The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


“Tightening up the detail” - haha, wow that sounds so good - can’t wait! :smiley:

One question: Have you ever, or would you, use scanned or photographic images in adding texture to a digital painting. Or do you prefer it all to be hand painted? - Also, what are your views on this? By the looks of it, you haven’t, in any of the digital paintings I’ve seen by you - but then again, at web-res it could be hard to tell.


wow on the trees! definitely a “journey” picture, but when i imagine, it doesnt let me go beyond the “the husband is going to hunt” sort of thing. anyway you could add more story to the story ?

keep it up man. looking good.


Nomad - Thanks :smiley:

Xeophex - I don’t use any photos in my images, but that’s just personal choice. For this one, I didn’t use references either, because I wanted a fantasy look that photos couldn’t really provide. Having said that, I’ve loads of imagery in my head from looking at photos and the works of other artists, just nothing direct. I would consider layering a photo in overlay mode over an image, to provide subtle texture and saturation effects, although I don’t think I’ll do it with this one.

warpy - Interesting point. Don’t know if I can get around that, but I’ll have a think. Cheers.


Only done 3 or so hours more since I last posted. I reckon another 4hrs on the wood detail should do it, then I’ll do the characters.


Good luck!


It does look far better desaturated like that!

What else can I say about the trees…sorry, detail blindness there for a moment…honestly, it’s fantastic. I can’t think of any crits and believe me, I looked!

I really like that crow- maybe if you put a few more crows in, it might give the piece an overall feeling of more portent?

I get such a nice sleepy hallow feel off this… I’ll eat my hat if this isn’t amongst the winners!


I dont, know about the desaturation of the pick, I kinda like the warm fell to it; It really sell it better! But, it still looks amazing though!:thumbsup:


Desaturated, I say! draws sword

EDIT: Simon, would you mind me asking for tips on detailing pictures? As we all know, you’re very, very good at doing that- how about a couple of pointers for the great unwashed? :smiley:
Please? I’ll give you my giant chicken!


Draws sword argh!:argh:


:thumbsup: It’s very nice job. I think the three look like a monster so scary. I really like it.
Good luck!


Wow this has come a long way since I last took a peek . . . trees look great, love the twisted, gnarly look and winding trail.

For a little more human emotion adding some children could add some impact . . . I have a piece that i was working on and then changed my mind that had a little boy trying to run after his Father as he leaves for war and his older sister is holding him back . . . just an idea*)


I won’t give a constructive comment: This is an AMAZING work ! I’ve been looking to it for a few weeks and it’s getting better and better ! :slight_smile:


Your attention to details really shows. Those ancient trees look great indeed.
Good luck.


Yay - back to cool colour. I like it better like this. Also, I much prefer the crow now - he looks great! :beer:

Nice update. :slight_smile: What Elrond56 suggested could be a good idea.

Keep it up. :thumbsup: Btw, you better bloody enter this time!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just love your stuff so far man, great work, good luck!:beer:


Damn! U really like torture ur self huh? hehe… well, thats ok with us viewers who r enjoying this piece from a safe distance, not worrying how many time u spend inthere. Just keep up the good work man. And yea… If I may suggest, try to play with colors a bit… this gray/brown color scheme could be pushed a bit further. More colors really wouldnt hurt I think… more blue in the back and some warm colors from a light source in the front would b nice to see… just my opinion :slight_smile:


great work Simon … I think this one is so fantastic . good luck :thumbsup:


the details on the trees are beyond words man. I’ve been staring at them for almost an hour. they’re really inspiring. awesome work dude


APHA - Cheers

paperclip - More crows!? You people are so demanding. And tips for painting detail… well, I don’t use any special method. I mostly do it in 4 stages - 1st block in the colour (like the thumbs), then refine the mid-ranges with a smaller brush. Decrease brush size again and work in the deep shadows and bright reflections. Then add the really fine detail and neaten up. I bet you could have guessed that. I feel guilty now for not using a more imaginative method :frowning:

beelow - There’s always one :wink: Thanks for dropping by, anyhow

createmai -The tree does have some monsters in it, if you look very carefully (helps if you’re drunk too)

Elrond56 - They did have children, but the trees ate them. I get your meaning about the emotion although it might be tricky to come up with anything at this stage. I’ll give it some thought. Thanks.

n i c o - Thanks muchly

Lithan - :thumbsup:

Xeophex - Thanks. And yes, I’ll enter, unless I don’t.

taz23 - Cheers

NinjaA55N - Thanks for the comments. Not sure about the colour, I’m hoping the woman will be colour enough. We’ll see.

abourabe - Thanks

hungthai - Don’t stare at them for more than 30 minutes, it’ll drive you mad. I should’ve said. Glad you like it though.


Hi Baron, can I hire u to paint trees for me? how much do u charge? hehe…can’t wait to see yours finished man…even though it already is as good at this stage.