The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


:slight_smile: Nice work Baron…

Love the trees and the amount of detail and glad you decided to keep going as your entry to the last challenge was definitely a winner and it was a shame when you pulled out.

Good luck in the judging :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


awesome! I love all your little sketches… and the final came out great too!


a gorgeous entry baron,fantasticly done,i’m amazed of the amount of details u’ve done in this:thumbsup:best of luck simon!


MrFreeman - Yep, decided to go through with it this time :slight_smile: Thanks

Tyranx - Cheers, glad you think so

MichaelZHsee - Thanks very much, good luck to you too


Very nice Baron…Very nice…


Hey Simon! - I never said ‘congrats’ for finishing! Well done mate! - It’s super lovely delicious work… mmmm… damn that teeeeeextuuuuure!! :drool:

…and glad you submitted this time! :wink:


Thats what I call Trees!! Incredible Textures!! Congratulations man!! Good Luck!!


CoreyArtE, Mythmaker, Dalton_Muniz - Thanks very much everyone :slight_smile:


good luck beautiful piece!

my journey


Good luck again simon! C ya next contest!:thumbsup:


omer-n, beelow - Thanks and good luck :slight_smile:


??? I keep getting email notifications about different people posting, and when I come to the thread there’s nothing there… :\

So if you posted and it never showed up, thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s the democracy of the dead having their vote? :eek:

See, you even have the ghosties on your side…you’re definitely gonna win something now!


paperclip - It could be… possibly. Won’t win anything, never do, but I enjoyed painting the waaaaarning crows


heh yea i had that too, i think it resent old notifications for some reason.

congrats again for de nice pic



A really amazing piece, my favorite number one


Definitely one of my favorite. I enjoyed watching this one, great job. :thumbsup:

Good luck :slight_smile:


Squibbit - Yeah, that’s it - cheers and good luck :thumbsup:

grobouk, Xeophex - Thanks, and best of luck :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,
excellent details in the image! congratulations and good luck with the juries. :thumbsup:


Great mood !superb image ! best of luck to ya ! :thumbsup: