The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


I like the colour and texture. Well done!


you deserv Win! :smiley:


gud luck… nice concept… when i looked @ it, the first thing that came into my mind is Harry Potter…!!! nways… gud luck :thumbsup:


Simon - Congratulations on the honorable mention - it is quite an honor indeed, given all in the competition. You did a great job - congrats! Hope you’ll be around for the next one… :slight_smile:



Hi Simon! I would like to give my Congratulations for the Honorable Mention man!! Best Wishes!


Awesome! Honorable Mention! You, dear brother o’ mine, are now in the category as Stahlberg. :wink:

Break out the VB, it’s time to celebrate. ^o^/


Just imagine I havent noticed your work before... Too many entries;) Ehhmmm... Im also guilty with my “Retired”:smiley: Congrats for the mention, but first of all for your excellent work!!


Well done Cyberone, I though you shoud be in the winners area but honourable mention isn’t bad.



Congratulations on your honourable mention, Simon. Well done.:thumbsup:


Great image , congrats man!


First congratulations !
It’s really an impressive Textured painting I admire how you put the textures on the stones very lovely !

My critics:
The Front is painted very lovely and detailed as i said, but the background looks unfinished, it misses atmosphere.
The maze gets to flat. Maybe you can work a bit on this. I doesnt’t have to be more detailed…

The sky/clouds are very very boring. Far too less…
Use cloud-textures or maybe just work a bit more on the clouds details, make it a bit more dramatic, it will be very rewarding !

Look at some matte paintings of great artists here how they solved depth problems ( maybe by using haze, fog, light, blur and other atmospheric effects…)
Maybe it misses a atmospherical light that appears also in the front.
You could try: Fog is coming out of the maze (bg) --> makes it a bit more mysteriouse and gives a sense of temperature.

Work slightly more on the rock on the right it lives too much from the textures.

good luck great work so far !!

greets Felix


Yep, one thing I forgot: you can try adding a bit of noise(grain) to the sky ( flat areas to ad realism )

Good luck buddy =)


hey congratualtions man !!!

been away for a while or i would have said this sooner!! good work dude, fantastic piece.



Simon good work! My congratulations!


Great job Simon! Well done!



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