The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Ramy Badie


This is just an idea of what I want to do in terms of the sky and the color scheme, and I also got rid of the barrier poles. I’m not too sure I feel like the elements don’t work together right, partly because the lighting doesn’t all match yet, but what do you think so far? Should I continue with this idea or should I go back to the woods? (Bah why am I so indecisive)


I just wanted to give you an idea of what I was thinking for her face, This was inspired by Jade from the show ANTM if anyone watches it, it doesn’t look exactly like her or anything but she has the sort of look I was trying to achieve here. I want to convey extreme intensity in the eyes and give her a very sophisticated, beautiful and seductive sort of look. Right now she sort of looks angry though, but knowing me I’ll be up all night working on this face til I’m happy with it, that’s what happens when I work on a face at such a large scale (this is about 40% size right now), I might upscale it even more later to work on the detailing and such. I really want this face to be able to serve as a stand-alone portrait, because if I choose to go back to the other idea then at least I’ll have reason to come back to this one later because I want to complete this idea at some point :slight_smile: If you have any suggestions, let me know before I go crazy in the wrong direction xD


Ok Ramy,
I gotta admit, I love the new picture more, especially with that sky in the background. Personaly I’d say go for this one, it has a lot more mood, and has much deeper meaning. I’m curious to see what the figures surrounding the couple are. Skeletons perhaps? Also I think this picture might work better if it were more rectangular, like a portrait instead of a landscape, so maybe extend the top of the picture alittle more? Anyway great job, this is definatly one of my fav in the competition, you have some real skill.


Hi Ramy, At first I wasn’t sure but now that you have removed the barriers and have developed this concept more I think it is a good one. I like the expression on the girl’s face and you are getting the intense look in her eyes you mentioned. Removing the barriers was what made this image work for me because now there is no ‘real’ protection on either side and it creates a very dangerous feeling especially because of all the dead people reaching for them. It’s your call for which image you should do but I vote for the new concept. Best of luck to you!


Thanks to both of you, I think I’ll stick with the new concept :slight_smile: Anyway, the other concept is close enough to completion that if I feel that I am running out of time and am in no position to finish the new one, I can spend the last 2 weeks finishing up the old one and still have an entry. I agree with what both of you said, thanks so much for the comments. Corey, the people in the water, I was thinking about having them be like people that are rotting, like have some parts of their skeletons showing through and such, not sure if I want to go that route though, we’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile: I am going to add debris and such to the mucky water later too. I did a LOT more work on the girl’s face, but I’m not going to post that yet because I want to establish a lineart first :slight_smile:


Ahh here’s the face after 2 days straight basically of work and 6-ish texture brushes. (ignore the hair for now) Hope you like it die I am seriously going to overwork myself with this new entry since my time is more limited, I need to finish so much this week ><


Wow. You’ve leveled up since your last concept :slight_smile: Dont worry man, we still got a lotta time. The concept’s definitely better, as well as the visuals this time round. So relax man, you found your path :thumbsup:


Hi Ramy! I like your first idea. But it seems to me you should do what YOU like above all. Your second idea is more impressive and uncommon. I feel when there are many details here, the image will be more emotional, poweful. It’s my opinion. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thrown away almost completed image and began to work on a new one, cause was struk by inspiration. Respect! :buttrock:


ahbeejieh- thanks so much, I really hope you’re right :slight_smile:

atris- I know that it’s ultimately my choice, but I really appreciate your opinion and it certainly is helping me make my decision.

vladius- haha thanks so much, I would’ve been upset with myself if I threw out this concept since I felt that it might be better, and it seems that mostly everyone agrees on that point so I’m glad I made the decision to try this new one out :slight_smile:


Wow, what a tough looking babe! Great work on her! your concept sounds good… Using real life elements in a fantastical way (like papparazzi to represent damned souls).

Push onwards! I think your composition is better suited to portrait mode instead of landscape mode. It leads the eyes better.


Does this look better as a portrait than a landscape? I’m not sure I like it better this way, let me know what you think :confused:


This is as much as I plan to do in terms of lineart, I just wanted to better plan the structure of the picture, if you have any remarks please give them, I’m still not 100% sure about the composition but it’s starting to grow on me :slight_smile:


Ok well I went back to work on the face and hair and tried to do a little bit of tinting and lighting based on the background that I want to do, but I’m still not sure with it. I’m thinking of having some sort of bright light source in the front (outside the frame of the picture) so the stuff near the front is really brightly lit, and I can have some of the “people” in the water cowering and hiding from the light. Anyway, let me know what you think :slight_smile:


By the way, thanks Corey and jeromoo for telling me to change it to portrait, I am now fully convinced that it looks better xD


I decided to get rid of the bushy messy hair in favor of a cleaner do, I prefer this look to the other by a good bit, I also added some…I wanna say face paint? I feel like it gives her a darker look and works for the mood I was going for. Hope you like the changes, I’d love to hear what you think!


Hi there. Make her eyes look more piercing. Right now she looks like she is just modelling on the runway which takes away the intensity of the actual character she is supposed to be. I look at her like she is a devil in disguise, luring the guy to the depths of hell.

The rendering on her face is well done! Her hairstyle looks common. Give her a new hairstyle of your own design! :wink:


Thanks jeromoo, hopefully I’ll be able to make her look more like the embodiment of pure evil xD I see what you’re saying about the hairstyle, hopefully I’ll come up with something good.


I decided to put some colors into my “lineart,” I’m not 100% satisfied with the color choices yet, but I think it’ll work once I start to detail it more (hopefully), also I want to do something more interesting with the lighting, make the background more hazy, and bring more focus to the girl character. I actually want to completely eliminate the man, but I’m not sure if that’ll work well, maybe I’ll make him more of a demon figure with horns and such and not just a guy in a suit lol.


hi ramy, i recognized that i had not given any comments to your posts yet.

i must say that last post for your older concept was good but i think this new concept is much better that the old one and i think you can finish it. your new concept is just my taste.

colors and working style is also very good in this one i’ll watching your post from now on:)

good luck