail work and I like you flipped the img, it reads better now. And great work on teh shading in the finished part of img, that’s what I meant.

I just can’t get my eyes of this deatil work, man! GREAT! :smiley:


Avatarist - yep, people want detail alright. Best give 'em what they crave or they get nasty :eek: Thanks for dropping by, I’ll post something later in the week

Nyrak - Why thank you :slight_smile:

MikeTheHunter - Thanks. I think it looks better this way also, it’s the original orientation.

I feel obliged to say that today has been a really rare day. First, I get a cold. Then it snows overnight so I have to dig out the car. Ready to set off for work and… the car breaks down. I call breakdown on my mobile - which also chooses today to stop working. Eventually the car is towed away. I can’t get into work and I’m supposed to be on two interview panels. In the afternoon my house purchase falls through after a problem with the lease. Then I’m told the part to repair the car isn’t in stock. When it is, it will cost £200. To soothe my mind, I did some more detail on my picture. After two hours I click close, and when it responds “Do you want to save your changes?” I reply… yes, you guessed it… I reply “No”. Well, they say bad things come in 23’s… :smiley:


Aww! ouch!

“After two hours I click close, and when it responds “Do you want to save your changes?” I reply… yes, you guessed it… I reply “No”. Well, they say bad things come in 23’s…”

I’ve done that before, so painful. Two hours work!!! I would be so angry especially after what sounds like an already rough day.


Lol (or not :slight_smile: ) someone is trying to pass you a message I guess. Never had one of those days yet luckily, although the save thingy I’m familiar with :frowning:

About the picture: more details, yay. Melikes.

btw: white does brighten it up, but well, it isn’t much of a color aigt? hehe nvm, like it still.


been there with the whole losing work thing… hey you think the snow we have had been bothering you… try being a postman:sad:


That’s what the irish call ‘a soft day, thank God.’ :smiley:

Well, not really but you get the idea. What an awful day. I hope you treated yourself to a doughnut to feel better! (or at the very least a nice cup of tea and a hobnob!)


loving your details. also - can’t help but notice that you seem to know all the values when you start the image ! ! great to see that’s possible.

i always seem to be making it up as i go along !
A : )


Joins back the race and takes seat in the grand show here :slight_smile: wheeee Simonshows are still some of my fav. of all times (chop chop, chewin on popcorn"). Great start as expected, i love your feel for the light and your rendering skills once more make me go wow :slight_smile: keep on rocking


nice work, I like the studies you did in the beginning…

a humble observation, I wonder if you need to detail all of the bark to that level of detail… maybe as it turns you can lessen the detail, make the tree sort of push back. I think… that if you detail everything out, your image may flatten a bit… because all elements will have the same amount of detail… and every element would stand out the same amount.

Of course, maybe it’s too early to jump to this conclusion… and from seeing your thumbnails, I think you probably know already. but… it’s just something i wanted to point out. A friendly reminder perhaps…


Damn! :sad: I’ve done that whole ‘not saving’ thing on several occasions. It’s a horrible feeling, especially on top of an already bad day. :banghead: Gets me angry. One way for me to get over it, is to take a deep breath and crack on straight away and re-do the work, but do it better or achieve more in the time. Only after I’ve got to, or passed, the point I was up to when I lost the work, will I be less annoyed. Anyway, hope you handle it better than me. :smiley:

I agree, but it’s one of those things that kinda just goes without saying I suppose. Utilising the detail (or lack of), along with colour saturation/lightness to add to the illusion of depth in the image. However, I’m sure Simon is aware of it. :slight_smile:

The detail on the tree has progressed brilliantly. :applause: It looks great and I cant wait to see more! I’m curious as to roughly how many hours in total it’s taken to get to this point?


hey man. i have been following your progression for a while, the image itself looks great! but the only thing that doesn’t sit with me is the fact that you went backward with color progression. you went from amazing color comp work to a very dull grey image. you might change it later but just wanted to point that out.


enialadam - Too ill to be angry ATM, I’ll see what I’m like after a looong sleep :smiley:

yoitisi - Play your cards right and I might investigate yellow at the weekend. I’m not promising, mind :wink:

W!L - I sometimes think being a postman would be cool, then I look at the weather and think, nahhh

paperclip - A doughnut! I wish I had one. Really, really wish I had one now.

Neubius - Thanks. I make it up too, but don’t tell anyone.

the1st_angel - Thanks very much. Show’s on hold until the weekend, but I hope to get some more done then.

bwong - Thanks for the comment. Yep, I’m looking forward to the background, the foreground trees are becoming quite tiring.

Xeophex - Cheers for your comments, and commiserations. Sometimes I find that when I lose work and re-do it, it’s better the second time around. Let’s hope that happens this time

Slav - Hi, thanks for dropping by. Sorry, it’s going to stay pretty monochrome, but it may look more colourful when I get the woman’s dress done.


Wow Simon! That’s really some amazing stuff! :drool: I love the ‘fairytale’ mood-and-feel of it, and I also like your colorscheme! The desaturated look of it all makes it more stylized! :slight_smile:

I love the progression so far, so I’ll be following you! Have lots of fun & lots of luck! :wink: :beer:


I live to serve!


still remember the first time i saw the sketch, from then til now, it’s been a good progress. Cheers


Very impressive painting. Looking foward to the finished piece.


come on baron~lets see some updates soon:D


wooow…:eek: great tree dude!

you’r dooing really good so far :slight_smile: