The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


I like the detail around the guy and I lke the mountain too. It looks finished to me.

Well done… it’s a winner.



And the winner is…

Seriously, this is a great piece. Stong story telling and great craftsmanship. Keep it up.


looking great simon, very well done

yes i think this picture also is needed to be in the winners list


i have repainted the man and put in alot of extra detail that you cant really see at this res.

also playing with the idea of grass a little more and a little better than before…

ive thought of an idea to fix the unbalance of the mountain on the right of the picture…it has to do with some subtle cropping wich actually works a treat…ill save that fr one of my final updates…

still 12 days to go and also alot of details of the painting…

also recently ive fixed up most of the maze so it looks alot cleaner…also you cant see that in this image…


more painting time…



looks like you’ve finished. definately one of my favs. and its cool to see you you refining it with some extra detailing. good luck.


It’s a great pic Ciberone, I love the skeleton in the bottom right, it adds a bit of terror to the athmosphere. (click on the image for a larger res and then zoom in to 200%)

You’ll be finished soon… and a winner too



Nice idea and wicked detailing this has got. The story is strong with this one…




I really like your concept and way how you have executed it: light, mood, detail.

You have done fantastic job and I would say you have pretty good chance to win this competition. Great work :slight_smile:




ok its not long to go…put ALOT of work into this challange and i must say its been great and all the poeple have been go kind and helpful its beyond words :slight_smile:

so now comes the final stage…

some more little details to come…



looks very cool so far. i like the warm area in the foreground. perhaps you could cool the labyrinth in the distance a bit down and add some fog, to enhance atmospheric perspective?

About one third from above are two areas that are too dark compared to the areas that are closer to the viewer. Hope that makes sense.

Looking forward to the finished piece :slight_smile:


hey , great man , your image remind me the RPG game scene , so wide-eyed

really good

Best regard



Amazing entry! I like this “claustrophobic” vision of a vast landscape! Congrats!


greta work man, love the texturing love the scale !

you done ?
good luck!!


looks wonderful, but I agree with someone on this forum, add some fog to make it more mysterious…ever see the latest Harry Potter? with the maze? totally fogged up and it looked way cool…but this is greatly drawn!


very good work! no crits.


hey man if i can suggest some light and shadow on the top of the maze to add to the interest of the image. and more contrast on the close rock thing would also help allot. anyways good stuff :slight_smile:


Looking sick dude. :slight_smile:

One thing: the horizon mountains fade off and leave that block of space open on the left; it’s a little distracting. Other than that, after all you’ve said (and the late-night talks I’ve been having with the ninja cabal what spies on your bedroom), I think you’re nailing what you set out to accomplish.

Good luck in the final phase!


duuUUuuuude!! you may win this thing or you may not,but know this…in my opinion I think that your piece is the best one I’ve seen in this challenge :slight_smile: dude,If it was like in a acnvas n stuff I’d like hang it on my wall or something!! I’m serious and I swear I’m not saying that just to be nice…I like things that are definitive and …simple yet effective…designs that don’t have any extra unneeeded details …y’know?

good work man and please come check out my work.

All the best



Great concept.:bowdown: Despite the foreboding qualities, I want to go in there and explore the maze. I personally like the mystery to the image. It offers up questions like, who built it and where does it lead to. Good luck with the judges.:thumbsup:


domclubb: almost there…lol

EdP-Art: thank you and i like your piece too :slight_smile: its been fun to watch everyones pictures/paintings grow and evolve hasnt it…? :slight_smile:

QUILLS: thank you…i think the story is strong too…that what i really wanted in this piece…we all know what he is going to do but the why is something ive tried to leave to all the viewers of the piece :slight_smile: hehe

krpolak: thank you very much for the kind words…ive put alot of time into this one (although I’d like to do more…) and i really think its been a great development ifor my CG skills and its also been fun so im more that happy what ever happens in the end :slight_smile:

El Chief: thank you and i think i know th dark patches you are talking about…ill try to fix em up if i can… :slight_smile:

kreuz: thank you!! i love RPG games sooooooo much…maybe that is where the feeling are coming from.

medunecer: thanks the claustrophobic feel was something i was aiming for so thankyou :slight_smile:

Neubius: thanks man…almost done…very almost…lol

adonihs: ill try the fog again…ive tried it a few nights and i didnt really like the results…ill see if i can get it going tonight before i do the final image…

individium: thanks dude…and thanks for all the help along the way…its been great.

Slav: ill try to give that a go tonight…lol…so much to do so little time…

kattkieru:that gap was supposed to be rain/storm but i think it got lost along the way…will try to fix it if i can,…ta…and by the way…SKYPE ME!! hehe

Rooma: OMG such kind words…thanks soooo much!! its been a struggle at a few stages but im happy with the results myself so thats the main thing…im glad you like it simple…at the start everyone was saying that may be a bad road to go down but im glad i stuck with it and went for the harder image,thanks again!

Hoju: thanks! i want to go in the maze too!! but i think if you went in there would be a damn good chance of never comming out again…lol…the questions are my presents to the viewer to say “hey thanks for looking” :slight_smile: as for the judges…mmmm…dunno if it has enough hot chick value…(just kidding)…lol…