The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


heres just a quick texture text…ive never had to do anything like thins on a computre but i think its comming out just dandy :)…lol

im quite happy with the way its progressing…no major dramas so far…hehe

lighting is important in this one so im going to be paying alot of notice to that donw the line…

this is fun :slight_smile:



well we wnt away to the snow for the weekend ad we got alot of snow in return :slight_smile:

here are some pics…lol…nothing to do with the contest…

this is the view from our hotel :slight_smile:
lots of yummy snow :slight_smile:

yup its more snow!

waiting for the bus in a little snow…lol

anyway a fun weekend ad thats why there hasnt been so many updates…and the same for next weekend too…YAY!!


wow. really love the perspective you’ve chosen to view your character. a real sense of foreboding and heaviness in this scene – partly because of the heavy stone maze, but also your choice of color and texture. beautiful work…


looking very atmospheric… textures really work mate


G’ day Simon!

Coming along very nicely :applause:

GREAT JOB on the texture, keep up the great work man :thumbsup:



nice update it looks very good. no crits. just :thumbsup:


crazy details and the textures are awesome:eek:


Man, that is brilliant! :thumbsup:


Some quick little textures, heh?

Well, this looks fantastic, whit those high stone walls.
This pic is realy coming to life… :thumbsup:
Keep going…


The textures are mind-boggling good.


You are making a good stab at this idea. The maze is looking fantastic. I have a problem with the ‘character’… Don’t get me wrong - he looks great and is probably about the right size in relation to the maze, but the reason he would work so well as an editorial illustration, is that he is so generic.

I don’t believe you have to have an expressive close-up to describe character or motivation, but at the moment your idea is fuelled by a desire to visually describe the maze rather than a convincing backstory.

Perhaps you need the character to be more actively DOING something in preparation for their journey in order to give the mood of the piece more depth. (personally if i was in their shoes I’d be hefting a massive sack of pebbles, or better still - fixing one end of the biggest ball of wool in the world to something sturdy)

Maybe the addition of more characters - with the possibility of conflict would make it easier to add motive to the piece.

In any case good luck


Ooh, Shazam!!

Thats looking pretty damn good. I love the textures on the stone walls, you can almost feel the cold, grtty srface of the stone. I do though tend to agree wth the last statement, that the character needs more of a reason to be there. He’s obviousily not a warior going to destroy the Minatour. But f he s a smart man he’d either have attached a length of string to fnd hs way back, or be holding one hand on a side of the wall. Because if you always keep one hand on the side of a wall in a maze you can always make your way through. On other thoughts though, he doesn’t look like he’s moving at all, more examining the entrance, you might just want to put some footprints leading into the labyrinth. And if he is just assesing the situation, you could also have him holding the light up, neck down, squinting into the dark. Just some thought vomiting your way.

Keep up the good work O Stripey One.


dropping in to say hi~ :slight_smile:

loves the top perspective view and textures. keep it up man! :thumbsup:

just an idea, maybe a ‘destination’ within the maze would be nice to add in. a statue of some sort or a mystical ornament to further add in the story. my 2cents.

cheers man, would certainly be checking your new progress. :slight_smile:



Your concept is one of my favorites in this contest so far. The task the guy is going to take is really an epic one. the maze is great, and the texture is so good. the scale is huge, and the way you show it is really cool
I kinda agree with the last statement, maybe you should think some reason to him to be there. But on the other side, a guy standing in front of a maze, is going to cross it thats for sure, so dont know maybe you should show something on the end of the maze.
But i truly like this one. Im following for sure :slight_smile:


This gives me the feel of when the Fellowship enters Moria…the theme just played into my mind. Great mood and scale.

Keep it up man!


This is looking so cool!

The lighting is awesome, and I can’t wait to see that texture detail for the entire image!

great work! keep 'em coming!


Really, nice attention to detail dude, I love the textures on the maze and yes indeed that is a nice trick that u did with the maze!:thumbsup:


Dreamshark! You live! ^_^;

On the character:

I think how all this will work int depends on where you put the focus. Like you said everyone else is doing these huge closeups of characters and stuff and you’re not. I think that the guy can be low-key and moderately generic, but only if the maze becomes the character and is filled with enough eye-catching malice or embarrassment ninjas. You could make it a metaphor on life, and make your character the every-person. As long as he doesn’t have a sign that says “n00b” over his head.

On the texturing: it does look excellent. One thing that seems a bit off is the base of the frontmost walls – it’s too light. Even with his lamp shining on it because that place is where two angles meet the light is going to be a little different. A light gradient to make the top fade down to a dark bottom – just a tad, mind – could make the separation between wall and ground more apparent.

One other thing that itches a bit is that the only color in the scene thus far comes from the man and the lamp. If this is a conscious choice (which could be interesting, theme-wise), then it needs to be more apparent. Maybe even the walls themselves around the character get more color. If it’s not conscious I think there should be some more color throughout the image, something to juxtapose elements.

I had a dream last night about a huge green pillar of fire… it was tasty! Keep going!


Great idea !! keep it this way !

Good luck ! I’ll keep an eye on ya !:scream:


Hi Cyberone! ,or Simon…:slight_smile:

Man, amazing image,remembers me the Harry Potter last film. I prefer you first aproach, with the sunlight trought the clouds, marking the goal of guys journey, its needs a perceptive look to see it in a first glimpse, i did it, but in a second look it is very clear and it brings the sensation of a “discover” (for observer who didnt see it in the first look). Much more atractive and subjective than the pyramid with the light beam., in my opinion off course…;).
Thanks for the the advice to mantain “the nice colors”.:), i did a update in the image, see if you like.

Man, that Panda ROCKS!!! It is in the Painter book, isnt it? Congratulations, its really deserved. I like a lot the text you put in the post, like a newspaper, and just a curiosity, my japanese inexists, what is writen in that plaque in that post (in the first plane)? Its a transit signal?

Till next post!