The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Ramy Badie


very good proportions on the face, and nice emotion, too.


I’m glad you added the man back in and he looks great! Keep going!:slight_smile:


jevinart: thanks man, hopefully it’ll all turn out well :slight_smile:

samanthie: after corey made the comment I realized that the picture was so much better with the man in it, so I decided to agree and put him back. Hopefully the man will be finished today, he has a very basic outfit so I should be able to finish him structurally and go back to working on the environment.


Ok now I’m ready to move on from the characters for a time and start working on other lighting and the “dead” characters. I have so much work left to do and can’t help but feel the weight of the deadline crushing me slowly from above >< I still have to prepare for AP tests, have several final projects, and the week of the deadline is the week of my finals. Ouch. I hope I don’t have to cut anything out of the concept, but I promised myself I’d at least finish the entry.


I think the guy is better than the baby you put in previously. On the anatomical side, the guy’s head is turned an exact 90 degress to the side. I think our neck is not able to turn a perfect 90 degrees to the side (I’ve tried that), so as a result his posture is a little unnatural. Perhaps you could turn his head at most 80 degrees so he’ll be sort of facing at the sunset but his eyes is upon her. Sorry, this is a nitpicky thing but the strangeness of his posture is quite obvious to me.

Wow, you have alot of stuff on your shoulders now. I think you should put all your efforts on the more important stuffs first, and only work on this entry when you need a break or have the time. I certainly wouldn’t want you to compromise your test results :).

All the best to you!


I really like this mountain in you concept sketch!
Nice job!


Unlike Jeromoo, I preferred the baby. Creepier. Less unclear about whether he’s going willingly or not.
But if you are going with the man, he had some great points about the anatomy. I assume you’re still working on the pose, as it’s very stiff right now. Perhaps a little more bend to the legs or body would add some more visual interest to his otherwise perfectly straight posture. Perhaps it might help to turn his whole body, not just his neck. And should his left arm be longer? But given how well you did on the woman, I’m sure you have this totally under control. Good luck with it!



Riddick: Thanks so much, hopefully you’ll still like it when it’s fully shaded XD

Walrus: The pose right now is sort of…a place holder I guess? His body is supposed to be turned actually, but I just threw on some random shading that screwed it up. I think it’s under control, the only thing I don’t have under control I think is the time right now, I hope I’ll have time to fix everything and complete the image. Thanks for the comment!


the new poses are looking great man, i can see a great leap from your previous entry to this one. keep it up =) as always, awesome.


Thanks for the words of encouragement :smiley: Really is keeping me going with this piece.


bah someone help me i’m not going to finish >< I feel like the next time I can work on it is not until a week from tomorrow, and I can’t work on it at all in the final week and a half, which gives me basically a little less than two weeks to work on it during school time. Bah what to do, does anyone have any suggestions of stuff that can be taken out from the original concept to simplify it a little without killing the idea or the effect of the image?


Hi Ramy… looking good! Love how the woman is coming out, she’s very elegant and her expression is intriguing. The man and the baby both give different stories. with the baby the journey becomes more metaphorical, the journey of motherhood maybe? And it is a bit creepier. With the man, its much more literal, he’s simply leading her to his lair… all the way off in the distance, and the red eye is a nice touch… maybe you could give him teeny horns, or a subtley clawed hand, to hint at his evilness even more? And as for finishing… I would concentrate on the characters -they are key, then focus on whatever grabs tha attention after that… the board walk for example, could be done roughly and still look good, but things like laterns or lamps not so much, so do those first…


Zephyri: Thanks for the great advice, that helps out a lot. Maybe if I do some really moody lighting and cool stuff with the lanterns and stuff, I can let a lot fall into shadow and play with that a bit. Thanks so much, hopefully all will turn out well, and good luck with yours too :smiley:


i agree exactly with what Sam said, add some horns or sudtle claws and this could totally bring out more to this picture, kinda like stubs…like in Fable:

but a bit smaller…but ya, just work on those characters, they tell the story!


Just a small update, I only found a few minutes to work on the image today, have to go back to studying. Hopefully I’ll find a few minutes every day to make at least little updates that are useful in refining and adding to the characters and such, and maybe start work on the lanterns and such for better lighting.


Updates: Lanterns, lighting, overall colors, veil, shape of the dress. Sorry, no time for a better description, but I’ll be back to respond to comments later I promise.


By the way adonihs, thanks for the horn reference, right now it’s sort of just floating there but I promise I’ll fix it so that it looks more natural. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Hi Ramy, I like the addition of the lanterns and I think the atmosphere is coming along nicely. I know you are still working on the man which I agree needs to be turned more towards the woman! Keep going!


Thanks so much Samanthie, the man definitely will be turned more in the final version, if I finish that is ^^;


hi ramy i was away for a week so youve done lots of stuff woman looks good, i think also man is better than the baby i thinks horns are not a very good idea becouse its too clear now that man is devil and she is a victim or smthng. i’d prefer to make a grin on mans face and maybe a claw like left hand to him.
and there are anatomical problems like everybody said (about man) also maybe the ear can be 2-3 pixels up than this and back of his head looks too round too and abuot his pose you can turn the mans body to the woman a bit or turn his face a bit away it’ll be a hard pose either way but you can search anatomy in google and most useful thing you can do tahe your own pictures in that pose and several poses like that and make some fast hand sketches to understand the pose easily than it wont be any problem to you.
ah and also at the back of his head theres a problem with his hair
other than that there will be lots of figures so i think you better be quicker about them more distorted they are easier they will be and woman figure looks good. i think atmosphere and colors looks great. keep it coming