The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Ramy Badie


Thanks so much for the comment, I completely agree with everything you said. I’m definitely going to get rid of the horns, the original intention was actually for the woman to be the devil and he to be just possessed by her, but then it wasn’t really obvious and I wasn’t really sure how to make that more obvious. He is supposed to be like, under her spell sort of, that’s why I gave him the sort of robotic look. I’m not sure if I should change this idea though and make him the devil, let me know what you think, or if you do like it, I would appreciate some suggestions for how to make this idea clear.


Hey Ramy, looking good… I love the addition of the figures either side of your main couple, though it’s a lot more work! Having read your above comment, though my personal preference is for the man to be the demon, if you wanted the woman to be the evil side of the partnership, as she’s got that diaphonous gown on, why not put a tail under it too?
That way the viewer wouldn’t see it immediately, but after a good look, they’d see it and realise what’s going on?

Other than that, people ahve already covered the figure of the man. Have you tried deviantart’s male stock section for reference? I know there are a load of guys with suits photos in there that might be suitable for what you’re after.

Keep it up, this has real potential, either way you decide to play it.


yes its a hard decision but i think its better to keep it subtle which one is devil at first look best is to see 2 innocent people but when we look at the picture after sometime we will see that one of them is evil and the other one is charmed by the evil one like the ide given by zephyri:
‘if you wanted the woman to be the evil side of the partnership, as she’s got that diaphonous gown on, why not put a tail under it too?’
you can make same thing with the man maybe with claw-like nails or just reddish eye and hardly recognizable devilish smile(this one works for both of them)

but still the choice is yours sorry for that


Well, I started working on fixing the man’s pose, turned him a bit and changed his suit into more of a tux with tails kind of style. Also, I tried to play around with the tail suggestion for the woman’s dress, and it wasn’t really working because I just…couldn’t draw a believeable tail I guess, it just seemed to be laying there, so I thought maybe I’d try a snake? Anyway, I also got rid of the man’s horns. Hopefully these are all positive updates!


Interesting and ambitious theme Ramy! Look forward to seeing the final image. Love the colors in the background – reminds me of those in the background of a da Vinci! : ) Good luck!


Zephyri- I really like your suggestions and I am trying my best to implement them, as for finding a stock photo on deviantart, I couldn’t really find any that were in the pose I wanted, but no matter, I’ll just try to use myself as a reference XD

individium- I do like the idea of keeping it subtle, like the whole idea of one corrupted the other but we don’t know which was evil first maybe?

oceanbluesky- thanks so much, if you really mean that Da Vinci comment then I am very flattered! Thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for supporting me through this, I started working on the people in the water, hopefully I’ll have a good update later today :slight_smile:


I really like this idea better, seemed like u were struggling with the other one that u previously was working on, maybe u were not feeling it? But, this is turning out to be great, keep it up! Will be lurking!:thumbsup:


Ah, this was a much dreaded step, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out :smiley: I wanted to make these people look sort of androgenous, hopefully it worked, here’s just I guess a sample of what I’m going to do with the rest of them :smiley: This is really the first big update in a while, it’s been really just a lot of tweaking characters for the past few weeks, but this is a completely new step and hopefully it is a step in the right direction. I’d love to hear what you think.


So ya I hauled ass for the past 2 days so that I could get the picture to a level that’s presentable, and so I’m ready to move it into the “final coloring” phase. Obviously much of it is still messy and it needs a LOT of refining, but with the deadline approaching, I had to get to a point where it is no longer showing the sketch, and now I can actually go back and detail it to a nice level. Let me know what you think so far :smiley:


I added snakes to the water and also worked on cleaning the water up a bit, I think it might be a little too dark but other than that I’m fairly pleased with the direction this is heading. The water looks a lot “busier” now than it did before, something I felt it was lacking, I feel like it looks more like it’s moving and it’s full and gross and uck (hopefully). I think I’m going to move on to the sky for a while now, it’s the most unfinished part of the picture at this point.


By the way, thanks beelow, I just realized that I hadn’t responded to your comment. Hopefully it’ll turn out well!


very nice background but tail is like a monkeys tail right now change it to a snakeish tail in my opinion and first draw it on the naked one than put the dress on it, it will be much better.
creatures are wonderful.

youre the most progressing person ever in the cg i think, everytime you do a thing you do 10 times better. incredible ability!:thumbsup:

by the way man’s head is still a bit ball-ish.

this piece is going to be very good i think.
keep it coming


Snakes! The creature of Evil! Great addition! So whose journey to the dark side is it? The man, the woman or both as a couple (hence their transformation into something evil looking)? Try to study references for the water. It will help you greatly as it did for me in my own piece! Waiting for your sky now!

keep up the good work!


individium: Wow thank you so much, that’s so kind of you ^^; I definitely see what you are saying about the tail, I’ll get that taken care of, as well as the man’s head :smiley:

jeramoo: The story I had in mind is the woman who is evil and sort of corrupting the man in a sense, but she’s the figure who is in control. I think I want the image to sort of leave it open though. I have definitely been staring at the water for WAY too long now, I think working on the sky then coming back to it might be the best idea right now :slight_smile:


Ok time to rethink priorities again x_x with only 2 weeks left, one of which is going to be my finals, I have way too much work to do still on this piece. Damn, I was really hoping to be able to finish it the way I started, but I feel like I might have to cut a few corners to finish in time.


Yes, my updates will be all over the place from now until the end of the challenge, just scrambling to finish as much as I can so that I can call it a finished image before the deadline. Working out some odds and ends, and also I started on the sky. I used a few nice looking references to get some nice cloud structure going, and then I also defined the tower in the back a bit. I think I’m going to leave the tower as it is, just sort of blurry, leave it up to the imagination I suppose. I want to give the illusion that it is far in the distance, and yet extremely huge, because, well, look at the lanterns that are far back, and it’s even farther. There seems to be a whole “God ray” thing going on, but I suppose this is more of like, hell rays, or maybe just God rays reaching hell. Who knows, I sure don’t right now XD


The sky is turning out good, and you have a very nice color palette. I would say push your contrast a big further, everything is a little bit flat at the moment. Looking forward to more updates!


Hey Ramy

It’s been awhile since I’ve been around, but I say I’m glad I got a chance to come back and check out everyone’s progress, especially yours. I know time is running down, and you have class, but you can definitely finish this. Just make the groom’s arms longer and fix his foot, and you’ll be fine. I’m sure people may have already said that, but honestly this looks fantastic. One of my favorite in the competition. Goodluck!:thumbsup:


Worked a bit on the hair of the characters, redid the composition of the clouds, and made a few face edits too. I also got rid of the veil, since I don’t really want a marriage idea exactly. Time to move on to the clothing for a few (plus fixing the anatomy of the guy again), I’d love to hear what you think so far. Also, do you think I should go forward with a sort of mesh-covered dress for the woman (kinda in the shape it is now), or should I go for something more sleek? I am unsure about it, hopefully it’ll work out well though. I might do his tux first, then decide what would match better with him. We’ll just have to wait and see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this journey seems to be a scary one :slight_smile: like the evil mood and the colorsheme…
the guys chin is a bit odd, looks like the turns his head a bit more than is possible to do, a wrinkle on his neck might do the trick… or turn his right shoulder a bit towards the viewer…