The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Ramy Badie


Dont worry man, the same thing happened to me in the master and servant challenge awhile back. You are a rising star, keep posting your work, and working hard, cant wait to see you progress even further next time. Life is so crappy sometimes, but you got a gift from GOD dude, so use it.



hi ramy,

firstly congratulations for finishing your image and improving a lot and sorry for learning that you couldnt upload tiff.

well look on the good side you have a good portfolio work now

this ftp thing sucks really,
i downloaded a ftp program there was 1 day left to end of the challenge i looked at it and didnt understand anything.(of course that was not the reason of my not finising in time)

see you later


Corey- thanks so much, you’ve been so nice to me with this whole painting process, and your comment definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks :smiley:

individium- I downloaded the FTP with like 5 minutes to go and was like …ohcrap XD Not much you can do at that point, but I’ll definitely be here next time around for the next challenge and I’ll know what to do :smiley:


o___________o; I received a confirmation email that my tiff file was accepted, and now the “upload final image” page is showing the thumb of my final image on the ftp page. Does that mean my entry has been accepted? crosses fingers Thanks so much to whoever did that if someone helped me out here!


hope it got in. it’s a really good image and it was a triumph regardless. especially with how far you got on the other image you’d been working on. impressive stuff.

chin up,


I hope so too, and thanks so much :smiley: I just hope that next time I can pick a concept that I like and stick to it throughout the challenge so that I’ll have more time and not be in a time crunch at the end like I was this time ^^; At least I finished though, I guess that’s what matters, right?


eep, I disappeared from the forum and wanted to make sure that this thread was still working. I am biting my nails here waiting for the results, but I have my predictions about who is going to win :smiley: One final good luck here to everyone.


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