The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


Wonderful image Simon!
Great depth and feeling in this one.

 A perfect description of how I felt when I was a teenager and looked ahead into the grownup life!

Only my light would have been smaller and the mace darker.

   I sure would wish fore the little guy down there that the light could stream down from the clouds somewhere far in the distance there

. Maybe a litle rainbow…
A little glimmer of hope

 But seriously an awesome piece of work!



Actually, with this image you do get the sense that a lot of adventure lies within those dark narrow corridors… I had the idea though that if you contrasted that element of constricted space, with a character who had a lot of luggage to haul through those dark narrow passages it would present an interesting problem…


hey man, had to drop in and say thanks for the help and groovy words, good luck!



It will be certainly great!!Your image seems very nice and feeling, the scene looked deep and true.Good luck!


Great stuff Cyberone.

I know you are aware of it but I though I’d drop by and say it to you here, official like.

It struck me that we could make a story with a number of pics from this challenge. Here’s the bones of it…
A Soul gets drawn down into the physical worlds (see EdP-Art )
The Soul gets a physical body and is born (see BlackDidThis )
It goes through many tasks and adventures (here’s just a few suggestions MrFreeman

Jerome might even put it to poetry :slight_smile:



Very compeiling story. It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s perfect. I like this one a lot. Makes me wish I came up with this concept. The most unique piece in the challenge. Love it.


congratulations simon!

very good image you got there, and i enjoyed to see how it developed, hope you’ll win something cause i think you deserve it.

see you later


:applause: Congratulation to your amazing maze! I’m really love your texture and atmosphere.

Good luck in judging and hope to see you again in next challenge.


hi Cyberone

thanks for the encouraging post

i dont have much access to the internet.
so i was not able to post replies to you guys

i had followed ur entry right from the beginning when it was just a sketch

but was not fortunate enough to be a part of its evolution.

but great piece of work man

the magnitude of the journey is clearly visible

all the very best …

Sivaprasad Velayudhan


wow, it’s like a matte painting jump out a movie…really professional work.well done


It’s true. I’ve looked into the dark recesses of this man’s mind and seen bears of the teddy variety.

Looking great man. Sorry I haven’t posted more; I’m crossing my fingers for you. :slight_smile:


congratulations for finneshed image Cyberone! i loved this work! :thumbsup:

good luck dude


I followed this labyrynth since his beggining…wow, my luck is that I dont have to travel around it for this…its sure that i would be lost forever…:wink: But I saw it since the very beggining and to see this incredible art done is awesome! Congratulations Simon! Your work is marvelous!! Good Luck!!


i like everything in your work: the idea, the style, the palette, the light etc.!:buttrock: i think your work is worthy of the highest evaluations of the judjes!


A Very important add!

I would like to thank you for all the comments and encouragment during this contest! Your comments about my colors help me a lot during the whole process and gives more confidence in being doing a good job!

Best whishes!


the only piont i disagree with your post is that we “see “the dark, creepy maze of the real world” every time I look in the morning paper”… i actually think we dont…

Okay, valid point and good example. What we see in the morning paper is more like what the main character of your piece sees: The entrance into the labyrinth, but there’s a lot more that we (as the viewers of your piece) see that he can’t because we can view how far the labyrinth stretches. But then, even we can’t see the details of what’s in the maze…

Okay, I don’t even know where I’m going with that thought any more…! :smiley: But yeah, there’s definitly room for art to have more than one reaction to life, at least as many ways as there are people to live those lives. It’s all valid. I think the most important thing may just be for we, as artists, to figure out our own reactions to the world around us before we can communicate with our art. Anyhow, you’ve certainly covered both parts…



YEA! you finished buddy. my verdict is, you needed more time. but what do i know :stuck_out_tongue: the foreground is awesome. but the rest of the image looks like of empty.


I like the mood of this picture. The journey is really beginning.


Thanks for the comments on my piece Cyberone. Yeah, the blurring on my background was sortof a last minutes “dramatic effect” that I’m still up in the air about.

Your final piece, if I haven’t said it already, looks fantastic. Large in scale, very foreboding. I particularly love the colors.

Excellent work.



Moody stuff Simon. Superbly done.

May it get the good luck it deserves.