The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Ramy Badie


Thanks samanthie, I’ll definitely take care of that, just need to do a TINY bit of tweaking, then I’ll post closeups and final version :smiley:


I am going to post some closeups of stuff as I fix it, here’s the man’s face after it has been updated :smiley: (I also fixed the back of his head) Hopefully it looks better now. I have to run off now though to continue scribbling away


Here’s the image after much cleaning up, not sure whether to call it finished or not, I actually am going to work a bit more on his suit and hair I think but other than that, where should I go from here? I’m so reluctant to call this finished (as are several other people here I see) because i feel like it isn’t exactly how I want it yet, but the problem is that I don’t know what I want. Just let me know what you think, hopefully that’ll point me in the right direction. I think I addressed all the issues in the picture that were mentioned thus far, if not/if you have new stuff, PLEASE let me know, only like 1 hour and 55 minutes to go ><


I think it is ready to call a final picture… :thumbsup:


That and in the foreground isnt as detaled as the rest of the pic, since you only have alittle more than an hour left, i say take it out, but its up to you. Also I’d say quickly darken the horizen line so alittle so better seperate the creatures from the background clouds a little. One more thing that guys foot is alittle off. It shouldn’t be so wide in the back part of his foot. But honestly I dont think you even need those light poles, but seriously man I love this piece. Perhaps my favorite, please keep going man. I hope that helps!


The devil has seduced another victim. She leads him down the red carpet to her fortress in the underworld as the rest of her victims, ravaged by time, reach out in a futile attempt to escape.

My intentions with this picture were to have a sort of red carpet parody (which isn’t very subtle), and I also wanted to break stereotypes about the devil and hell and such. Hell is not so much the eternal flame, but more of just a pitiful sea of filth. The victims enter looking normal, but once they are tossed into the sea, they grow unruly. Their hair grows wildly and their sexuality slowly disappears and they become almost androgenous monsters. I hope you have enjoyed watching this journey develop, it is sort of a terrible new beginning after the end of life.


ack where do I submit the tiff?


its too late now… but you have to get an FTP client (e.g. cuteftp or flashfxp) and upload it to their specified location using the given filename. i hope i didn’t come too late and you have done it already! anyways good luck man.


Ramy, did you get your tif in on time?


I unfortunately wasn’t able to >< Oh well, hopefully I’ll have better luck next time, there are so many good entries that made it though I’m still excited to see the judging, and I’m also proud of myself for my work on this :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone else, and thanks SO much for everyone who watched this progress and who helped me, I love you all :smiley:


erm… bummer. great opiece, hope you made the upload :S


I’m sorry Ramy.:sad: You worked very hard on your image too. I’m glad you learned alot though, I did too. Keep on painting! You have a great talent.:slight_smile:


sacha: unfortunately not, I wish there was some way I could send it to someone or something, it was finished before the deadline and everything I just couldn’t figure out what to do from there :confused: I just finished it with like 10 minutes to go and didn’t have enough time to figure out what to do next.

samanthie: thanks so much, you’ve been really nice and helpful throughout this whole process, I wish you a lot of luck for the future :smiley:


Ramy, I think you should post this in the FAQ. Just repeat what you just posted that your image was finished before the deadline and see if anyone can help.


I tried sending an email, we’ll see what happens, I’m not too hopeful but I’d really appreciate it if they let me do something :confused:

I’ll definitely be around next time though, and hopefully I’ll submit my entry a week early :stuck_out_tongue:


best of luck then :slight_smile:


hope your problems get fixed :slight_smile: and a really good image in the end… like the story too…

well done Ramy… :applause:


thanks so much mona, I’m glad I got to finish the picture, even if it isn’t entered in the contest :slight_smile:


man that is a real bummer…
its a really good image and i think that it covered the topic really well…

anyway you should be proud of a fantastic image…its really well done…



It almost hurts to receive complements on it, makes me feel like I might’ve had a chance for something. I’m so glad that my art is being recognized though, and there are so many good entries, and I think many of them are better than mine, and I’m excited to see who will win. There are so many deserving entries.