The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Don’t you know crows are the most foreboding creatures ever? Ask them yourself if you don’t believe me:

See? See?
Plus, the fact that your crows are so cool doesn’t hurt. :smiley:




Taking into account that the characters still have to be worked on, I looked hard for something that could improve this work. I quit. :wise:.


almost there … looking great


Pat-Piper - I charge £1 per branch :wink:

paperclip - LOL :slight_smile: WAAAAARRRNN! I love it

APHA - It’s a good job people like the trees as there’s not much else in there :slight_smile:

jayday - Hopefully I’ll be working on the characters today, thanks

W-I-L - Not much more, now. I’ve only managed about 1/2 days art in the past month, so things have been progressing slowly. C’est la vie.


I stuck this in as “Final Colouring” even though I don’t know what “final colouring” means. I’ve some stuff to do yet - a bit more ivy, some leaves, neatening up the detail - then it should be done. Hurrah.


That ivy is so cool! :applause: I love the color of it- it suits the overall picture. I can’t believe you’re nearly done. (well actually, I can!) as I’m only 1/19th of the way through mine…well, at least it gives you more time to prepare your place for the prize you’re sure to get with this one.

No room? Buy a new house! Or rent a crow to warrrn people away from a specially cleared area in your front yard…

EDIT: I just found something to crit! Her hair seems too short for a woman of that period- they surely would have had longer hair, in a bun perhaps?


that added ivy really brings something to it… also agree with paperclip… hair too short


That’s pretty much it. I put her hair up, but I had to lose the colour. Not sure about that. Still, she should be satisfied with what she’s got. Probably a few neatening up of details, IICBA; other than that, it’s done.


paperclip - Buy a new house… That’s actually the reason why I’ve no time to get on with my art :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to rent a crow, first thing on my list.

W-I-L - Glad you both like the ivy. Of all the plants, ivy is the quickest to do, which makes it No. 1 in my book.


K… so… you gonna do a proper one now?! :shrug:


Damn that textuuuuuuuurargh… :drool:


This work is insane man. This sure is one of my favorites. Love the work you have done with the dress and moss on the branches, to say something, because the level of detail and incredible care you have put on the image makes it a piece of priceless art. This one will be on the top six, this is for sure.


So almost done, Simon? Wow, the recent changes in the woman look fantastic! I love the dress detialing. The hair looks great, though I like how the red made her hair pop out on the canvas. I also agree with Theresa in that I liked the larger number of crows (ravens?) in some of the eralier versions. One raven isn’t creepy. Two is getting there. Three or more and you have a legitimate “murder or ravens,” and if there’s a murder, it’s gotta be creepy. Well, aside from linguistic punnery, there was something more interesting about multiple birds.

Before you finish up, have you considerred adding more shadows or detailing to the man’s skin. His waving arm feels a bit hard to read against the light sky at the moment, imho. (and like his mate, he’s missing a neck too! No, wait, she found hers. so he’s off to search for his… just kidding! :slight_smile: )

Anyhow, it’s looking great. Well done!




What 'e said…

I found one more teeny thing…her hand seems very flat. :smiley: I’m sorry…more details there? It’s just that the entire point of the painting (besides the beautifully amazing trees!) is her waving goodbye and it seems sad that the hand is the only area that doesn’t seem as detailed as the rest of the picture. :smiley:

WAARRNNing over…

Besides that…it looks great! Her hair is beautiful (I want hair like that!) and, well, I love the trees. But you already knew that, didn’t you? :smiley:


great detail and sense of depth.


Wow ! I haven’t seen it for days !! Always great, the details of the robe are great ( am i always saying this ? ;)) For the hair, i don’t know … i like both versions, perhaps the “red version” of her hair has a bit more impact … but i also like the subtlety of the red flower in her hair …


Very great pic with an amazing ambiance, good job


Well! It looks fantastic, some final touches and that´s it? right, haha. :slight_smile:


Mythmaker - Yep, that’s the concept sketch over with. Now I’ll get on with the detailing :wink:

Ramitxon - There’s an unwritten rule in the cosmos that I don’t get in the top 6, but thanks for the encouragement.

walrus - A fan of multiple crows, eh? I sort of agree, many birds would look better, I just need to find somewhere to put them. I’ll have a think. I may play around with the woman’s hair colour; I did try bright orange for the new style but it looked like her head was exploding (I suppose that would make it more interesting). And you’ve guessed the storyline - woman expels husband from forest home for having no neck. The embarrassment of a no-neck spouse, when combined with waaaaarrrrnings from multiple crows, was just too much to deal with.

paperclip - Her hand is flat after repeatedly slapping her husband for having no neck. Now her hand is useless for anything but slapping and waving limply in the breeze. sigh I’ll see what I can do :wink:

max112358 - Thanks

n i c o - And thanks again

MDN67 - :thumbsup:

rawwad - I may never have the courage to touch this one again, we’ll see. Cheers.