The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


Hey!excellent textures!Your work´s becoming great!



Hello, very nice piece, I like the overall color and mood of it, you might want to add some variations to the walls, maybe some creatures or something there… cogratulation, looking great so far…



Hi Simon, the texture looks great. One of my fav. ideas, very difficult journey. No critics. Keep going.


Excellent idea and execution! :bounce:
Atmosphere oppressing!


nice idea, great textures & i really like the lightning in there :beer:


I just saw it now.

It looks really “wow”!


you are the second man i found here with a similar way of thinking to myself.
when i first saw it i thought how couldnt i think of this “a labyrinht”. ı always like the idea of it.

and about the picture the last angle is perfect lightning is perfect but just an idea: try a darker foggy blurry ambient on the background just to see how it looks it may give more hopelessness to scene (it may not too :stuck_out_tongue: ) but this way it looks like he’s trying to go to light and it looks just fine.


the1st_angel:thanks :slight_smile: looking forward to your input :slight_smile: yuor pic is really epic by theway!!( if you didnt get it by my post…lol)

antTON: yeah man!! suprer long…but i im an evil bastard…i really dont want him to end his trip…

Nomad: yeah me too!!

maranello55: thanks! as to the tute…ill try to do something over the weekend…(little busy at the moment…) but really you will slap your self if i told you how i did it…lol

Wilco3D: tuxtures taste good yeah…? lol…thanx

Hexodus: kiss? nan de? (what?)…lol

adonihs: deep yes, patient no!!! thanx

GonzaloGolpe:thanks…and i want more!!

Nakary: variation is comming down the line…just want to get the basic set down firsthen im gonna play :slight_smile: thax

snowan: thenk you :

sirBS: thants the idea…so im glad you can feel it!!

Vahn:thanks :slight_smile: i asume you mean lighting…but lightning would be extra coool too!! actually ive really been thinking about both…

joana: thanks :slight_smile: wow is yummy

individium: the depth is something that i will save for a little later…ive been thinking colouds, fog, mist ,haze…i reall want a little of each…just how to work them all in…


woring on a little more of the texture and also trying to make the middle ground a little less “straight”…roughing up the edges and playing with the colours…moved the sky in a little to make it feel tighter…im liking it now… :slight_smile: ive still to add more “interesting” detail…lol


Impressive image. Solid and clear idea. The loneliness feeling and the atmosphere are almost asphyxiant.
Nice textures and lighting. How do you get those rock textures?


I Wish I could render rocks like that! Awesome textures and image overall. One suggestion: This maze should lose some contrast sooner then It does… I mean you should add some fog or atmospheric effect of any kind in the not-jet-detailed part of the maze.
Awesome work :thumbsup: :applause:


Simon, damn dude u have been busy great update dude!:thumbsup:


Ahhh…yes the horizon…finally…its vast man…i wouldnt wanna go in there…but it depends on wut lies at the exiT???:scream:


hi all :0

my computer has crack the sads…im currently writing this in safe mode windows…lol
just backing up all my important files…which there is alot of…then im going to reinstall windows…it sucks because i always forget something and it gets lost forever…

anyway…once the computers back up ill be back in action…should be 1 or two hours to get it all together and install all the drivers for my fun toys :slight_smile:

anyway…if all goes well the challange should vontinue for me :slight_smile:
if not…mmm…well everthing is backed up so it should be ok no matter what :slight_smile:



very original idea, and depicts the theme very well! I admire your patience with all that stonework and I love the texture of the whole thing, especially those old vine looking thinga on the foemost wall next to the figure. The lighting seems very regular at the moment, is that something you’ll be working more on at a later date? With the darkness of the clouds, the walls seem to be more luminescent than the sky…

And perhaps adding some weird gargoyle-esque figures atop some of the cornerstones of the maze walls would help break up the repetion too… if you wanted to get really fiddly, you could have them representational of the stages of his journey, whatever it may be.

Great work this far though, can’t wait to see how it develops


You’ve probably heard it enough by now, but the textures are amazing! I like this, it seems so simple but so different from what I’ve seen.


just stoping by to say its a great process :slight_smile: waiting for those clouds to be done and messy… applying a texture similar to that one on the ground would really give a nice touch to a whole piece. not that it would be superrealistic that way, but the style will be very similar to the traditional painting one. keep up the great work!


Every time I take a look at the progress of your piece it gets better and better, and the concept and composition is always so vivid nad striking.
keep on! :slight_smile:


well…im just playing with the maze at them moment…im trying to make it a little less "straight:…there will be more to come tonight…

love CYB!!