The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


Hey man, I see great working here! Fantastic textures, stone labyrint looks so cool :thumbsup:


nice weight on the blocks, looking sweet :slight_smile:


@ javinart: thanks…i plan to keep it up :slight_smile: that heavyness is what i was going for…its the trip in itself

@ w!l: thankyou…but there will be more to come after the weekend

@ jsn: thanks…and thanks for keeping on dropping bye…ill comment on your thread after my ski trip this weekend

@ slav: thaks

@ sh@ke: yay!! also ALOT more details to come…i wasnt joking when i said that it was just a test…hehe

@ danielh68: thank you…too kind

@ Michaelmotion: yup!! and thanks i plan on keepen on trucking :slight_smile: still a long way to go…

@ slickgreekgoe: thanks man again more to come…keep ya eyes peeled for the updates next week…

@ Dreamshark: hello MR beard :slight_smile: the light thing is a very good idea…i had actually been thinking of that one too…lol…its funny almost all of the suggentions that people post have gone through my head at one stage…even ya ball o string idea…lol at least it means im thinking along the right directions :slight_smile: as i said before…i dont think i will be putting in any “solid” sort of goal…maybe just a sunnier patch or the ray of light that i will mention down a little in this post :slight_smile: keep thoes ideas and crits a comming

@ Avatarist: good idea for the addition of the extra characters but this little chap is going it 100% alone…its part of the cruelty…lol…this basic guy was just a very quick sketch in to give a feel for the size…so yeah i 100% agree with all the coments about him…it will be changed in the future…thanks you for your ideas…i may just need them when i get to that part again…

@ sloth79: thanks for dropping in the goal has been an off and on issue that keeps comming up alot…50% say do it 50% say dont…i for one say dont do it…but again it IS still an idea to play with…thanks for your ideas and comments

@ joaoCaetano: maybe hes just there to be tourmented by the big evil maze…lol…but yeah again the “goal” is something that will need some more thought…but also putting in a distinct goal is going to kill a little of the vastness me thinks…dunno…it really is a tough issue thats been a playing on my mind 24/7…again thanks for the crits and comments

@ maranello55: thanks it seems to remind everyone of something…lol

@ mutedOracle: thanks and im a planning on it!1 stay tuned

@ beelow: thanks :slight_smile: again…more details and textures will be to come

@ kattkieru: who are you? and where did you get that cool avatar picture?? lol we should start a clan with all having the hoody pics…lol…anyway…embarrassment ninjas…three words…“yes!!”
on the textures ill be fixing that up after the ski trip…again i already had your words in my mind :slight_smile: and also ill be doing a little colour pass to make it a little more interestg…i really wanna do my old phaleo blue trick for the dark/shadows…you remember the one// no blacks…but ive never tried it with anything other than oils…will have to see how it goes…oh…and dont lick the fire man…you never know who it may turn out to be whan you wake up…

@ -KiD-: thanks :slight_smile:

@ Dalton_Muniz: both!! lol and no problems for the comments…ill head over again after my ski trip which is in a few hours…i just wanted to reply to all who had pasted about my picture…man typing is evil work…
actually i really like the sky idea too…i was saving it for a rainy day and i too agree that it would make a nice “softer” goal…if i do do the goal thing i really think that it may be that one…thanks for making it stronger in my mind
oh and about the panda…farst…thanks for looking and yeah its the highlight of last year for sure to be chosen for the book :slight_smile: the sign in the front says “o-kuma-sama” in engilsh “big bear lord” or if read into englisg grammer “LORD BIG BEAR”…LOL actually its a major part for the joke of the picture but nobody really gets it because they cant read it…sortof how i would like to make the light fro the sky in the maze…anyway…thanks for your comments on both pictures

so…its off to drink beer, ski and drink more beer…oh and also try to puzzle my way through final fantasy 12…awesome

as i said ill post some updates again more often early to mid next week after i get back…i just am going to have a really busy next few days and not be home!!

keep thoes comments are comming…i really am greatful…it sort of really makes me happy to know how much everybody is willing to help out others lol



Man that’s just so wonderfull! Good luck!


real nice detail there, dude



here in anoyhrt quick texture test…just got back from a VERY painful ski trip…

anyway…,…this pic i added the viens…


I notice something that the textures are prett huge and consistant going towards that back! I think u may want to shrink them as they go back or make them disappear. Do u plan on adding fog in this as well? But, overall this is looking very nice!:thumbsup:


Fantastic work with the maze! It looks rally menacing… the textures you apply gives a sense of realism that makes it top level. I think though as smoeone suggested before that the illumination coming from the character should be somewhat improved and the standing man defined a bit more, but nevertheless there’s still a lot of time ahead, that maybe could be your intention in time… Apart from that, your work is becoming freaking awesome man.


beelow: yeah i was thinking that two…its jst that i added them when i was rather drunk and wasnt really thinking properly…lol
i was aslo thinking mist/fog might be needed somewhere down the line…ill cross that bridge when i get to it…

Ramitxon: thanks :slight_smile: the lighting and stuff will improve (i hope) further down the line…lol
also this guy is just really a stand in although ive sorta grown a little fond of him…i might try to work him up a little soon…or just make the proper guy…

thanks for the hints and input :slight_smile:
its a great help!


personally i wouldnt add anything to this. A goal or “end point” may be too obvious. I like the simplicity of it. All the attention is drawn to the maze it’s self, and being seemingly endless adds alot to the atmosphere. It’s cold, harsh and lonely. I love the scale of the maze too. It makes me feel sorry for the character. Keep up the good work.


wounderfull textures.
definately preffer this idea.

nice one.


Amazing image…!! love texture and lighting…!! so cool.


starting to hit up those textures a little more…

next i want to take out alot ot the “square’ish-ness” of the maze walls making it a little more uneven…


very very special and great piece executed masterly. sorry i subscribe this late, was kept away from the everthing, when my pc died.

looking forward to your progress, no crits atm, your piece is great! keep up the great work!


Oh yeah… It will be a looooong journey… anyway I hope he will find the way! :thumbsup:
Good luck! Keep it up!


Exellent labyrinth concept :thumbsup:

Great work so far, I`m looking forward to see your progress :bounce:


The idea really starting to give me nightmares…Looking at the pic makes it worse!
Im loving this…

A little tut on the texturing if you dont mind Simon…:D:D:D:D:D

kicked - too many grins


Looking really good so far, loving the texture on the actual maze! can’t wait to see more


An idea that follows the KISS rule but a great one. I love the big optical impact and textures.


wow, very patient of an artist I see you are! great detail and really abstract maze, deep I must say :slight_smile: