The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Oh! This is an awesome work. :eek: Keep on drawing! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Hey, simon.

Congratz on another top quality piece, these competitions have done wonders for you it seems, staring at the slight colour variations in the creepy trees is really impressive. Detailing top notch as usual.

good luck



Absolutely gorgeous dress, beautiful trees…might make the guy stand out a bit more…but in general I love this fantastic image!! Can only rave like the others about your sense of detail…just wonderful. Good luck!


Nice to see that ur almost finished with ur entry dude, keep it up and good luck with ur Final submission!:thumbsup:


Finished! It’s asking for a story here, but there artwork should tell the story, hence… no story :slight_smile: It’s up to the viewer to make up their own world around the picture.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement, and good luck to all.


RALawrence - Thanks, hopefully it’s a bit better now

Zephyri - Thanks for the ref. I actually forgot all about the sleeves, and now I can’t be bothered to go and do them, so they’ll have to stay bouffant and nasty.

FlaminGlow, Art2, Mikrob - thanks

LightSovereign - Cheers Marley, always glad to hear your comments

oceanbluesky - Cheers

beelow - thanks, good luck to you also

Just for info, on the latest version I’ve tinted the distant forest more bluey / green / grey, as Stahlberg suggested, and also added multiple crows and a rat (although you’ll be hard pressed to find the rat). And I did something else which I forgot - oh, yes, made the woman’s legs longer (i.e. body smaller!)

Thanks to everyone and good luck to all! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on finishing your beautiful entry! It is one of my favorites. I think I spied the rat but I’ll keep it to myself and see if anyone else can find it.:slight_smile:


Fantastic piece, Dominic! I hope you will be rewarded THIS TIME! Great work, really…


i think i have said it before, but those are the best looking trees in a long time. the story does need a bit of … something more.


hehe, congrats on having finnished another “classic”.
always love what you do and its great to have one more piece for my Simon collection now :smiley:
great piece as expcted, best of luck and have fun enjoy the silence after the storm :slight_smile:



Pushed out another great piece, eh?

You just keep on outdoing yourself, don’t you? I’d be really surprised if this isn’t up with the winners…

You go, man. :buttrock:


Samanthie - Thanks a lot, and good rat spying

andreasrocha - Cheers, thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

warpy - Story, what story? :wink: Glad you like the trees

TheFirstAngel - Thanks v much, good luck with your great entry too, I’ll visit soon :thumbsup:

paperclip - Why thank you :slight_smile: It wouldn’t be half the piece it is without the warning crows, of course…


My hat’s off to you, sir:
Just for finishing,
For doing a fantastic piece,
and for not sullying it with a wordy story. The pictures should stand on their own, as you stated. :slight_smile:



I like this image, if you wanted to give a impression of man leaving his family to leave towards a better future, it is made a success, the wintry sadness of the landscape gives me this impression ) but can be that I make a mistake. At least good luck for this challenge


Nice concept
Wish you good luck :slight_smile:


great job man, definetly a winner in my eyes. you got such a taste for detail, and i know that same passion. love this image :slight_smile:


Wow that is nice.
It has such a classic feel. Like one of those Pre-Rafaelites.
So romantic and atmospheric.

Best of luck.


walrus - Thanks very much! And glad you agree about the story :slight_smile:

MDN67 - Cheers, best of luck to you also

elnady - Thanks! good luck

adonihs - Nice one, thanks

KOryH - Thanks again, and best of luck to you also


great pic again baron, only dat big broken branch could have a couple more lil splinters
juttin out, somehow now it bothers me and the inside of the branch on the other side
of the same tree at same height looks oddly angular

yes , important , hah



Squibbit - Ha, thanks. All done now, though, so the branches will have to stay un-splintered :wink: