The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull



ive sorta very quickly tried an idea for the walls of the maze…just old crumbly rock…lol

ive just started the tops of the walls…its just a test…it will need alot more texture and bump but i think its a start…

i really like the little hole…lol

im thinking that the walls bould be alot more alod and bumpy…



It’s looking so great. I definitely like this version of the man much better. I can’t wait to see more!


I like the way this is going. The texturing is going to be a lot of work, but if I know you I have total faith you can pull it off. :slight_smile:

Two things.

  1. Part of the contest is the instilling of an emotion related to the character. I don’t know how the judges’ll react if the character is small and his/her face is difficult to see. I suppose this part could still be fulfilled if the image itself evokes enough emotion. Perhaps the maze could be the character.

  2. There’s no goal in this image. Why is he entering the maze? It should be readily apparent. Could be something as simple as a glow at center, far off in the distance. I, however, vote for a pillar of fire.

Because, you know, there’s nothing exploding in this image, and explosions are the difference between good art and great art. Just look at the Mona Lisa!


this may sound like a very silly responce… but better now than later.

ok, here goes… have you given any thought to the design of the maze itself? The maze you’ve got looks great and it does make sense. It’s just that most of the passeges are pretty direct to go somewhere. there aren’t a lot of visible dead ends and so forth.

anyway, this is a personal taste thing. i tend to get really picky about stuff like that and most people would just see a maze. i’m envious of the concept you have here. hope you’re having fun.



mmm i think the image needs some point of focus to the viewers atention maybe the lamp´s light of the man or some lightnings in the clouds

cheers buddy!!:beer:


Im very like the idea with maze. Hope later you make the maze more “asymmetrical” and more “alive”. Some kind of trees maybe,cities, or something like that.
Good luck in journey ! )


well everybody was saying that the guy was lacking a goal…

well heres a little idea that i have had in the back of my head for a while…

i dont know but…i sorta liked that before he had no visable goal…it sorta spoils the fun from being an evil endless trip into nothingness…death.

anyway its just an idea…what ya’ll think?


Feimi: thanks :slight_smile: im trying to do a little each night…tomorrow im going skiing for the weekend so i probably wont do anything for a few days… :frowning:

kattkieru: who are you?..just kidding :slight_smile:
@ 1) hehe…well everybody is doing really figure driven images so i say ill do 100% the other direction…lol making him small and a little distant was supposed to push him away from the viewer…hes already lost…you cant help him man…its gone beyond that now…theres only one way for that dark little figure and thats through the even darker maze…

@ 2) how about blue fire ?? lol…and yeah i agree its just never much fun if you cant set at least something of fire…

anzibon: i agree…expect to see more dead ends in the next few updates :slight_smile: thanks for the tip…you opened my eyes :slight_smile:

bandro: probably will do a combination of the two…one leading to the other…Cheers :slight_smile:

Mex: shall do…probably not the city part but there will be moss and vines and all that kind of stuff that goes with it :slight_smile:

thank you too you all my fine furry little friends :slight_smile:
you are all such a great help :slight_smile:



I thought the piece had more mystery and interest when you had no idea where he was going, and he was just shining a light off into the darkness. And I’ve seen the line straight up into the clouds (a la ‘Tron’) in other entries here already. So I liked the previous rev more myself. And as Michael Chang pointed out when I asked about his entry, Why does a journey have to have a specific goal? In any case, the previous version DID have a goal - the end of the maze… but who know’s what’s there or why? I liked that about it! :slight_smile:



First of all, I’m totally digging this concept. Just looking at the maze makes my brain hurt - in a good way!

I like the maze without the “goal” of the pyramid, but… I also like the idea of the pyramid as well. If you keep the pyramid I’d

a) make it smaller because it’s so big, you’ve lost a lot of that look of infinite distance - push it way back so that the journey still seems like an impossibility

b) I like the big blue laser beam, but if you keep it, it might be cool to have the glowing light in his hand the same blue color - as though it is a talisman that is drawing him to the heart of the maze, ie: the pyramid.

Just some thoughts. It’s amazing. Can’t wait to follow the rest of your progress. :smiley:


Hey, I like this goal. The blue fire is cool. (Blue fire’s hotter than orange anyway.) Right now the pyramid looks like it’s floating on the maze-- hope to see a maze opening in there so that the bottom of the pyramid can disappear into the inky black depths of hell.

… or something. ^_^;


Hey!that´s a good idea =) . About the guy, it seems he´s lighting the ground, like seraching for a coin. What if he lights the space in front of him?Just an idea:D

Good luck mate!



Well, i liked the previous version without pyramid and blue light more (well, maybe the pyramid could fit in… but let go of the blue light)
i pondered some days if it wouldn’t be nice to have some apocalyptic flare at the horizon… maybe a sunrise, maybe the flames of hell…
just some mighty orange flames to balance the lightning in this picture


I dig your maze. It reminds me of a scene from the movie Time Bandits.


lose the blue light of doom :thumbsup: i prefer the one before :slight_smile:


very nice…awesome… nice


im going to focus back on the maze and the hills for a while…

just adding cracks, chips and holes for the moment…

also been trying tro take everybodies advice…but it all conflicts…lol



walrus: agrred…me too…before someone said something about having an endless maze as a bit naieve…i think having the goal in site ruins the feel and makes it too “high school fantasy” hollywood, you need everything put right in you face type of an image…lol…thing ill keep it endless for a while…

Nyrak: thnaks :slight_smile: they were just an idea…i like flames :slight_smile: fire is fun :slight_smile: but for this image i think ill do with out them …lol

kattkieru: agreed on all points except for liking the goal…it died while i was having my zombie shower this morning…you know the ones :slight_smile:

Gonzalo Golpe: lol…thanks…i dont really want the light going too much into the maze…that was an idea i had from the start…its an evil maze…i doesnt like light…but i agree that it does loom like hes looking at the ground…will fix that as i get along…

Anapäst: me too!! thats why ive gone back a step :)…i thought about the horizon thing too…i think although flames would be nice…and fun…it might change the picture away from what i have in mind…which is just a big dirty maze…lol…i like the sunrise idea… :slight_smile:

Cothull: is that the movie with bruce cambell in it? the really wacked out one?? i cant remember it very well if thats the one you mean…thanks :slight_smile:

NOOB!: DONE MR NOOB! done… :slight_smile:

Wayne jermaine: Thankee-Sai :slight_smile:


hmm nice…i see the character is nice and tightened up … good work

now i guess its time for you to get started on the background :slight_smile:


Very original idea, and I like you’r maze. :slight_smile: I don’t know if it’s the meaning, but you’r colors seem very low saturated (almost grey). Keep it up! :thumbsup: