The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Simon Bull


Hi Cyber!

Man, amazing image, the walls texture “rocks”…:buttrock: . The perspective too, very difficulty to execute this with the labyrynt walls so complex. And there is no repetition in they´re design pattern, excellent! The atmosphere that you pass in the image is claustrophobic, man I don’t want to be that guy over there…hehe. You will work the sky? I think clouds could have more movement impression, maybe. I will keep looking constantly!

Best wishes to you and your turtle pet!


The texture of the wall of the labyrinth is extraordinary and the light excellente. Clouds are very returned well. A single criticism, I find that the connection enters the mountain to the right and the labyrinth is too frank, but can be is it because this part( does not still have was refined


As said before, i realy love this painting :thumbsup: . Only have one advice - as you have detailed the maze so much, the guy entering it doesn’t pop-out of the texture. I suggest adding more contrast and incerase power of that lamp he’s holding.


Wow, very cool concept :slight_smile:
The mountain on the right is bugging me a bit, seems to be too close to the entrance. But I like this a lot.
Keeping an eye on the thread :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jeroen


ive come to a point where i need to really decide what to do with the right hand side of the image…the hill thing…

so i put it to a 24hr vote…
which one do you like more…
the maze everywhere or the cliff on the right…

both of them were just quick fill ins so what ever one i pick ill work it back up to better quality again…

while i wait for a reply i might work on the guy and the foreground a little more today…

oh and what did you think of the little grass additions??

anyway i would really love some help to choose which way to go…



However, it seems to me that the one where the mountain appears suggests us that the labirint is conected to earth elements. I liked it most. I hope my opinion will be useful to you.


However, it seems to me that the one where the mountain appears suggests us that the labirint is conected to earth elements. I liked it most. I hope my opinion will be useful to you.


I prefer the second pic, with the mountain


I prefer the right one


gunna broken record this, but right one for sure, more gloomy and dark that way


right definetly - I have reasons but I dont think you will need them - it seems unanimous


Yeah, the right gives it more character, the left one is a bit boring with nothing of interest in the landscape.



dyam! this has come a really long way,looks like it actually exists


I like the mountain in the picture on the right. It breaks up the scene a bit, which is nice. It seems though like the maze just intersects with the mountain. It feels as though maybe the maze could look a little more like it’s wrapping around the path of the mountain, rerouting itself to not bump into the cliffs on the right instead of just intersecting with them. Does that make any sense? If not, don’t worry about it, it’s such a small area and not really clear to read, it could be that you already renderred it that way and I can see it well at this res. Anyhow, good work so far!



Gonna go against the grain here and vote for the left…it just makes the maze look soooo much more VAST wihout the hill…



Mountain, absolutely.
great job here simon :thumbsup:


Great! Great Piece, I love the texture and the perspective. The clouds are great, too.


No Mountain. Leaving the mountain out suggests an even more expansive labrynth. It makes the task of successfully navigating it that much more difficult. The mountain is just to heavy in mass for the composition and having it there leaves me with the impression that i can possibly get around the labrynth. So I’m going against the crowd with this one - hope I stated my case well :slight_smile:


I’m not agree with the mountain in the right, the left make me feel that’s the endless maze that blend to horizontal line but the mountain make the maze smaller than it was.

Anyway live ya painting, CHEERS!


I think I’d go with the mountain too if there’s something on the left or further in the distance to balanace the image out. If it’s just the mountain then the image will be “heavy” on the right side.

Then again, that could be the look you’re going for.