The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


vines are great idea and well done, picture needs more vines and maybe you can put some more life feeling in some places of the maze maybe a dim light coming from a far corridor of the maze i dont know if it’ll be good but just an idea.


Drakula: i plan to be putting some sort of fog in there in the end :slight_smile:

THECLYKE: thank you :slight_smile:

Tranchefeux: thanks :slight_smile: i thnk that was the feeling i was going for …

elgrozni: yeah that fog kinda sucked :slight_smile: it was just a very quick drunken test…ill do it better next time…lol…it will still be a tough one to get going well…thats for the feedback :slight_smile:

kattkieru: who are yo? lol yeah i agree about the clouds…they look crap…but again they were a quick fill in from the start…they really do look aout of perspective…weird…ive never had to thisk about perspective for clouds before…lol its interesting…i was just thinking a sorta overcast layer then some puffy daek rain clouds under ma do the trick…ill get to the clouds this week :slight_smile:

hungthai: i think that the payoff may just be getting out…lol and the clouds shall be fixed soon…i hope…thanx for stopping in!

individium: thanks for dropping by again :slight_smile: yeah i agree too on both your points.

LadyMedusa: thanks adn i agree about the clouds too…they are next

CoreyArtE: thanks im glad you like it…keep tuned…still got a long way to go…lol

Srulo: thanks for the comments. from the start i didnt want this picture to be as character driven as all the other enteries…i wanted the maze to be the main focus by far…soem people have liked this others havnt…lol…but the guy will be 100% repainted by the end, i dont think ill have him looking to the veiwer tho…he is alone…he cant get help from us…lol…and as for the reason…why did the chicken cross the road…?? to get to the other side…if indeed there is another side to be gotten to…

individium: ou get two replies beacuse you posted while i was typing…yeah i like the vines too…but again i dont want TOO much
LIFE in there…although there may be other things around to look at, like a skull of a dead tree, a spider web,even some little rats if i have time…just have to wait and see…i think the concept of the picture is ok but now i juts have to make it a little more visually interesting…


redid the clouds…the color overlay is just a test…its will not stay…just throwing the colour ideas around…

so what yall think of the sky…?


My favourite.

Good luck.


I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright! And I’m a ninja. What’s your name?

On the new sky: yes, yes, YES OH YES! Give me more of that sw33t lovin’, baybee. It totally opens up the picture, makes it feel more inviting, and you’ve completely solved the “odd perspective” problem.

On the vines: loving them, but they’re going to be a metric ass-tonne of work. Good luck there.

On the composition: Something else I’ve been considering is that there’s no starting point for the eye when I look at this piece from a distance. I’m wondering: have you thought about viewer eye movement yet, or is that something for a later date?

I’m also looking at the bit of light coming down from the clouds in the background. Might be nice if that lit the top of that mountain next to it.


Doode…maybe this will help you out with the clouds…


I can’t deny this is quality work, but like others I don’t see any reason for this person to be entering the maze. There also doesn’t seem to be much happening above the horizon- is this is deliberate? Perhaps it’s space for a title line?

Lovely creeping foliage on the walls- beautifully rendered


added some better mountains…need to move them a little and also fade them out a little to better fit the depth but i think i made some good progress tonight after a slump of not doing so much for the last two weeks…

next will probably be the little mountain/hill on the right hand side…then i want to add some more details and interesting objects before the final colouring phase begins :slight_smile:


man i love the fact that you took toned down those masses in the background. it looks wicked now. :wip: :wip: :wip:


Wow. This just keeps getting better. I like the touch of gold up in the clouds to subtly tie the sky in with the gold glow in his hand, and those vines! Looking forward to seeing what you do with that last mountain shape. :slight_smile:


Very expressive. i dont know if someone wrote that but, “i lost myself there”…

Nice atmhosphere. BUT! the conceptual background is changing i think here… Is journey means getting lost in a huge place…? must discuss the opinion, i discussed too much maybe…:slight_smile:

Nice scene…Good luck.


Fantastic scale! I have to say, as far as “the journey begins” theme goes, this is an excellent way to portray it.

I like the perspective trick w/ the maze. Good call!

In a not-so-criticism way, the mountain closer to the foreground definitely needs to blend into the maze better–but it seems like you just haven’t gotten to that point. I’ll just keep my mouth such!

Can’t wait to see the finished product!


looks much better now
the intersection of the maze and the nearest mountain needs more work i think its not looking as natural as the rest of the picture


hi . it will be nice .watch mine and tell me your idea


I like the sky, it reminds me of Conemara in the West of Ireland, really depressing when its raining.
The brief says the characters expression or emotions are important. Srulo’s comment may help but I have no other ideas.

It’s a great picture with massive scale.



Very ideological work
It is pleasant to me. The atmosphere is felt


Hey there Cyberone, sorry for coming to comment a bit too late! Been visiting your post but forgot to leave you some comments! My bad. The maze looks concrete-like, so if I am there, I will climb up to the top using the creeping vines and run and jump all the way to the exit :D. Waiting for you to put the mountains in, and some fog?


Excellent work Simon. I see yhe sky more dramatic now. I think there lies the key. You must focus now on the mountain on the right. any key on how are you going to treat its merging with the maze?


nice work! I don’t think you need the mountain on the right middle. It would make this maze even more expansive without it. Great texture


thanks everyone for the kind and helpful comments of late :slight_smile:

at the moment my sister is in japan so i wont get much time for an update this week…

ill be working on the intergration of the little mountain/hill on the right hand side next. i hadnt really spent any time on that corner at all as of yet…thats why it looks very out of place…

again thanks of the helps :0

see yas all in a couple of days :slight_smile: