The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Hahahaha! Sacha man u can get upset dude! If we ever meet, I hope to see how I can disturb u, LOL, jk!:smiley:


The details of the trees is coming along beautifully!! This is going to be an amazing painting. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hi Simon, first off, i want to apologise if I sounded offensive. But Sacha is right, I shouldn’t go around pointing out everyone’s problem. Actually I am not trying to point out your problem, but to exclaim that it reminded me of that, and that is not supposed to be a bad thing at all. I think that the Pan’s Labyrinth poster looks really creepy and foreboding which I like very much, so I’m thought you will go for the same effect here: the girl knows that that guy is going to a very dangerous and difficult and scary place and the forest itself overshadowed that sentiment.

I should have tried to make myself clear earlier on.

Simon, great job on the textures, they are so spot on!


Nigio - Thanks

anilduran - I’m looking forward to doing the figures, too. That’s why I’m leaving them til the end - for motivation.

antTON - Thanks a lot. No, tasty is cool, I’m happy with tasty :wink:

enialadam - Thanks for commenting. Time, I know what you mean. Good luck.

jeromoo - There’s a similarity, although hopefully the atmosphere is a lot different! To your later post - no problem, and thanks for the encouragement.

the1st_angel - Well, at least that red brightened up the thread! :slight_smile: No worries, anyway, and thanks for commenting. Your piece is coming on in leaps and bounds, can’t wait to see it finished.

Samanthie - Thank you

beelow - Right, that’s it, I’m employing doormen on this thread :wink:

Annemee - Thanks




oi dont bark up the wrong tree! :smiley:

crazy, crazy, detail ! excellent in every nook & cranny :thumbsup:

you wanna change wips with me for 1 day ? i could refine some of them leaves :rolleyes:


Coming along brilliantly - Great work! :thumbsup:

Every time I look at this thread it inspires me to actually start mine, but I just can’t find the time, amongst doing coursework etc. :frowning:

I wonder what you are going to do with that branch (coming off the left tree) which suddenly stops. Maybe it will be snapped off - a splintery break - revealing some lighter wood?..or swan off?

Do you look at any reference, or go for walks in the woods, etc? Or can you pretty much generate those details off the top of your head?

As always, I’m Looking forward to your next update. :smiley:


The amount of detail is almost scary. :argh:

But keep going…we can take it!


Vahn - Subcontracting the leaves - ha, that’s a good idea! Cheers.

Xeophex - Thanks for your input. Yes, the broken branch should have lighter wood where it’s split - well spotted. To answer your question, I do look at trees when I’m walking in the woods, it’s surprising how many different textures there are - bark, bare wood, rotten wood, moss, fungus, etc. For this image I haven’t used any reference, although I probably will for the woman’s dress.

paperclip - That’s the spirit :thumbsup:


Ah right, well I’m ashamed to say that I actually thought it (that branch) was unfinished, just painted up to a point then left for the time being. :blush: Looking now, I can see that yes, it does look broken off and I really can’t see how I didn’t realise it before!

But, in light of this; maybe it isn’t quite obvious enough and the broken branch could do with a bit of improving? Well, get some other opinions about it, because it may just be me. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Concerning the lighter wood inside… Before I knew you had actually done that part, I envisaged more of a fresh, splintery break, which would show lighter wood. But the type of broken branch you have done looks older, where maybe the lighter wood has been eaten (by insects/woodpeckers, etc. :shrug: I dunno) or rotted away over time, leaving a hollow sheath of bark.

Hmm anyway, maybe lighter would, like you say, at least down the split, could further reinforce the fact that it is a broken branch.



I like the new details and color keep going:thumbsup:


Better an better! I love details a lot, trees looks great. Oh yes, once again, you showing that you are one of bests in this challenge! Keep it :bounce:


Hi there,

Although i’m amazed with your skills of detailing, i think it could still use some light/mood consideration. I would maybe add some more (cool) colors and either push or decrease the contrast. Maybe a really fogy morning or something…
But maybe, you’ll do it at the end, just like i mostly do.

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

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this is such a truly wonderful piece. Ive been a watcher of it for a bit now and it’s seriously coming along so very nicely. Im sure you will, but my advice would be to add some deep mist or fog later on in the bg, funny, because as im looking at this “Sleepy Hollow Main Theme” came on, and it totally fit this picture! You should… cough"Buy it"cough it totally fits this pic!

Very good, keep up the great work, no true crits for this beauty!


Those trees are simply unbelievable :eek:

Compositionwise i have the feeling that there is some space missing on the left side.
And i´m wondering how you will keep that couple important enough against the trees, but we´ll see, i´m sure you figure that out.

I know it´s maybe too early for that, but that girl still looks like he´s off in search of her neck which apparently vanished for some reason :smiley:


Coming along nicely dude, keep it up dude! U should be almost done, hehe!:thumbsup:


wow, awesome detail on those trees! i also like the way they look toward the top when they are all sketchy and pointy.

this piece already has a great mood, i can’t wait to see it finished!


what you have till now looks just worthy the prize! Great!


Looking good, Simon. This is great to watch you refine. It would be cool to see a time lapse quicktime movie of the whole thing when you’re done, areas gradually resolving themsleves into finshed state. I only just now noticed the birds at the top which you will get around to detailing at some point. Nice touch.

One area that I’m not quite buying yet are the 3 roots on the lower left. Each one is perfectly round, they’re all so sinuous with no sharp bends, and they’re all the exact same thickness. Because of that, they feel more like tubes to me than roots. Even varying just one of adding some turns or knobby parts could help. Anyhow, just a thought: My eye keeps getting drawn there.

Good luck, and keep it coming!



Not had much time, so no updates yet…

Xeophex - You were quite right. I’ve altered the branch now. Thanks for your comments.

tuck - Thanks, will do

rawwad - Cheers, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Chupacabra - Thanks for your input. I’ve added a bit of colour (just a tiny, tiny bit) so hopefully this will brighten up the next update

adonihs - Not sure about the mist, I’ll see what it looks like later. Cheers

artvandeley - I’ve a few more branches and thing to put in on the left yet, so that might change. Thanks for commenting

beelow - Almost done, I wish!

gigantron2999 - Thanks!

Zeitwolf - I’ll just be glad when I finish, prize or not :slight_smile:

walrus - Cheers for your comments. Those roots do look similar, don’t they. I’m thinking about putting some creeper-type things in later, like dead ivy, which might help in that area. If they don’t, I’ll stick some knobbly bits in :slight_smile: EDIT: Oh, and I might well do that animation thing, with Flash - I’ll see what file-size it generates when I’m done, and maybe stick it on my website.