The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


I Love it I really do!! dude I’m serious .I totally like the symbolism in this one and not just that the colouring is really great and the mood is really cool too…but I like the symbolism the most I think it’s much much deaper than the guy with the boat. keep on rockin’ Simon. (and by the way you are welcome to take a look at my humble work, I would love to hear your comments ) :slight_smile:


its always getting better for sure keep it going man!

only, one problem i see and im sure you feel it too but i must say it (its hardly recognizable) : on the middle part on some areas between the walls it feels like they are filled areas like they have same height with the walls and needs some change in the shadows but as i say its hardly seen and picture is going great.:thumbsup:


Man, this is a great work! The textures are fantastic and I hope this makes it into the top five…

Good dluck, man!


the symbolisim is very strong and indeed your image looks fantastic and is a great idea but for some reason the reminds me very much of harry potter and the goblet of fire you do see a vast maze scape like this same colour tone and everything just thought i would let you know that it does look very similar to a scene in that movie. i strongly support the use of curves in the maze definately will make the maze more interesting and lead your eye into the picture more. and just a sugestion how about doing it at first morning light? dont have to have a sun but the first light could lend more symbolisim to “beginings”. to me darkness or darker grey tones and images set at night often refer to an “ending” black also being long accociated with death which is also an ending of sorts. but thats just an obsevation.

good luck


Excellent texture work and the perspective and the composition are perfect. Good luck!


Cool, but little bit too sharpened for me :wink: Maybe try to add “distance-fog” ?






This Looks Very Intresting


Hey Simon, looking better and better! Is the cut across the pic supposed to be there? Or is my monitor just viewing it funny? From what I can see though, the maze looks great and I like the idea of bringing the rainclouds over the top of it over the horizon line. That way it could just go on forever! Can’t wait to see how the whole thing is starting to look.


The Cut Is My Way Of gettimng rid of All the Layers…the Next Update… (already Done But Dunno If Posted Tonight Will Resolve That Line… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Your painting is very sympathetic nerve, I likes the atmosphere


just a little haze and fix to the maze :slight_smile:

i wont stick with this so much it was just an idea that i wanted to try tahat everyone has been saying… :0

also blended in the fixes to the perspective and the skyline…

i think the fog/mst is a little heavy but tis still a ways to go…



If I were you, I’d make this fog look more saturated towards blue tones… It doesn’t work as desaturated as it is.


Hmm… color, or contrast. One of the two-- something to make it come out.

It’s really coming along. Something I’m noticing, though-- the horizon feels wrong. The perspective on the clouds, if you could say they really have perspective, is off. They’re tilted upwards, somehow… I think that having a more visible horizon, one where you can see a bit of darkness to separate more fully the sky from the earth, could help with this.

Keep going! Be aggressive! Flip out like a ninja!


like other said it needs something for sure but i must add i liked it.

i loved the horizon this way it definetely gives the feeling of an infinitive labyrinth.


Awesome work so far dude. Still wondering what the payoff is for getting thru the maze though… haha. I do agree with kattkieru about the cloud being a little odd. I’m not quite sure how to fix it though… maybe less contrast as it goes further… other than that… awesom work


I think the cloud might be looking a little too soft/fuzzy at some areas compared to the rest of the picture.
I really like the work on the man and the walls


One of the best pieces in the challenge, hand’s down. One of my fav.


have been having a little break for a spell but now ill be back in action :slight_smile:

did a little mork on the lighting of the vines and fixing up the rock walls a little …

this week will be a painting week for sure…


Very powerfull scene. Though, the character is not as powerful as the background. maybe he can look backwards searching for someone who is chasing him? There’s no apparent reason for him to enter this maze. Yet it could be my lack of imagination…