The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


great begin with the details… :bounce: waiting more up.


aaron111 - Thanks, hope I can make it work

sh@ke - Cheers, just love your fantastic lineart BTW

alancamara - Cheers, will do more this week

W!L - :smiley:

d3coy - Thanks, glad you like my brush choices

SideAche - Thanks a lot

Michael Chang - Hi, good to see you here too. Well, I didn’t give up, just didn’t submit, but I hope to go all the way this time (as it were)

NOOB! - True, but when I leave it sketchy it ends up looking unfinished. It’s a skill I’ve yet to learn

Squibbit - Hello there. Keith Parkinson’s trees were the very best (as was all of his art) so I’m flattered you’re reminded of his stuff

nards26 - Some of the Grimms’ stories would definitely fit this image. When I was a kid I used to read stories collected by Andrew Lang - seriously dark and spooky, not like modern day “fairy” stuff.

burpy - Too long is the answer. Glad you like it so far

jevinart - Thanks!

vader - Thanks again


You’ve got skills Simon!

some lovely details on that tree… :thumbsup:


wow :bounce: Beautiful work


After looking at your stuff, I’d like to ask how you get such great color harmonies- do you have a technique or is it intuitive?


Wish I could make my trees look that gnarly :slight_smile: It looks very good.

Only thing I don’t really like is that you have a lot of brown tones in this piece, maybe some color would brighten it up a bit.


[left]Hi Simon,

I fell in love when I saw this last picture. Great mood and colors.
I look forward to seeing the progression.




:drool: . . . W-O-W . . . :drool:

that detail is incredible! how long did it take you to detail that tree trunk?


ey fellow Keith fan , i think he’s one of the best ever :beer:



mate your thumbs look realy good aspecialy number 3 keep up the good work !!


I thought the style of the trees reminded me of something. Indeed they also remind me of Keith Parkinson’s work, he was a wonderful artist.

Once again awsome skills! :slight_smile:


Some more bark and a few more leaves. Not much to show for an evening…


MichaelMotion - Cheers, nice of you to say so

imperioli - :smiley:

paperclip - I don’t always get good colour harmonies, believe me. In this one, I just used very (very) similar colours and used brightness and reduced contrast to simulate distance.

yoitisi - Well, I’ve added some white mushrooms, if that helps :wink: Thanks for commenting

Ravena - Hi there, glad you like it, thanks for commenting

mutedOracle - Thanks. Er, 6 hours so far (working at 6000px)

Squibbit - Damn sure!

LostPen - Thanks, will do

enialadam - Cheers for that compliment :slight_smile:


Great image, I really like the details, looks very good. No critics.
Keep going!


The bark is looking really cool!Are you painting in Photoshop?


I’m looking forward to see the progress on this one.


Yes, I like it a lot. A little more definition all over as you already have on the right side of the image.


some very nice detailing on the treebark…I’m looking forward to seeing this one progress :thumbsup:



Oh, this is going to be great! Lovely detailing, good composition, solid color scheme…

But I must say, what I love most in this thread so far are those amazing concepts in the beginning! So many, so different, so cool, such wonderful brushwork… just amazing! Love that sunset one for instance! :smiley:


snowan - Thanks!

emajedi - Hi, all done in Painter8.1

werepumpkin - Me too :wink:

The Photographer - lol, yeah I might do a bit more detailing :wink:

Stefan-Morrell - Thanks for commenting

Stahlberg - Thanks for dropping by, it’s encouraging to know you think it’s progressing well. Yeah, my thumbs sometimes end up more exciting than the finished product. Maybe I should do a sort of collage or something, like that New York guy who paints faces made up of hundreds of individual designs :smiley: